The wonderful mask of turmeric for the face: what is itbenefit? The best recipes for their masks turmeric with honey, aloecream

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Oriental spice turmeric is a magical cosmetic.
Did not know? It’s time to get acquainted with this product and
figure out what is so good masks from turmeric for the face.

Turmeric Skin Benefits

Turmeric contains many substances that are beneficial to the body.
person It contains ascorbic acid, the rarest vitamin K,
A whole set of B vitamins and even essential oils. Wonderful
Curcumin gives the orange color of this spice. This substance
unique: it stops inflammation and stops development
cancerous growths.

In folk medicine, turmeric is used to treat wounds, burns,
cuts. Spice is made cosmetic oil, which
possesses powerful antiseptic properties. It takes off
inflammation, preventing acne, and skin healing

In home cosmetology, spice is used for all skin types.
It not only destroys the pathogenic bacterial microflora, but also
cleans pores, removes hyperpigmentation, smoothes wrinkles,
normalizes the sebaceous glands, stimulates cell renewal,
rejuvenating skin.

Cosmetic properties of turmeric facial masks

Turmeric powder is an effective means of restoring health and
youth skin As part of homemade masks, the spice works on
any skin. Its action is beneficial due to biologically active
substances in the composition:

• relieves skin irritation, providing an antiseptic effect
(essential oils, ascorbic acid);

• has anti-inflammatory effects (pyridoxine);

• reduces the negative reaction to external stimuli (folic

• rejuvenates and stimulates regeneration (antioxidants, niacin,
vitamin C);

• heals the pores, removes greasiness of the skin (choline).

Turmeric – the strongest on the degree of impact on the body.
spice. Therefore, it should be used carefully, remembering that
best the enemy of the good. Apply turmeric face masks each
day in the hope of quickly transformed impossible. Course holding
procedures – 10 times with a frequency of 3 days. For supporting
Result make masks 1 time in 7-10 days.

Recipes of the best masks from turmeric

Use fresh to make masks from turmeric for the face.
ground spice or prepared essential oil. Sample content
turmeric in a teaspoon – 4 g (a small slide) or 5 g (a spoon with

Nourishing anti-aging mask

The composition is particularly beneficial effect on withering, lost
skin tone But for young skin the mask will be useful if needed.
fill the dermis with vitamins, relieve dryness, fatigue.


• five drops of turmeric essential oil;

• three drops of black cumin oil;

• a teaspoon of aloe juice or pharmacy extract;

• dessert spoon of sour cream.

The composition is applied to cleansed skin. Very good if possible
pre-steam it. So nutrients penetrate
deep into the dermis. Rinse with broth or fresh green tea.
Wipe your face with tonic, apply light cream according to skin type.

Anti-inflammatory mask

To soothe the inflamed skin, remove redness and irritation,
dry pimples, use this mixture.


• two grams of turmeric;

• a tablespoon of thick natural yogurt;

• three teaspoons of brown or green lentils.

Grind dry lentils in a coffee grinder, mix the resulting
flour with yogurt. Note: sweet, supplemented yogurt is not
suitable for masks. Add turmeric, apply the composition on the face.
Wash the turmeric mask off with plain water. Acne point
process with acetylsalicylic acid, fresh grapefruit juice or
tincture of calendula.

Anti-wrinkle mask

The use of this mask will gradually smooth out skin wrinkles, return
nice pink color to the face. The composition accelerates blood circulation, well
cleans, soothes the skin, burned by solar ultraviolet.
This turmeric face mask is very good in the summer when the sun


• three grams of turmeric;

• three tablespoons of fat cottage cheese;

• raw yolk;

• three tablespoons of cream.

Rub the curd through a sieve. Whisk the yolk. Mix the ingredients
on the skin. After rinsing with plain water, wash the broth.
chamomile or wild rose.

Mask for dry skin

The composition nourishes the skin with nutrients, awakens the dermis,
removes a grayish tint. Regularly using this mask from turmeric
for the face, you will warn the appearance of early wrinkles.


• two grams of turmeric;

• five drops of turmeric oil;

• two drops of sesame oil;

• pulp of a small banana.

Mash the banana with a fork. Mix the ingredients and apply on face.
Wash off the mask, dry skin tonic and apply

Whitening cleansing mask for problem skin

The combination of components in this composition will make the skin tender,
whiten and stop rashes.


• three grams of turmeric;

• three tablespoons of rolled oats;

• two tablespoons of rice flour;

• vitamin B solution 6 or 12.

Grind the rice and rolled oats (separately) in a coffee grinder to get
cereal flour. Rice flour perfectly bleaches, oatmeal – cleans
and nourishes. Mix the ingredients, понемногу добавляя теплую кипяченую
water, bring the mass to a creamy state. Apply as
mask Wash off with warm water.

Refreshing Nourishing Mask

Honey is a unique product with a powerful cosmetic
potential. To nourish the skin with nutrients, refresh
color, give tone, use such a composition.


• three grams of turmeric;

• a teaspoon of honey;

• a tablespoon of tangerine or orange juice;

• tablespoon of starch.

Heat the honey to reduce its viscosity. Squeeze the juice out
citrus. Mix the ingredients и нанесите на лицо. wash cooled
green tea.

Purifying whitening for normal and oily skin

The composition of this mask includes clay. In combination with turmeric composition
helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation, gradually leveling spots
post acne


• three grams of turmeric;

• ten grams of white clay;

• five grams of pink clay;

• two tablespoons of parsley or plantain;

• a teaspoon of tocopherol oil solution (vitamin E).

Brew plantain or parsley, cool. Connect dry
mask components. Dilute the composition with a decoction so that it turns out
pleasant creamy consistency. Apply to skin, lie down. Not
Allow the clay to completely dry so as not to damage the skin:
Spray your face with water. Keep the mask for 20 minutes, rinse and apply

Moisturizing Toning Mask

The combination of turmeric and milk has a beneficial effect on the skin with
first signs of wilting. After thirtieth
Include this recipe in regular face care.


• four grams of turmeric;

• a teaspoon of olive oil;

• four tablespoons of warm milk;

• two tablespoons of corn flour.

Heat the milk. It is better to use the whole normal product.
or high fat content. Mix the milk with the flour and butter so that
there were no lumps. Add turmeric. If it is thick, add
some more milk. Apply to face. Wash, treat skin
tonic and moisturize.

Toning nourishing mask for normal skin

This composition will saturate the skin with natural vitamins, oils,
carotene. The mask will help to prolong the youth of the skin.


• two grams of turmeric;

• three tablespoons of carrot puree;

• two tablespoons of sour cream.

Grate the carrot on a fine grater to make a uniform
mashed potatoes. Mix with sour cream. Add turmeric. Apply mask
thick layer. After rinsing, wipe the skin with a tonic.

Lifting mask for mature skin

Tightening effect provides a combination of components of this
masks from turmeric for the face. In winter, it protects from cold in summer
improves skin immunity. The composition returns derma elasticity,
fills with life-giving force, removes dryness.


• three grams of turmeric;

• half a teaspoon of hazelnut oil;

• a raw egg;

• tablespoon of starch.

Beat the egg, mix with the starch. Add all others
Ingredients. Apply to skin. Rinse with a decoction of rose petals.
Apply anti-aging cream.

Contraindications to the use of masks from turmeric

No matter how wonderful the effects of turmeric, there are
when to use a mask with this component is impossible. Not стоит
apply the composition to the skin, if there are microtraumas and strong peeling.
Sensitive skin mask with turmeric may seem too
active, and there will be irritation.

Using homemade cosmetics for the first time, be sure to spend
allergy test. Apply some mass to the inside.
wrist or elbow bend. If after 10-15 minutes the skin is not
flushed, you can use the tool.

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