The first wrinkles – how to protect yourself from them?

Thu, Nov 03 2016

This article provides simple guidelines on how to avoid
the appearance of the first wrinkles at the age of 30 years.

Wrinkles around the eyes in women 25-30 years old are not yet evidence.
about the beginning of wilting, but they say that the face is rather bad
take care. Wrinkles are also caused by excessive
use of cosmetics.

To preserve youthful skin for a long time it is necessary:

1. To minimize the use of cosmetics, because with her
not the most harmless components are used, but
you yourself will never truly know which ones and how exactly they are in
reality affect your skin.

2. Not recommended daily use mascara,
pencil or eyeshadow, otherwise you will not avoid wrinkles around

3. No need to wash a day several times, and even more so with
soap After washing, do not rub your face with a towel. It is better
after washing, gently blot the face with a soft cloth.

4. Prolonged aging also leads to premature skin aging.
exposure to the sun under the action of ultraviolet rays. therefore
choose – any permanent bronze tan – either younger

5. Stop smoking, drink alcohol, try less
be in dusty places and rooms.

Natural aging of the skin can not be avoided by anyone, but you can
postpone this unpleasant moment, if you take care of your skin and correctly
look after her and not create the prerequisites for her
premature wilt.

Learn to wash properly.

Water – the most affordable and at the same time useful for cleansing the skin.
means. However, there are women who believe that water
promotes premature aging of the skin. And meanwhile, this
not at all. Water acts as a toning factor.
skin It cleanses, revitalizes, defats, refreshes the skin, acts
on the nerve endings of the skin, thus allowing to keep it
elasticity and elasticity for a long time, speed up the metabolic processes.
Hard water can cause peeling and dry skin due to
high content of calcium and magnesium salts. Soften
hard water by boiling or adding baking soda, boric
acid or milk at the rate of 1 tsp. on 1 liter of water. When
wash better – in the morning or in the evening? Here a lot depends on
skin condition and properties. When irritated, inflamed,
scaly skin is better to refrain from morning washing with water.
For normal skin, wash twice a day, in the morning and
before bedtime, using soap only with evening washing. If a
warm, you can wash in the morning with cool water, as she
perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, increases blood flow. Before
sleep better wash pleasant for the skin with warm water. This procedure
soothes, relaxes and promotes rapid sleep. Very
tender skin can be cleaned with a mixture of infusion before washing
plantain, mint and chamomile. For dry skin when washing well
to arrange a “contrast shower” – wash alternately cold and warm
water, finish the procedure cold. Excellent result when
fading dry skin will give a washing with a decoction of sage, chamomile and
linden-colored, field horsetail, mint, dill seeds. Washing it
decoction cleans the skin, helps to make it elastic and tender.
Owners of oily skin are recommended to wash with soap,
use lotions, tinctures, decoctions and medicinal juices
Plants. Wash yourself properly, take care of your skin – and the result
will, as they say, on the face!


Inna 07/31/2016 advised to use new cosmetics
from wrinkles to restore and rejuvenate the skin, and makeup is not needed
would be!

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