Suffering from acne – you need the right carefat face. Traditional methods will help in the care of a fat face inhome conditions

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Oily skin not only looks unethical in terms of increased
glitter on the face, but also creates many problems in

Lack of proper care for a fat face faces the appearance
acne, inflammation of the skin.

Owners of oily skin can be comforted by the fact that they do not
face rapid aging due to the elasticity of the epidermal

The main signs of increased oily skin

With a high content of fat in the subcutaneous layer on the surface
skin appear enlarged pores. If time does not organize
proper care, but instead of normal skin orange appears
peel, with a lot of acne, blackheads and rashes.

Untidy oily skin becomes thick, has a grayish
shade, it is very difficult to apply makeup.

The simplest test to determine the fat content of the skin surface
and finding the problem areas with combination skin will be simple,
paper napkin, which we impose on the face, preferably in the morning,
before washing, and tightly pressed to the face. Now look at
which area appeared prints, if the entire surface – the skin
fat, on separate surfaces – combined.

Normal, and the more dry skin leaves no residue.

What not to do when caring for a fat face

Caring for a fat face is just the case when not all methods
good, and excessive effort can be harmful.

– Trying by any means to remove traces of fat from the skin
cover, we provoke its additional production. After all, the cause
the appearance of fat is the enhanced work of the sebaceous glands, therefore
getting rid of oily shine should be both from within the body and
outside. Inside the body laid program that the skin
needs grease, removing it only with degreasing, we are
most give a signal to send a new portion of fat, so you should
find the cause of the failure within your body.

The cause of oily skin can be failures:

• gastrointestinal tract organs;

• nervous system, including stress;

• organs of internal secretion;

• puberty or climax.

– The appearance of acne is not obvious evidence of oily
skin. Skin deformity leads to blockage of the glands and
the appearance of inflammation, acne can appear from various
reasons, including during the ICP period, while taking medication and from

Attention! Acne is by no means
squeeze out, for pus that has appeared at the base can get into
blood and spread the infection throughout the body.

If your hands are very itchy, do it carefully,
squeezing out only ripened acne, having previously cleaned up the hands
with soap and after treating the surface of the skin with alcohol.

– Peeling is designed to rid the top layer of skin from
dead cells, not fat, so it should be done no more
Once a week, otherwise removing the greasy film, we again give
command the body to submit a new portion of fat.

– For oily skin, you should review your nutrition, water
regime and give up bad habits, such as smoking,
sitting for hours at the TV or computer and sleeping in
unventilated room.

Proper cleansing is a basic step in caring for fat.

1. Every morning we start with washing, but who among the owners
oily skin knows that in this case it is strictly forbidden
washing with hot water which is a stimulant in itself
strengthening the sebaceous glands.

2. The use of gels or soaps is allowed in the form of a foam, which
we first form the palms and gently apply to the face, making when
This light, circular motion. Allowed to use special
brushes that clean the pores well.

When evening washing in water, you can add a few
alcohol drops:

• salicylic;

• camphor;

• boron.

3. There are cases when oily skin is peeling off, then before
washing should be applied for a few minutes on the face kefir,
yogurt or a few drops of any vegetable oil.

4. Fat face is recommended to wipe with a towel, improving with
this blood circulation.

In the case where washing with soap and water is not enough,
we resort to additional methods.

– Cotton swab, previously soaped, dipped in powder
from borax and soda and light massage movements applied to the face,
leave to dry completely and wash off with lukewarm water.

– Dilute lemon juice with 1: 1 water and wipe your face with this mixture.
2 – 3 times a day.

– You can make yourself a lotion of vodka with melissa,
5: 1 proportions and infused for a week.

– A wonderful evening tonic is obtained from grated
orange peel and filled with 100 ml of vodka, all this is infused into
for 7 days, filtered and then added to this composition 20
ml of glycerol.

– Our grandmothers, great-grandmothers also struggled with oily skin,
rubbing the face before washing with a simple sour juice

Уход за жирным face не исключает его питания

The biggest mistake of holders of oily skin is rejection of
nutrients, motivating it by their fat content.
Created creams – hydrogels, which include almost no

Return the skin to the normal look will help yourself
cooked masks.

Hercules Mask

Prepare the mixture in the form of a slurry of 2 tbsp. oatmeal and one
egg white, put it on a third of an hour on a clean face and
wash off with plain water.

Lemon mask

This composition not only relieves the skin of excess fat, but also
gives it a fresh, even tone due to vitamin C. We mix in
equal proportions dairy cream and lemon juice, brush apply
the mixture on the face along the massage lines, leave for a quarter of an hour and
wash off.

Yeast Mask

This mask perfectly copes with the skin having corked
pores. We take yeast, sour milk and any berry juice in proportion
1: 3: 1/2, mix thoroughly and apply to problem areas on
a quarter of an hour, after which we remove the sponge and wash our face.

Bread mask

Dry bread crumbs and ground almonds mix in proportion
2: 1, with the help of green tea we dilute it to a slurry and
наносим на лицо до легкого высыхания и wash off. We get 2 in 1,
mask and peeling.

Almond and White Clay Mask

We take in the same proportion:

• ground almonds;

• white clay;

• shredded cucumber;

• oatmeal flour or ground Hercules.

Cooking gruel, if necessary, add a little water and
apply on the face just before drying. Wash off with tepid water.

Enlarged pores will become significantly less noticeable when
regular use of scrubs that we apply on the face and massaged
in a circular motion, wash off with water at room temperature.

Lemon and salt scrub

In this case, it is desirable to replace the usual salt with sea salt, but
go any. Take 1 tbsp. salt and lemon juice, mix and
apply on cleanly washed face with massage movements starting from

Attention! In the presence of inflammatory
процессов на лице применять этот скраб не рекомендуется

Green Clay and Yogurt Scrub

We buy green clay at the pharmacy and mix it with homemade
yogurt in the proportion of 2: 3, apply to the face and massage it,
then wash off the scrub with warm water.

Массаж при уходе за жирным face

A pinch massage will help improve the secretory function of the glands.
which frees them from fat and improves the filtrate.

Special massage techniques, we produce squeezing sebaceous
желез, автоматически очищая кожу, освобождая ее от избытка fat
At the same time, dead, dead cells are removed, decreases
шелушение skin. Increased blood flow to the muscles contributes
removal of carbon dioxide, while improving the complexion. After
такого массажа уменьшается тургор и пористость skin.

Massage is performed after applying talc for the face, stroking,
then move on to tingling along the massage lines.

These areas are conventionally divided into 4 sections:

• from the middle of the forehead to the temples;

• from the nose to the temples;

• from the wings of the nose to the trestles;

• From the middle of the chin to the earlobes.

We begin the manipulation of the chin and finish the surface

We work each area 3-4 times, making it easy
pinching on each line on the score 6.

We finish the manipulations by stroking and patting the pads
fingers. Massage for oily and combination skin recommended
do 2 – 3 times a week to achieve a lasting effect, while
exposure time to the skin should not exceed ten minutes
due to the high intensity of exposure.

Уход за жирным face будет успешным при регулярности выполнения
all the techniques in the complex, sometimes it takes quite
for a long time.

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