The magic remedy is chamomile for the face. howto use chamomile decoction for face

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Every girl, barely feeling her gender,
then seeks to be beautiful throughout life and if
some parts of the body can sometimes not receive the necessary care,
then they all pay close attention to the face.

Often improper or excessive use of cosmetic
means unbalanced nutrition genetic
predisposition can be factors affecting
occurrence of skin problems.

Then, in a fit of despair, women turn to a natural pharmacy,
where one of the most affordable and at the same time most effective
funds in this pharmacy is chamomile.

Universal in its simplicity camomile face

Chamomile – a very simple-looking flower. But for
This external simplicity is quite complex composition of various
substances and trace elements. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and
regenerating properties. Can be used as
wound healing and antifungal agent. She’s hypoallergenic, and
means can be used in cases where others
funds are contraindicated. Due to its organic
acids, it moisturizes the skin, helps to lighten pigmentation. BUT
chamomile rich polysaccharides help the skin to keep
moisture, covering it with a protective film. For the preparation of various
Chamomile infusions use only its flowers. Best if u
torn flower petals are arranged horizontally with respect to
to the core, and not down. Chamomile is a real ambulance
help with various skin problems. From fatigue caused by
an excess of ultraviolet radiation, to acne and increased
fat content.

Some reasons to use chamomile for face

Chamomile can be used by people of any age with any type.
skin. It has a healing effect on the most
various skin problems.

• Soothes irritated skin;

• Moisturizes and prevents further dry skin from losing moisture;

• Treats acne and soothes irritated skin;

• In case of pigmentation, it can bleach.

• It can be an excellent tool for removing puffiness and circles.
under the eyes;

• Visually rejuvenates the skin, smoothes small wrinkles;

• Solves the problem of gloss and oily skin;

• When insect bites, chamomile relieves itching and swelling.

Options for the use of chamomile decoction for the face

Chamomile can be used in different ways: in the form of compresses from her
decoction, tinctures and lotions, ice cubes with chamomile for face and in
composition of various masks. You can steam your face over chamomile decoction
before performing other cosmetic procedures. The choice of method
depends on the problem you want to solve. It is important to know,
how to wipe the face with chamomile.

• Для нормальной skin.

To maintain healthy skin and give it a soft touch, you can
daily in the morning to wash chamomile infusion. Prepare it
in advance in proportion to half a liter of boiling water 100 grams of chamomile flowers.
For greater effect, you can add a drop of essential oil to the infusion,
which you like. Wash this infusion after cooling.
and do not store it for a long time.

• Против мелких морщинок и дряблости skin.

Use ice with chamomile for face before washing. Prepare
chamomile decoction, two tablespoons of dried flowers in a glass
boiling water. Allow to cool, strain and pour into molds for
ice Ice can be used twice a day to wipe the face, and
also neck and neck areas. Ice with chamomile for the face has
toning effect, tightens the skin.

• With age-related changes.

Mature and withering skin needs extra care.
Prepare отвар из ромашки для лица, как описано выше и добавьте
In it a little cologne. Wipe every face with such a decoction.
evening to open the pores of the face and improve its natural breathing.
After using the decoction, use your regular nutritional benefits.

• For fat and problem teenage

To solve the problems of teenage skin is better to use lotion.
Prepare two containers with a decoction (pour two spoons into a glass of boiling water
chamomile), in one of which we add lemon juice, in the other –
chopped crusts. An hour later, in the same container, we mix both broths,
adding to the resulting lotion and a half tablespoons of vinegar and two
tablespoons of vodka. Do not wipe the skin with the resulting lotion.
less than once a day.

Every day you can apply warm chamomile compresses.
infusion. They expand the pores, contribute to enhanced nutrition and
improve blood circulation.

Also for problem skin it is good to use a camomile mask with
cottage cheese. Chamomile must first be mashed,
pour boiling water and let it swell. Then add to the resulting
curd curd and put on a third of an hour on pre-cleaned
face. BUT если исключить из состава творог, то получится нежный

• With porous skin.

Fill the dried chamomile flowers with 1:10 vodka. Give
tincture infuse a week and a half. After that, wipe your face once
in a few days.

To solve this problem, you can also mix in equal
proportions of chamomile and mint, brew, let cool. The resulting
tonic can be washed daily in the morning and evening.

• Для всех типов skin.

Prepare увлажняющую маску из двух столовых ложек ромашки,
four tablespoons of milk and half a cucumber. Grind
ingredients in a mush and apply it on your face for a quarter of an hour.

• For cleansing dead skin cells.

Mixing crushed chamomile flowers with milk powder can be obtained
качественный нежный скраб для чувствительной skin.

Contraindications to the use of chamomile for the face

Chamomile is hypoallergenic. That is why it is often used in
children’s creams and shampoos. But at the same time, some people
there is an individual intolerance to certain substances
contained in it. Therefore, before applying attach a compress with
infusion of chamomile on the wrist or elbow bend and watch for
reaction. If within an hour no visible
change and no discomfort, then chamomile for you
safe. Before you wipe chamomile correctly,
clean it from makeup and dirt.

If you are going to steam your face over chamomile decoction,
then remember that the steaming procedure itself is contraindicated in
cardiovascular diseases, the presence of “stars” on the face,

Carefully use a chamomile decoction for the face when
of pregnancy. During this period, the body even on its usual substances
may respond unexpectedly.

Using chamomile decoction to treat acne, not
squeeze pimples and blackheads before applying the decoction. Required
remember how to properly wipe chamomile face, otherwise the action
will be exactly the opposite.

In the modern world there is an opinion that is vigorously fueled
advertising that good cosmetic products for face care
are not cheap. Chamomile – a universal remedy that you can
buy for a penny at the pharmacy, and the effect of its use is worth
many brand means. Do not neglect this simple but
effective tool and the result of its use you will notice
in a week.

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