Tanya: minus 7 kg, took Xenical threeof the month

They write different things, and I will insert my five kopecks from personal experience. I
пью Ксеникал 3,5 of the month, похудела уже на 7 кг. Maybe this is a bit
it seems – but to lose weight quickly is also harmful, but for me these 7 kg –
great relief, because with my initial 72 kg I’m already in jeans
she didn’t fit, and her legs hurt, and her veins were climbing.

Now it is much easier, so I will definitely drink Xenical
and further. The main thing is to follow the diet too, not to starve of course, but also
fat, fried is not – then with a chair special problems not
will be as described here. In any case, on the whole
There are no complaints.

And about duodenal ulcers – I have it for a long time, so I drink
I do not feel Xenical and exacerbations, so it does not affect it.
for sure.

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