The use of the drug Siofor forslimming

Siofor – reduces the level of glucose in the blood in the “adult” type
diabetes mellitus. Endocrinologists prescribe it first
patients who have developed the disease on the background of obesity. Excess
fats in the body reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and this
becoming one of the main causes of diabetes.

Siofor not only restores insulin sensitivity, but also
quickly reduces weight. Therefore, it is used and healthy people
dreaming to lose weight. True, do it at your own peril and risk, so
as doctors do not support this method.



How to lose weight on Siofor

The first thing that patients taking Siofor notice is a sharp
reduced craving for sweets. That is, yesterday’s incorrigible
sweetened after taking the pill simply eliminates the need
constantly enjoy the sweets, rolls and soda.

This is due to a decrease in insulin production, the excess of which
causes an overwhelming sense of carbohydrate hunger (hypoglycemia).
This is when the thought of chocolate throws into a cold sweat,
treacherous hands begin to tremble, and there may even be a loss
of consciousness.

Siofor is good because he not only helps to easily give up
from sweets, but also protects against these very harmful to the body
bouts of hypoglycemia.

Insulin not only makes a person consume a lot
carbohydrates – it also turns them into subcutaneous fat. As soon as Siofor
begins to work, the sensitivity of cells to insulin increases, and
This means that the production of this hormone decreases. Therefore, cellulite
deposits are no longer added. If you comply with low-calorie
diet, then the old fat reserves burn quickly. And if also
do sports – those extra pounds will just melt on

But even those who simply take Siofor and do not follow the diet,
still slower, but lose weight. This is because the drug blocks
absorption of carbohydrates eaten. They transit from the intestines
and displayed with a chair. But there is one unpleasant feature:
warm moist abdominal carbohydrates start to ferment quickly,
forming a lot of gas, swelling up the belly and causing pain, like when
colic in babies. Therefore the chair will be frequent, liquid, with sour
smell and will stand out with “sonorous cononade.”

Opinion doctors about Siofor

The active ingredient in the drug “Siofor” – Metformin. Him
the only curative effect proven on effectiveness and
safety tested is a decrease in blood sugar
patients with diabetes. Slimming is actually
a side effect that different people can have very strong
may not appear at all.

But the main thing – Siofor sharply violates the metabolism in the body
healthy people, as it is not intended for them. Therefore always
there is a danger of painful nausea, upset stools,
severe abdominal pain. The most severe complication is lactate acidosis,
arising from heavy physical exertion or on the background of hunger and
80% of cases resulting in death within a few hours.

For any doctor, the safety of his patients is more important than extra
centimeters on their hips so you won’t get approval on
risky experiment on yourself.

Как принимать Сиофор для slimming

If you still decide to try to lose weight with Siofor, then
Get tablets with a minimum dose of 500 mg. You should drink it
before meals or during meals. If you are dieting –
It will be enough to take one tablet at breakfast. If not
you can without sweet for dinner – repeat reception in the evening. And if the diet
you do not keep – you can drink the medicine also in the afternoon, but remember
our warning about high intestinal likelihood
frustration. Drink half a glass of water.

Reception of Siofor is better to skip if you are going hard
to work physically or for a serious sports training. Also
it is contraindicated for the time of illness at high temperature,
severe shortness of breath or with severe diarrhea. You can not combine it with
другими лекарствами для slimming, мочегонными или слабительными
drugs. Forbidden to expectant mothers at any time.
of pregnancy.

On the slimming forums, you can read that with a long admission to
Sioforu develops addiction. It is not, otherwise sugar patients
diabetes could not be treated for them for decades. But speed
weight loss when using the drug for more than 3 months
can really fall sharply. This is due to desperate
an attempt by a healthy body to restore a disturbed drug
metabolism. Therefore, more than 3 months without a break drink Siofor
для slimming не имеет смысла.

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