Three ways to properly hem (shorten)jeans

Три способа, как правильно подшить jeansWith all
разнообразии выбора ростов, размеров jeans практически в 80%
cases require correction along the bottom line in both men and women.
women There are several ways to properly hem

Here, the most simple and frequently used.

1. Jeans can be bend

If you want to shorten the product by 2-3 cm, then you have to
gently rip the bottom. In the case when the hem is more than 4 cm,
you can not otparivat. To measure the desired length is better in shoes,
Especially, if she on a heel. You can fix the new length
with pins, and you can just baste. But the new bottom line even
experienced dressmakers prefer ironing.

From the seamy side, it is better to leave the stock 3 cm wide and
cut the hem along a line marked with soap or chalk. Then
you need to bend the “allowance” in half and iron the bottom of jeans to
he was even. At a distance of 1mm from the resulting fold with
seamy side remains to pave the line.

2. Save the scuffed bottom

Если дизайнерские jeans отличаются красивой строчкой или
�”Artistic” rubbing from the bottom, a simple hem will deprive the product
the main “chips”. Как правильно подшить jeans в этом непростом

The leg does not need to bend inward. It is enough to make a “tucks” like
can be closer to the “native” beautiful seam. Extra amount of fabric with
like a pocket forms, but from the “face” each leg will be
show off the original designer seam and scuff.

3. Cut off the excess and keep the factory line

You need to measure the required length and make a mark on the leg.
Note that the “mark” should be left 1 cm shorter than the desired length,
because just such a width has a “native edge”. Now
it remains only to connect this line with the “factory bottom”.

Making the seam parallel to the factory line, you will need a special
a sturdy sewing needle that can sew several layers of fabric and
special (half) foot. When the leg is stitched,
the unnecessary part needs to be cut off, while leaving 0.5 cm for processing
the edges.

Leg alignment board

You should not hope that both legs will match perfectly.
Of course, this is how it should be, but in most cases it’s not
Especially measure length matching. Affect the features
�”Bulk tailoring”. To avoid “different” finite length, you need
carefully check the coincidence of the side lines, internal seams,

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