The use of facial masks with peroxidehydrogen at home. The best masks with hydrogen peroxide:recipes

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Hydrogen peroxide is fairly effective.
cosmetic. Use it for the face with a large need
caution otherwise the effect may be opposite

Rules for the preparation of masks for the person with hydrogen peroxide

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide can cause serious
skin burns, so a few drops for cosmetology masks
3% peroxide solution is added to a tonic or other neutral
the foundation. The interval between the use of masks should be
several days.

Particular care should be exercised when working with perhydrol,
the concentration of which is 35%: it is diluted with water in
ratio of 1:10. You can also find pills in pharmacies
hydropirit. 1 tablet dissolved in 20 ml of water, do it
necessary immediately before preparing the mask.

Peroxide masks are not recommended to keep on the skin more than 15
minutes If the skin is dry and flaky, this duration should

When fighting acne and inflammations, application is allowed.
undiluted hydrogen peroxide at problem points using
cotton buds. After the liquid dries, the procedure is repeated 2-3.
times Wash skin thoroughly after treatment.
warm water without soap.

A few hours after the procedure is necessary
refrain from direct sunlight.

Purifying mask hydrogen peroxide scrubs

These funds are used primarily for oily skin. They
require careful application so as not to damage the epidermis. Not
recommended for adolescents, as well as those with thin
skin. Before use it is recommended to steam the skin in the shower or
bath. Slight redness and burning sensation is allowed.

Oat soda

Crushed oatmeal and soda mixed in equal
proportions, add 1/2 proportions of peroxide. The resulting mixture
applied to the face and carry out a gentle massage using a cotton pad.
The duration of the procedure is 2-3 minutes. The mixture is washed off large
amount of warm water.

With sea salt

Dampen cotton pad in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution,
dip sea salt powder and wipe face thoroughly
in circular motions, paying special attention to clusters
�”Black dots”. After the procedure requires washing with hot water.
Sea salt can be replaced with soda or calcium powders.

Hydrogen peroxide masks for oily and problem skin

The main task of such masks is not only to combat
closed and inflamed pores, but also the elimination of excess
oily skin, which leads to the clogging of pores.


15 g wet natural yeast added a teaspoon
peroxide. If possible, add 2-3 drops of grape oil
pits. The finished mixture is dotted applied to problem areas.
After drying, the operation can be repeated. Then composition carefully
washed off.


Notбольшое количество талька смешивают с перекисью до получения
homogeneous mass. As in the previous case, it is applied dotted.


Streptocide powder and talc are bred in equal proportions
hydrogen peroxide, applied for 15 minutes on the skin of the face, and then
washed off.


Preheat 1 tablespoon of honey to a temperature of 40 degrees,
добавить чайную ложку сока алоэ и 2-3 капли peroxide. Mask
наносится на лицо и шею на 15 minutes With regular use
The mask gives the skin a velvety and matte shade.


The mixture is prepared from a teaspoon of rice flour, 1/2 teaspoon
peroxide and 10 drops of calendula spirit tincture. Mask
incubated for 15 minutes, then washed off.


In a tablespoon of shaving cream, add 5 ml of ammonia
and camphor alcohol, as well as 4 ml of hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is applied
for 10-15 minutes on the face, excluding the eye region.

Whitening mask with hydrogen peroxide

Freckles, age spots, acne marks, uneven complexion –
you can get rid of these symptoms by yourself

Cottage cheese

50 g of ordinary cottage cheese mixed with yolk and add 5 drops
peroxide. To avoid skin dryness, you can add to the mixture
a teaspoon of honey or cream. Mask накладывают на лицо и шею,
выдерживают 15 minutes Wash off with warm water after a while.
apply a nourishing cream.


Used only for oily or normal skin. 15 g raw
дрожжей добавляется 5 капель peroxide. Ready mix
The consistency should resemble thick sour cream. It is applied on
the face, excluding the under-eye areas, for 15 minutes and then
washed off.


Mask подойдет для тех, кто вечно спешит — использовать ее можно
even in the morning. In 3 tablespoons unsweetened oatmeal,
приготовленной на молоке, добавляют 5 капель peroxide. After
нанесения допустимо оставить смесь на лице на 20-30 minutes

White clay

Mask требует визита в аптеку для приобретения всех компонентов.
40 g of white clay is mixed with 10 g of zinc oxide and diluted with water to
pasty consistency. AT the mixture is added tea
ложку peroxide. Professional cosmetologists recommend adding to
the composition of a few drops of tea tree oil – this component
will have an additional stimulating and tonic effect. Mask
applied for 5-10 minutes, it is recommended to use no more than 1 time per
5-7 days.

Hydrogen Peroxide Anti-Aging Masks

These masks require course application. They выравнивают цвет
faces, have a healing effect on all layers of the skin,
improve blood microcirculation. The frequency of use of masks –
Once every 7-10 days, the course lasts 2 months. Then you need to do
break for the same period.

With bodag

Dry powder bodyaga bred peroxide. The mixture is applied на 10
minutes, then wash off.

Potato and oatmeal

2 tablespoons finely grated raw potatoes, 1 tea
a spoonful of chopped oat bran or flour and 1/2 teaspoon
перекиси смешивают, наносят на лицо на 15-20 minutes After смывания
skin is treated with moisturizers.

From pharmacy components

5 g of the following ingredients are required: cosmetic clay,
borax, magnesia. AT смесь добавляют 3 г талька, 1 чайную ложку воды и
1/2 чайной ложки peroxide. The mixture is applied на 15 minutes After
flushing requires intense moisturizing of the skin.

The secret of safe and effective use of face masks
with hydrogen peroxide

• Before using a mask with unfamiliar components
Be sure to perform an allergic test. For this small
the amount of mixture prepared is applied on the inside
локтевого сгиба на 5 minutes Sharp skin redness, burning,
discomfort may indicate allergies. AT этом
the case of the use of the mask will have to be abandoned.

• After смывания маски кожу рекомендуется протереть отваром
chamomile. This will help avoid irritation and also prevent

• If after applying the mask there is a strong burning sensation, the mixture
rinse immediately.

• Not рекомендуется наносить маски с перекисью на кожу вокруг
eye and lips. AT этих областях кожа наиболее подвержена ожогам. If a
the burn still occurred, the affected area must be flushed
water Do not use a washcloth or gauze to flush.
do not create additional damage. To neutralize
exposure can be wiped with a weak solution of lemon.

• Not нарушайте рецептуру масок: чрезмерное увлечение перекисью
Hydrogen can cause premature aging of the skin.

• Рекомендуется делать перерывы в применении peroxide. Is not
allow the skin to get used to the effects.

The effect of peroxide is noticeable after one procedure.
The only contraindication is individual
intolerance that is extremely rare. Masks with
hydrogen peroxide is fairly simple to manufacture and use.
This fact determines their high popularity.

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