Time to dress stylish! 3 things that shouldbe in a youth wardrobe!

Nowadays, the concept of who and how to dress is already
not quite as conservative as a couple of decades ago, when
mature women are required to wear only modest clothing.
soft shades.

However, youth always remains youth, and often those
things in which a twenty year old girl looks fresh and
charming, on a forty year old lady will look a little
inappropriate. That is why stylists almost always insist
that the youth wardrobe should be bright, fashionable, bold, sometimes
even a little geeky, because when you can afford it,
if not at the time of blooming youth?

In the past five to ten years, almost no “advanced”
youth wardrobe is not complete without a few megapopular
gizmos, a kind of fashionable fetishes, about which a small story


As they just did not call! �”Formless”, “tasteless”,
�”Antisexual”, “rough”, etc. However, a great many
girls and even some brave guys gladly dressed in
these soft boots, considering them stylish, comfortable and warm.
Classic ugg boots are made from natural sheepskin; fleecy
the side goes inward and the smooth side outwards. Their homeland is traditionally
Australia is considered.

UGG Australia is a registered trademark and its
owners insist that only their products can be considered
these uggs. And principled women of fashion support this view.
However, genuine uggs are not so cheap, but on the wave
rabid popularity boots appeared a large number of fakes
and imitations, more affordable. However, UGG Australia
continues to hold its position, expanding the range that
no longer limited to only felt boots. But they don’t care
remain the most popular product; среди последних новинок  —
jacquard denim and shiny fabric
fish scales.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans, tight-fitting legs, can be worn with ballet shoes,
with shoes and sandals in high heels, and you can refuel in
boots A bright top, an elegant jacket, and a shirt in
masculine style – many options. Perhaps precisely because
functionality, they are so loved by many girls. Well, in
sexuality they can not refuse – these jeans are perfectly emphasized
slender legs. But not very slim can seem even fuller
therefore, those who are not confident in their figure need to be careful
Treat the selection of skinny.

This trend is still relevant. For example, DsquaredІ in his
autumn collection presented shortened (to mid-calf) jeans
skinny classic dark blue shades with cuffs at the bottom.

Fur vest

It is almost a luxury item. Look particularly impressive
vests from black-brown fox, but often there are models from mink and
other fur. They are often worn with tight turtlenecks with narrow
long sleeves. Of course, this thing is not available for everyone.
youth wardrobe, and many fundamentally do not wear natural
fur. Therefore, vests from
faux fur of different colors and styles.

One of the brightest positions in the autumn collection of Blumarine –
a juicy orange mid-thigh sheepskin vest and the same
handbag. In combination with a white suit (tight pants and turtleneck) and
silver boots, he looks very impressive.

Bright, fashionable, flashy things the place is exactly in the youth
wardrobe. Do not forget only that even at a young age clothes
must be selected, taking into account the features of the figure and appearance.

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