The best fashion trends of 2016 for the seasonrecreation

Half of 2015 is over, so it’s time to find out what will happen
fashionable in the coming year and turn to collections and fashionable
trends of famous brands. We present the best fashion trends.
для сезона recreation на 2016 year.

Preliminary seasonal collections, as a rule, remain
open to presentation and include many of the elements from
previous seasons and also extend to the coming

The main purpose of such collections is to keep them in stock.
there were branded items that can be bought at retail
prices, which will increase the number of units sold for

Looking through the various collections that were shown on
over the past few weeks, we have come to the following
conclusion: resort collections offer you a few
incredible trends that could fill up next year
your wardrobe.


1. Flower prints

The most significant trend of the 2016 resort collection can be easily
call flower prints. This trend not only enjoyed huge
popular throughout 2015, but it seems to remain
dominant in 2016. But this time the models are dominated by dark
base color and more romantic silhouettes.

2. The magnificent abundance of frills

Frills are present everywhere and in unbelievable abundance: on leather
products and gentle fabrics, soft and falling down or
fixed. Ruffles and ruffles look great in any
variations, especially if they are huge or
multi-layered cascades. They can be a continuation of the sleeves,
be in the center of the dress or on its bottom edge.

3. Graceful Pleated

Pleated, probably the most feminine of all fashion trends.
курортной коллекции 2016 of the year. Pleated dress just below
the knees looks really exciting. It’s so peculiar
female cunning: modesty combined with sexuality, which
is a reflection of the female entity. These models are just made.
in order to spin in them. They will be very helpful if you
are going to dance. If to add pleated skirt
ankle boots, this further accentuates open shins.

4. Lace tenderness

Like floral prints, lace enjoyed tremendous
успехом на протяжении 2015 of the year. And in the coming 2016 they seem to be
continue to occupy a leading position in the fashion world. Spectacular colors,
modern silhouettes, romantic notes and a wavy bohemian design
– all this makes lace a significant trend in the resort collection
2016. They are present at Victoria Beckham in their luxurious
mini-dresses in black and in sexy Versace models.
Laces have become an integral element tucked into leather pants.
Prabal Gurung Shirts. Laces remain strong today
trend and just ashamed not to have in your wardrobe at least one
a thing you can wear with pleasure as a day or
evening dress

5. Spanish and Latin American style

This stunning trend has absorbed all the most exciting,
which is inherent in Cuban “dirty dancing” and Latin American
passions that so excite our soul. Present in them
free spirit of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. However, in the 2016 season this
trend acquires a completely new meaning. Although hard not
Agree that floral design with an abundance of exotic plants
really perfect for dresses in spanish or
latin american style. Special elegance to the models give deep

6. Open shoulders

Putting on a dress, we want to look very, very
sexually! Following this aspiration, we ultimately
showing too many exposed areas of our body. In fashion
the trend of the 2016 resort collection, the body below the chest line remains
closed, but at the same time, the vanes and the zone are coquettishly open
neckline, while the fabric slightly covers the lower part of the shoulders or
even completely all hands to wrists. It is on this trend
Many designers have chosen, including Peter Pilotto. it
there may be straight edge lines like Christopher Kane or
draped folds that are more typical for Givenchy. Mark
Jacobs went even further, leaving the sleeves and the bottom edge of the dresses.
amazingly long while Camilla and Marc models
more like plain wedding dresses.

7. Super flared

The theme of the 1970s returned to fashion already in 2015, so the most
major brands have decided to turn again to flared trousers, and, along with
them, and to skirts, pants. Cropped Flared Pants – Next
great idea that appears this season. Models
emphasize the contours of your legs and relieve them of discomfort
contact with the hemmed edge, while the pants get interesting
form. In the interpretation of some designers such models with
high rise and in combination with floral and leopard prints
look really awesome.

8. Loose Pullovers

This trend is one of those that can plunge into
confusion: loose sweaters in large sizes. Such a sweater
will always warm you no matter what your plans
on vacation, even in the coldest winter. You can wear them during the day with
jeans, in the evenings – with lace attire, and can be
sure that even if it becomes cool, you will still be dressed
just the way you need – pretty elegant and just warm.

9. Bold and original coat

There is fur here. In most cases, this is, in fact,
faux fur, but no one will ever know about it, except
you will come across stella mccartney. As we can see, the coat is made
from pieces, with brightly underlined flowers. At the end of the day in such
coat you will look simply irresistible. Light fur
the coat is the core of Gucci, Proenza Schouler and Burberry
Prorsum, the last of which looks very impressive with black –
white zebra prints.

10. Total strip

It seems that in the 2016 resort collection the stripes remain quite
common trend, which, however, it is logical if
take into account the leading trends of the season autumn-winter 2015
of the year. The most interesting look stripes in the resort collections
brand Sonia Rykiel. The striped prints were also taken by Fendi,
Derek Lam, Michael Kors and Chanel.

11. Black and white

Whether it’s a fur coat with a zebra pattern for Burberry Prorsum
or dreams of sea voyages in the edun collection obviously this
the color combination is still in trend in the collection for the season
recreation 2016 of the year. Thanks to the optical illusion created by the model
seems bigger. Forced to admit that some of the most chic and
exquisite models in black and white design are outfits from Michael

12. Colors of the rainbow

The combination of two or more bright colors in one ensemble in
resort collection has the advantage of being able to
create a feeling of warmth in the cold winter months. We must
want to wear something that can bring fun and happiness,
even with the help of sparkles and colors. This spectacular reception
involved Sonia Rykiel, using exclusively colorful
diagonal stripes on dresses, studded with sequins, while
how Red Valentino literally sewed on little sophisticated dresses
bright rainbows.

13. Muted tones

As the 2016 resort collection shows, it looks like the number
muted shades are just infinite. They are present everywhere and
even got the name “new white” shade. He might look
gently and sweetly, sharply and strictly. Muted shades no doubt
This season was the most spectacular feature
Versace collection. It is worth noting that some of the best models
In this trend belong to the collection of Chanel with an Asian theme.
Versace jackets and models in the sporty style Brock collection not
less attractive, while long, pleated dresses
with a deep neckline look just unearthly.

14. Masculine pink

Do you know that you can look both feminine and
courageously? It literally means you can use
a feminine pink color such as that attributed to Barbie,
combined with the bulky broad-shouldered cut that is characteristic of
men’s clothing. Thanks to the pink color Michael Kors costume
looks so adorable.

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