The colors of the New Year’s manicure 2019, bringinggood luck in the year of Pig

The approach of the New Year changes everything around. More beautiful and elegant
it is not only the city that is becoming, the mood of people is changing. Everything
feel the rise and some joyful excitement. This is a premonition
a holiday when you can get together with friends or meet
family, have fun, exchange events that happened during
last year.Good mood maintained colorful
decoration of streets and squares, lantern fire and glitter fancy
shop windows. The smell of spruce needles, hot coffee and
sweets. At this time, I really want to comply with the universal
the holiday atmosphere, also shine and sparkle with bright colors.
The best way to achieve this is to take a chance to create
A unique manicure with a bright and memorable New Year’s design.

This is worth taking care in advance. Need to find a suitable
sample, save it and show your master to get
exactly what was expected. It is worth remembering that a manicure should
match the event for which the spectacular is being prepared
design, and also to be combined with the chosen evening dress.

Shining and sparkling New Year manicure

The new 2019 will be held under the sign of the Yellow Earthen Pig. it
a charming animal can both bring well-being and even
wealth in the coming year, and “put a pig”, of course, in
figurative sense.

To please the capricious symbol of the year, it is worth considering the features
his character and take into account the preferences, including
choice of colors. Gilt loves satiety and wealth, luxury and
brilliance, so this New Year will never be as bright as ever.
juicy and sparkling colors. Gold, bronze and
copper metallic, shining glitters and golden mica, deep
purple, “earthy” brown, juicy emerald, warm yellow and

Pig likes puffy outlandish patterns, plenty of sparkles,
unexpected color combinations, so the representatives
the fair sex at this time there is a great opportunity
to experiment with color, combinations and decor.

Selection of New Year’s colors

Restraint is not peculiar to the New Year’s manicure
and modesty, and in the Year of the Pig boredom on the nails is generally unacceptable –
You can offend the “mistress” of the holiday. That the choice was not
long and painful, you should use the pivot table,
explaining the sacred meaning of each color.

  • White – impeccable purity, virginity, calm,
    transparent intentions.
  • Red – passion, emotions, vivid feelings, sexuality.
  • Brown – energy of the earth, confidence, family hearth,
    fertility, calm.
  • Golden – luxury, wealth, financial well-being and
  • Green – energy of life, development, perspective, bright
    future, happiness and success.
  • Pink – tenderness, romance, fragile sincere
    constitution, loyal feelings, love.
  • Black – balance, balance, calm and life

Cheerful colors of New Year’s manicure

Festive nail design welcomes use
different colors, each of which can be a great choice on
New Year’s holidays this year:

  • Gold and yellow. it лучший цвет для новогоднего маникюра,
    if you want a holiday, but there is no desire to do too bright or
    complex coverage. With a golden manicure it’s hard to go unnoticed,
    but at the same time, this varnish will not look overly challenging.
    or vulgar even in office environments.

  • Green. Along with red it is the New Year’s variant of varnish. is he
    It is associated with spruce needles and can serve as an excellent basis for
    perform beautiful festive patterns. If make simple
    a combination of red and emerald lacquer, this will immediately create
    characteristic New Year’s atmosphere. The combination can be left without
    changes or to add it with a gold decor or addition
    various decors.

  • Red. When using this color in clothing, shoes or
    manicure is difficult to go unnoticed in the crowd, so many
    women fear red. But on the New Year can not be merged with
    around, need to stand out. Scarlet with gold is the best option.
    for these purposes.

  • Bordeaux. it благородный, изысканный вариант глубокого
    wine red. is he отлично подойдет женщинам, которые не
    love “painting” on the nails, but they want to look modern, sophisticated
    and at the same time festive. If you do not want any additions to
    manicure, you can use a spectacular and at the same time
    fairly modest combination of textures. For example, great will
    Look glossy and matte burgundy lacquer, or add to
    the form of decor “sand” varnishes in the tone of the main coating.

  • Blue. itт цвет традиционно ассоциируется с зимой и прекрасно
    Looks at the New Year holidays. is he очень хорош в разных фактурах,
    especially with glitter or holographic flakes. Even if the nails
    just cover this varnish, manicure will already look festive.
    And if you add silver sparkles, kamifubuki or rhinestones,
    It will look very beautiful and elegant.

  • The black. Although this color seems too “gothic” for the New
    years, in fact, it can look very elegant. On his background
    patterns of silver or gold look nobly and beautifully
    colors, rhinestones, sequins, foil and more. In addition, black –
    The perfect companion for any other complementary color.

  • White. We do not speak in vain “snow-white” color. it один из самых
    �”Winter” and New Year shades for manicure. is he красив и сам по
    itself, beautiful with the addition of a chimmer or glitter, can serve
    An excellent base to combine with other colors or backgrounds for
    performance drawing.

  • Pink. Gentle or intense, this tone has always been a symbol
    tenderness and femininity. Based on it, you can create as
    sophisticated design, and more vivid and expressive option. Even
    if you have no desire to decorate your nails, neat
    pink pink manicure is a great addition
    Bright New Year’s dress in sequins and gold sequins.

  • Violet. itт цвет традиционно считается принадлежностью
    magicians and esoteric. is he как ни какой другой подходит для
    celebrating the magical New Year’s Eve. His choice contributes to
    The fact that he has a huge number of shades for every taste.

  • Corporeal. it самый нейтральный вариант покрытия для ногтевых
    plates. It should be used in the event that New Year’s outfit
    very bright and catchy. Humble beige won’t drag on
    all attention, but he will emphasize the beauty of the nails and
    grace long thin fingers.

  • Multicolored. On the New Year, you can afford any
    liberty, especially when it comes to a girl of a young age. When
    still, if not now, you can allow yourself almost any
    experiment with color and texture of varnish?

  • Blue. Very “winter” and attractive shade of lacquer, which
    It symbolizes the cold ice and the sparkling of snow under the moon. It can
    Beautifully decorate with sparkles, rhinestones, camoufooks or use
    as a good background to create a picture.

New Year is a magical time when even the elderly
hardened skeptics and cynics begin to believe in miracles. it отличная
the ability to afford to dive into childhood accessible and
legal methods for which no one condemns or expose
ridicule New Year’s holidays are a chance to feel all the joy
life without limits and limits. Add to your life bright
colors and sparkles – this is after all the most joyful holiday of the year!

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