The complete lack of glare: a matte manicure onshort nails

Short nails – it is completely unjust? Hardly, especially if
take into account that long breaks during work, go where
not necessary, and do not give a normal exercise. Modern
Beauties choose a stylish and comfortable manicure, not endless
sacrifices in the name of beauty. Short nails are universal, they can
arrange as you like. Day, evening, everyday or manicure
catchy – everything is available, if there is a little imagination, a good master
and quality materials. Short nails can be made frosted
varnish and combine it with the actual pattern or other elements

What is the trend today?

It is not that matte nails are new, the texture is with us
for a couple of years now. Today, restrictions on the color palette
removed. Nails without shine can be delicate, powdery shades
or rich berry, for radical images has not been canceled
coal black and velvet maroon varnishes. Matt nails not
are going to leave us in the coming season.

Why? It’s simple – the lack of gloss is quite convenient. Manicure
looks appropriate at work or school, and at a party, you can have a couple
once “hook” the coating and not damage the shine, and from contact with
with water, soap and detergent most matte varnishes nothing
will not be.

What colors are the most fashionable among matte? We broke them by
palettes for you:

  • Universal beige – cappuccino, runaway milk color, ivory
    bone, classic beige, golden sand;
  • Contrasts – coal black, velvet gray and snow white without
  • Classic red – Marsala, scarlet and dark cherry color;
  • Fresh greens – pastel mint, bright emerald, clean
  • Powder – pale violet violet, gray-pink, “pink

Masters play textures, skillfully moving from matte to
glossy and back. They actively combine several colors,
they add design and brilliant accents. Trend 3-D and
4-D designs that repeat architectural elements and stucco, and
not just lying flat on the nails. Rubbing, spraying and gradient not
leave their positions and allow every day to create
A unique manicure to emphasize the image of a girl.

In the piggy bank ideas for manicure

Matte manicure on short nails ceases to be something flat
or ordinary. Masters actively use three-dimensional designs, adding
individual plates of expressiveness. Modern материалы
allow such coatings to be resistant. Drawings and modeling can
performed as a contrast, and in the style of “architectural stucco”
in the same color as the nails. For simplicity, there are special
stempy, but many masters prefer to sculpt by hand.

  • Love the classics and work with the dress code? Scarlet nails never
    will not go out of fashion, and at the peak they are raised by stylish matte varnishes and
    Rhinestone decoration on the edge of the nail plate. This style can
    be appropriate in the office, at parties, and in formal
  • Scarlet and all kinds of red are combined with the luxury of diamonds,
    even if they are just imitation rhinestones. Masters beat
    geometric trend, laying on the base of the nail plate
    figures of sparkles, rhinestones and sequins. Many cover shallow
    �”Scale” sequin the entire surface of the nail.
  • Lovers of lovers are advised to add some luxurious
    lace, so as not to look too boring persons. Veils
    acquire both ready and draw independently. Not
    Be sure to decorate with lace all, just a pair of nails.
  • Popular design – carriage screed on milky or color
    ivory lacquer.
  • Simple and stylish design with foil – cover all nails with nude
    powder varnish, make them the same or in two colors, and
    metallic fingers to decorate metallic gold or silver
    foil. She picked up the temperature of color, choosing silver
    shades for cool shades of basecoat and gold for warm
  • Matt blue color hints at “Byzantine”
    motives. Nails can resemble architectural masterpieces if gold
    Place stones and bouillons on a bright blue background. Notкоторые мастера
    paint also gold patterns with a brush. Those who want to play with the trend
    �”Brands” may be asked to draw some kind of logo, stylized
    under the monogram.
  • The purple background is typical of Chinese art. Masters
    nail service use this idea, beating matte deep
    color with Chinese-style decoration. Peonies and
    Irises, orchids and roses fit perfectly into this design and can
    create a gentle and at the same time stylish look.
  • Contrast black and white manicure can embody like
    classic ideas like a chess cage, the image of French mimes,
    or even an idea for Halloween with white masks, so be real
    room for fantasy. Graphic flowers on white background, silhouettes
    buildings or even black and white “sketches” with animals can become
    stylish idea if they are gracefully executed.

Tip: too formal look of a black and white design can be made
more alive if you add silver and gold elements. Here
important not too many to use so that they remain only
stylish accents, but not the main design.

You can hardly find a master or salon that does not matte
manicure. Trend with us for a long time, beautify nails without shine are almost ready
everything. Matte finish is quite democratic and make such a manicure.
possible and the house itself, if there is a solid hand, the lamp for
drying, the desired varnish and the ability to work equally neatly and
right and left hand.

What do masters recommend

Professionals will prompt a few secrets to quickly
make a neat and stylish matte manicure:

  • Nail polishing will help the varnish to lie down without emphasizing the flaws. If a
    nails are naturally wavy and their surface is uneven
    use a machine for manicure and polish
    surface. Although if there are no cars, you can use the usual
    sawing. Naturally, you need to remove the cuticle and clean your nails.
  • The quality of the manicure depends on what varnish is used. If a
    nails cheap coating, it can be seen almost immediately, chipped and
    cracks. The work of even the best master will not look
    very with such a varnish, so the coating is better to choose from proven
  • How not to get bored with one texture? Combine a few! Can
    not only alternate glossy and matte nails on one hand, but also
    make glossy tips and holes on matte nails. With modern
    quality materials any fresh idea can be easy
    brought to life.
  • Stamping is just made for those who want the actual design, but
    can’t draw or doesn’t know how to combine modern ideas in
    stylish manicure. Stencils are a collection of ideas and
    tool “in one person”. Acquire in specialized
    stores and use!

To matte manicure on short nails looked beautiful and
advantageous, you should heed the advice of experts. And not yet
it is worth forgetting that you can go to a good master and choose
only design, not ways to implement their ideas.

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