Sweet Bloom style nail design – ideas andoptions

From season to season, volumetric decorative
elements decorating the surface of the nails. One of the last hits
three-dimensional manicure steel images performed in the technique of “Gentle
bloom or Sweet bloom. This design charmed the girls
multicolor image, interesting contrasts, as well as a combination
in one whole style “volumetric decor”, stained glass and geometric
design. Visually, this technique seems very complex and subservient.
только профессиональному мастеру ногтевого design. But everything is far
not as hard as it might initially seem. Let’s take a closer look
get acquainted with this fashion trend.


  • Special features
  • Russian roots
  • Execution Rules
  • Simple technique
  • Ideas for short nails
  • Ideas for long nails
  • Useful tips
  • Additional decorations

Special features техники Sweet bloom

This technique is applied to the surface of the nail.
bulk color patterns. Three-dimensional design is usually performed on
background light shades of base gel polish. Colors for design not
must be excessively bright, and they should be no more than 3-4 with
considering the background. Most often used any pastel colors. Selection
options for drawing literally fascinates. On the nails can be
The following items are depicted:

  • floristic and floral patterns;
  • hearts;
  • mandalas;
  • butterflies;
  • sea ​​pebbles;
  • sweets and sweets;
  • animals;
  • cartoon characters.

The origin of technology

This is one of the few manicure techniques, the roots of which are in Russia.
Sweet bloom invented and brought into use by Anna Ugryumova – Omsk
мастер ногтевого design. And literally in the first two weeks he already
gained immense popularity, after which Anna released
special courses that reveal the secrets of this technique.

Girls so appreciated the colorful patterns, made in gentle
pastel shades that began to not only repeat simple
options рисунков, но и экспериментировать самостоятельно,
coming up with all new and new three-dimensional drawings.

Execution Rules дизайна Sweet bloom

At the moment, this technique has spread literally throughout
the world. Many masters develop their own techniques for creating
on the nails volume patterns. But general recommendations and
Tips for creating such a manicure:

  1. The use of materials without dispersion layer. Will not work
    remove the sticky coating from all bulk elements of the pattern, and if
    do not peel it off completely, then the nails will soon become dirty and
  2. Variety palette. It is advisable to take light or juicy
    shades, the effect of the result depends on their number and
  3. Thick consistency. To create such a design most often
    gel-gel or gel-paste is taken, but it is also possible to use
    very dense gel polishes. With the help of a lacquer liquid consistency
    it turns out to form a three-dimensional pattern.
  4. It is preferable to perform drawings on a dark substrate, so the pattern
    will be more effective.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn the technique itself.
such a manicure.

Manicure technique

WITHуществует два варианта выполнения such a manicure. The first:
nail is first painted in the desired color, then the pattern is applied
gel paste, after which everything is painted over. Second: three-dimensional drawing
runs on the substrate, after which all the contours are outlined.

Working with several layers of pasta should be borne in mind that each
need to dry twice as long.

Sweet bloom manicure is performed as follows:

  • nails are degreased, a base coat is applied;
  • any color gel varnish is applied – in two layers;
  • the varnish is covered with the finish, the sticky layer is removed;
  • any selected gel paste is performed with
    using a round brush;
  • the resulting figures are painted over with colored varnishes – for their
    full fill should be applied
  • the finished design is dried in the lamp for about three
  • added a little bump for volume.

This job requires a lot of hard work, but the effort is worth it.
result. The finished design looks great not only on
photos, but also in life.

Design on short nails

For girls who prefer a short length of nails, there is
Huge selection of design options Sweet bloom.

You can create intricate and abstract patterns, imitation
jewelry and not only. The main thing is to decide in advance on the drawing or
confide in the fantasy of an experienced master.

Design on long nails

In the case of working with a long length, everything is also determined by desires.
and the preferences of the girl, but the patterns look most advantageous,
which pass through the center of the nail. The fact is that the volume elements
along the edges of the nail visually expand it. The main goal is to make
Elegant manicure with Sweet bloom design.

Small volume drops will also look great,
Dots made on the entire surface of the long nail. In that
You can play with the color transitions by adding a gradient.

Another great option is to place a group of items in
the base of the nail and the addition of one or several large drops on
their tips.

Design Improvement: useful tips

For best results, remember that all
good in moderation. This design looks very tender and flirty even
when applying quite bright shades.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should advance well
think over the design or choose a finished picture in the vast network.

How to improve the appearance of a manicure, if he did not like?
If, after laying out all the elements, the design does not look like
expected, you can redo everything from scratch. But in the absence of
enough time for this, you can beat already
existing items by adding something new or modifying

Some craftsmen complement the design with another outline.
different shade. If the volume element does not match
to expectations, it can be removed with a special saw, which
process extended nails. This should be done with a large
care not to damage other manicure elements.

How to complement the design?

Like any other design, you can complement it with various
decorative elements. For example, on the external contour you can
lay out small rhinestones that will look like a precious
necklace. And if you arrange the sparkles around the volume elements, then
manicure will be more festive and elegant. The main thing – to decor
looked appropriate with three-dimensional patterns.

Sweet bloom is a very modern and versatile manicure design. WITH
using it you can make the image more original and bright.

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