The main types of female figures: defineyour

Типы женских figures. Как определить тип фигуры?Man by
its nature is unique. As there are no two similar people, there is no
happens ideal figures. The concept of “ideal figure” is very conditional and
at different times, different types of female figures were considered the benchmark.

Ideal figures in past ages—

  • In prehistoric times, women with
    hypertrophied figure.
  • Antique beauties were tall, long-legged, had ever young
    view, small breasts and an unusually beautiful gait.
  • A medieval woman was associated with her mother, therefore
    the ideal was considered a figure with unexpressed waist, hips and very
    round belly.
  • The Renaissance preached the cult of a woman, therefore women
    This era was famous for its magnificent forms.
  • In the era of the Classics, the figure of a woman must be strictly
    canonized – wasp waist, strongly stretched into a corset,
    snow-white skin and magnificent breast.
  • In the age of Enlightenment, naturalness was especially appreciated, and the woman herself
    in itself was already an ideal, with all the flaws and
  • 19th century adored women with impressive rounded shapes,
    wide hips and flat belly.
  • The onset of the 20th century radically changed the concept of female beauty.
    The so-called standard stereotype of the ideal woman has appeared.
    90-60-90, which starts to change very slowly (this can be
    notice now on some fashion shows) with the onset of 21

To make it easier to determine which virtues
the female body is worth emphasizing, and which figure flaws require
adjustments, conditionally introduced such a thing as the types of female

So, from the above, let’s try to do
Some useful for us, women with different figures, conclusions:

  • there are no perfect proportions of a figure
  • any female figure is beautiful
  • on your body you need to constantly work, emphasizing all of his

The main types of female figures

Below we will look at how to determine the type of shape:

Типы женских figures. Как определить тип фигуры?Pear

А-образная или Pear — обладательницы этого типа имеют пышные
rounded thighs, slim waist and small shoulders. The owners
This particular type of figure is attractive to men, but just such
figure subject to cellulite. This is primarily due to the fact that
fatty deposits of this type occur mainly on
buttocks, thighs, legs, less often at the waist.

When choosing a wardrobe, women of this type should be visually
increase the correct part of the body and try to hide the lower.

Women of this type should always remember that they should
attract attention primarily to the face, neck and upper body, and
lower leave as if in the shade.

Типы женских figures. Как определить тип фигуры?Sandy

Х-образная или Sandy Clock – счастливые обладательницы фигуры
with perfect proportions – waist is clearly marked, shoulder volume is
hip volume. The fat layer of this type is evenly
distributed throughout the body and in weight gain representative
X-shaped body gaining volume in the chest and thighs.

Women of this type should choose clothes that will emphasize

odezhda_po_tipu_figury_fotoRectangle (banana)

H-shaped or Rectangle – a feature of this type is that
that the thighs, shoulders and waist are almost the same. Women
This type is most likely to be overweight. To problematic areas
This type should include wide waist and abdomen.

Representatives of the N-shaped figure must be emphasized
attention to the chest and legs, waist and hips, it is desirable to hide.

Типы женских figures. Как определить тип фигуры?Inverted

V-образная или Inverted Triangle – отличительной
a feature of this type are broad shoulders, which by volume
superior hips.

The disadvantage of this type of figure should include the apparent
massiveness. Current type fat deposits usually
occurs in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Representatives of this figure should focus on
feet that need to be underlined.

An Apple

Типы женских figures. Как определить тип фигуры?O-shaped or
An Apple – представительницы данного типа сочетают в себе стройность
legs, arms, proportion of shoulders and hips, but almost not
have a waist. This type of fat layer has a tendency to
put off in the back and abdomen.

Women with an O-shape draw attention to the face, area
neckline and legs, and the waist area to hide.

How to determine the type of figure yourself? It is necessary to stand before
Mirror try to find from the above distinctive
especially its shape.

Usually, women are not very happy with their type of figure and strongly
complex about this. But there is no reason to despair.
Classifying shapes by type will help every woman always look.
perfect and exquisite.

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