The compositions of masks for the face of wrinkles after 40 years.Ways to combat wrinkles at home after 40 years:masks recipes

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A woman at any age should be well-groomed and beautiful.
Most of all age-related changes appear on the skin of the face. She is
it becomes thinner, more sensitive, wrinkles are indicated.

What components should be present in a wrinkle mask after
40 years

The composition of the masks is determined by the type of skin. Components must
combine with each other, complement each other, reinforcing the expected
effects on the skin.

For dry and combination skin are used:

• Milk, sour cream, kefir.

• Any vegetable oil.

For oily and irritated skin, you can use:

• Cottage cheese, yogurt.

• Lemon juice.

• Dill, sorrel and other herbs.

Components that are used for all skin types for
wrinkle smoothing:

• Honey.

• Egg.

• Carrot juice.

• Gelatin.

• Glycerol.

• Vitamins E, A, C, D.

• Herbs, etc.

The composition of the mask and the impact of its impact are determined by
individual characteristics of the skin, so it is worth
experiment several times to choose the best
персональный вариант маски от морщин для женщины после 40 years.

Маски для лица от морщин после 40 years с молочными
by products

Masks from milk have a strong anti-wrinkle effect.
other dairy products.

The most popular compounds:

Composition number 1:

• Cream (sour cream yogurt) 3 part.

• Honey 1 part.

• Cognac 2 parts.

• Yolk.

Superimposed on the face for at least 1 hour. Mask has
rejuvenating effect, smoothes the skin, smoothes

Composition number 2:

• Milk 1 part.

• Water 1 part.

Wiping the face with this composition significantly reduces wrinkles,
rejuvenates and whitens the skin.

Composition number 3:

• Honey 3 tbsp. spoons.

• Milk 1.5 Art. spoons.

• Yolk.

• Сок лимона 0,5 ч. spoons.

• Oatmeal 3 tbsp. spoons.

The mixture is applied on the face with a thick layer for 30 minutes., Washed off
warm water.

Маски для лица от морщин после 40 years с медом

Honey is well known both as a useful product and in
its beneficial effects on the skin. It nourishes, moisturizes,
evens the complexion, is used in many masks in
as the main component of anti aging skin smoothing

The strongest effect has a mask consisting of
several components. They enhance the beneficial effects on the skin.
and successfully fight wrinkles.

Composition number 1

• 2 tbsp. spoons of honey.

• 1 yolk.

• 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil.

The exposure time of the mask is 30-40 minutes.

Composition number 2

• 1 part honey.

• 1 part glycerol.

• Egg.

The mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes.

The composition No. 3 for the skin around the eyes

• 1 tbsp. spoon of honey.

• Vitamin E 1 capsule.

• Yolk

This mask is applied both on the eyelids and on the entire face 15-20

Before applying honey masks, you need to check the reaction.
skin on the components. For this, a small amount of mixed
components applied on the inner side of the wrist for 10-20
minutes If no allergic reaction has followed, perhaps
applying a mask on the face.

Oil masks

The most popular are olive, flaxseed, peach
oils from wrinkles, oil solution of vitamin E, etc. They help
fight wrinkles, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Oil can
apply as monomasks, add them to the cream, strengthening
action last.

Effective formulations:

Composition number 1

• 1 part olive oil.

• 1 part apple sauce.

Apples can be replaced with kiwi or banana. The mask is applied on
30-40 minutes

Composition number 2

• 1 part flaxseed oil.

• 1 part aloe juice.

• 1 part cream.

Before squeezing the juice, keep the scarlet in the fridge for
2-3 hours Make a mask before bedtime, it is applied to
one hour or more, you can leave for the night.

Composition number 3

• 1 part olive oil.

• 1 capsule of vitamin E.

Data composition is applied with light movements on the skin around the eyes and
left for a few hours.

For all masks, it is recommended to preheat the oil
water bath to a warm state to improve absorption. Can
make compresses from olive oil, putting it on the area around

Berry masks

In the berry season it is useful to apply berry masks. In the composition of the berries
many vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, peptides, which
help the skin of the face look young and beautiful. Features
berry masks is from the coloring composition, therefore put them on
лицо не более чем на 10-15 minutes

Masks with berries:

Composition number 1

• 2 tbsp. spoons of juice of any garden berries.

• 1 yolk.

Composition number 2

• 2 parts of strawberry juice.

• 1 part honey.

• 1 part lemon juice.

• 2 pieces of cream

The components are mixed, as a thickener, you can add
oatmeal flour.

Composition number 3

• 1 part of currant juice (black, red, white).

• 1 part aloe juice.

• 1 part flaxseed oil.

Linseed oil can be replaced with olive, peach,
almond and so on

You can use any berries, strawberries replaced by currants,
blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Using herbal infusions

Herbal infusions will help to fight wrinkles. Medicinal
herbs contain except vitamins and trace elements tanning
substances, amino acids, peptides, alkaloids, essential oils.

Help fight wrinkles, have a rejuvenating and
the smoothing effect of the following herbs: mint, aloe, chamomile,
ginseng, marsh mallow.

Freshly prepared infusions wipe the skin of the face in the morning,
before bed, after applying the masks. Infusions can be frozen and
wipe your face with an ice cube to improve blood circulation, accelerate
metabolism, rejuvenation of skin cells.

A variant of ice wrinkle cubes is a mixture of milk with
mint leaves.

To reduce the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes used lotion
from parsley. To do this, finely chop the greens, knead until
juice, put in gauze bags and put on eyes for 20
minutes Also parsley juice is added to dairy and oil.

Using ointments as facial wrinkles masks for
женщин после 40 years

Pharmaceutical remedies will help fight wrinkles.

The most popular are:

Solcoseryl contributes to the production of collagen, so its
application smoothes wrinkles. Often the ointment is used with Dimexide.
to speed up the process of tissue regeneration.

However, it is worth remembering that this tool is not intended to
cosmetic care. It is used to heal wounds and
used as a temporary method and also has a number
side effects: allergic reactions, itching or irritation.
Therefore, cosmetologists are concerned about the use of solcoseryl
to combat wrinkles, although they note its positive impact
on the skin.

Heparin ointment relieves swelling under the eyes, it is successfully used
для удаления морщин вокруг eye. Beauticians do not recommend
use this tool more often 2 to 10 days.

Lioton gel, the main component of which is heparin,
acts similar to ointment. The structure of the composition allows you to add to
gel is small and vitamins to enhance the effect. Beauticians mark
virtually no side effects when using the gel, but
warn that to combat deep age wrinkles
the tool will not work.

Relief ointment with vitamin E and beeswax fights swelling,
smoothing fine wrinkles, promotes the production of collagen,
evens out complexion. But it can not be used for a number of
diseases, also use for skin around is not recommended
eye. Ointment can be applied periodically no more than 1 time in two.
weeks, if there is no reaction to its composition.

Useful tips from professionals

To make masks useful for the skin, extract them from
application of the maximum effect, experts advise:

• A wrinkle mask is applied to the face no more than 2 times a week,
можно на ночь или минимум на 30-40 minutes

• To obtain the effect of the masks, they must be applied in
system, but not occasionally.

• It is better to change the composition of the mask after 10 treatments, so that the skin does not
getting used to the effect.

• Before applying the mask, clean the skin with a lotion.

• To improve the effect of the mask on the skin of his face.
You can pre-steam in the bathroom.

• The mask is used immediately, it can not be stored, even in
the fridge.

• Be sure to do a preliminary sensitivity test.
компонентам masks.

• Before applying pharmaceutical means in the form of face masks
от морщин после 40 years лучше обратиться за советом к косметологу,
who will give personal recommendations.

После 40 years кожа женщины нуждается в особой заботе и уходе,
however, do not overdo the application of face masks,
it is necessary to remember that “everything is good in moderation”, otherwise you can achieve
reverse effect.

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