The most effective cellulite cream at homeconditions

  • 1 How to use cellulite cream correctly?
    • 1.1 “Fitness Body”
    • 1.2 Cream wax “Healthy”
    • 1.3 With aminophylline
    • 1.4 During pregnancy?
  • 2 Как приготовить крем в домашних conditions?

The phenomenon of cellulite is familiar to most women, it is found in
80-95% of cases. It is characterized by impaired microcirculation in
adipose tissue and, therefore, an increase in fat cells.

There are several stages of cellulite development, and in some
In cases, specialist advice is required. But, in general, with
responsible approach, proper nutrition and regular exercise,
You can achieve visible results in the fight against cellulite in the home

Scrubs, wraps, massages, baths,
anti-cellulite cream. The most effective

  • caffeine – helps break down fat molecules;
  • seaweed and clay – help strengthen
  • plant extracts;
  • cosmetic and essential oils;
  • vitamin complex (A E C B) – stimulates the growth of new

Для борьбы с целлюлитом в домашних conditions лучшими кремами
are: Evelyn, Avon, Vitex, Turboslim.


How to use cellulite cream correctly?

Эффективные крема от целлюлита в домашних conditions как
use? With proper and regular use
anti-cellulite cosmetics, the skin on the hips over time will become more
smooth and elastic. Желаемого результата в домашних conditions можно
achieve only an integrated approach and the right methods
use of cosmetics.

The procedure is carried out in two stages. After a warm shower,
vascular dilatation, problem areas
are treated with a scrub that will remove dead cells. Massaging
hips for 5-10 minutes, excess fluid will begin to be discharged through

Massage can be done as hands, there and with the use of special
brushes or gloves. Before applying the cream, the scrub should be washed off.
warm water. Purified and heated skin removes better and
dissolves subcutaneous fat under the action of a cream that is applied to
problem areas. It happens that the cream is quickly absorbed, then into it
You can add a couple of drops of essential oil for better

The first changes can be seen in two weeks, if
carry out the procedure every day. Modern means, like Evelyn,
Avon, Vitex, Turboslim undergo clinical studies and
affect the deep layers of the skin.

What cream to use?

Anti-cellulite cream is a good helper in the fight against problem
zones, especially with wrappings, since with this approach
the blow to the orange peel is twofold.

Wraps contribute to increased metabolism in cells
increase skin elasticity. After applying the drug massage
wrap your hips with a special film for 30-90 minutes
(food suitable). For better effect, you can go under the blanket and
drink plenty of fluids.

The duration of the procedure is 20-40 minutes. As a rule, such nuances
indicated on the packaging. Exceed recommended duration not
it is worth it, since it is possible that an allergic reaction is manifested
skin does not breathe at all.

The following types of wraps exist:

  • clay and mud – tone up, strengthen muscles;
  • algal – moisturize, accelerate the metabolism;
  • paraffin – improves lymph flow;
  • oily – soften dry skin.

So what a cellulite cream for wraps to use? It is better
всего использовать смеси собственного приготовления на
основе эфирных масел и меда
, но если говорить по покупные
продукты, то лучше всего давать предпочтение следующим

  • Clean line;
  • Yves Rocher;

After the wrapping procedure is applied cosmetic
means, preferably containing components such as:

  • fat splitting agents (caffeine);
  • extracts of various plants (chestnut, hawthorn);
  • mineral salts (potassium, sodium chlorides);
  • glucose absorbing substances (rutin).

�”Fitness Body”

The theory in the fight against cellulite without practice does not work.

�”Fitness Body” крем-актив от целлюлита — это эффективный
результат в домашних conditions, который не заставит себя ждать.
�”Active fat burner” from the brand Floresan has proven to be
market and is very popular.

You can buy fitness bori cream asset both in pharmacies and in
other cosmetic stores. Notice immediately, as the packaging
bright orange. On the reverse side is indicated all the necessary
Information: composition, method of use, shelf life.

The main component of fitness body is menthol, due to
which creates an “ice effect” – cooling the skin followed by
acceleration of blood circulation. The gel is distributed evenly and quickly.

Cream wax “Healthy”

Cream wax “Healthy” от целлюлита как использовать дома?

This product is unique in that it consists exclusively of
natural ingredients, including propolis, bee venom, wax,
chestnut and others

Instructions for the use of wax healthy:

  • Clearing problem areas
  • A small amount of wax is applied to the dried integuments. Healthy
    massage movements

Wax is absorbed Healthy quickly and leaves no residue on clothes,
guarantees quick results.

With aminophylline

Cream against cellulite with aminophylline – is the most
popular and widely used drug in remedies for
slimming, included in one list of caffeinated properties. Fatty
the cell gets rid of the contents and decreases in volume under
exposure to aminophylline.

Instructions for use at home

  • Preheat and clean the skin of the abdomen and thighs;
  • Приготовление: (50 г любого антицеллюлитного
    cream mixed with aminophylline. To the solution of aminophylline add
    vegetable oil, baby cream, petrolatum. Powdered
    aminophylline tablets add to baby cream);
  • Наносить massage movements на 2-3 часа утром или днем.

When pregnant?

Anti-cellulite during pregnancy should be safe for
future child. Therefore, the question arises: Anti-cellulite cream
What pregnancy and how to apply?

You can not use essential oils and wraps, as well as the usual
anti-cellulite creams. Means for pregnant women contribute to the withdrawal
edema, normalization of metabolism, increase elasticity,
allow to strengthen blood vessels.

Anti-cellulite cream for stretch marks during pregnancy is
apply from the earliest to late terms of pregnancy,
because it will allow the skin to increase its elasticity and after childbirth quickly
come in great view. Amino acids, collagen and vitamins are the best.
substances in the fight against stretch marks.

Как приготовить крем в домашних conditions?

With time and imagination, any woman can
to prepare an effective remedy for “orange peel”. Reasons for
эксперименты в домашних conditions может быть множество — от желания
save on expensive creams, to distrust the composition
last. We chose the most popular recipes for cellulite creams.
в домашних conditions.

Итак, как приготовить крем в домашних conditions против
cellulite do it yourself:

With essential oils

For cooking you will need:

  • 10 ml of olive oil;
  • 2 tsp. body milk;
  • 3 drops of any essential oil.

The method of application is no different from standard instructions,
submitted to drugs sold in a pharmacy. Apply
a small amount immediately after a shower. Smooth motion

Duration of use – every other day for a month. Result
in the form of increasing skin elasticity and elasticity can be noted
after 14 days of using this recipe.

Anti-cellulite recipe with honey

This option is suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Prepared as follows:

  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 1. sl. glycerol;
  • 30 g alcohol-free lotion.

Intensity of use: 2-3 times a week, in the absence of
Contraindications and allergies to honey.

With mumiyo recipe cook at home as follows:

  • 2 tablets mumiyo;
  • 3 p. body cream;
  • 4 drops of any essential oil.

Apply смесь плавными круговыми движениями на проблемные зоны и
give fit. It is advisable to carry out the procedure 4-5 times a week.
after shower.

In addition to the fight against cellulite, homemade cream
conditions своими руками способствуют уменьшению растяжек.

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