Stylish white monophonic manicure – for every situation

The white color is perfect and flawless, it symbolizes purity and
innocence is therefore often used for wedding and festive
outfits. In manicure, he then goes out of fashion, then becomes insane
popular. That is what is happening now: the white color of the nails is at the peak
fashion But not everyone knows how to choose for themselves the suitable option and
what you can combine this beautiful color.

Benefits and who suits

White manicure is universal, it will suit both a young girl and a mature
lady A color has many shades, as it easily accepts any
tones – from cream and pink, to grayish and bluish. More often
all we see is white in two ways – snow white, cold and
milky, “ivory” – warmer.

  • When the skin is warm tone, it is better to choose white lacquer with cream
    shade. With white, pink or bluish skin more
    suitable paint cold, frosty tones.
  • The peculiarity of white color is the fact that it goes
    absolutely everyone and appropriate in different situations. He is excellent
    looks like summer against the background of a rich tan, in harmony with the lungs
    dresses, air blouses and flying skirts. In winter, he is good
    combines with pale skin, fluffy cashmere sweaters and
    woolen dresses.
  • Its great advantage is perfect harmony with any
    shades of clothing. He will muffle a bright red dress and emphasize
    noble blue, shade juicy turquoise and sunny yellow.
    White color does not conflict with them and does not create unnecessary
    variegation in the appearance of a woman. This tone is perfect in the event that
    when a girl can’t find a harmonious color manicure under
    very active makeup or a set of clothes.

White can be used solo or combined with other shades.
varnishes. It has the property to be combined with any colors – from
pastel and pale to saturated and dense, dark and intense
tones. These properties make it possible to include such a color in manicure.
in a variety of beautiful and fashionable combinations.

Manicure ideas

You can use white color in manicure in different ways:

  • To create a casual, modest and discreet style. AT
    In this case, white lacquer can be used solo, especially if
    has some texture that is different from the simple tone: with inclusions
    shimmer, glitter, mica, holographic particles. This varnish is not
    It looks too defiant or festive for a weekday, but
    the presence of additives gives the white tint depth and volume.
  • If you want to get a more modern version of manicure, you can
    try to combine several pastel shades, in fact
    representing a white streamer. For example, in a company with
    pink or beige, you can create a very beautiful and gentle manicure,
    adding a drop of pink or
    cream colored. AT результате ногти будут переливаться от
    snow-white tone to a more saturated color. It looks stylish
    and fashionable, easy to wear and perfectly in harmony with clothes,
    matched to the lacquer tone.
  • The universal option for all occasions is French.
    manicure. In the presence of white varnishes of different textures can cover the entire
    plate transparent or pearl layer, and the smile line or
    well to allocate a dense sugar-white opaque layer. Get
    unbanal and very “winter” french.
  • White in combination with any metallic immediately becomes
    festive and spectacular. It is not necessary to draw patterns.
    gold or silver, because not all women love this style
    nail design. It is enough to decorate one nail plate
    glitter gold or silver lacquer or make a moon manicure,
    service jacket with the selection of the hole or smile brilliant layer. To do this
    simple, skills are practically not required, and the result
    a great.
  • This color has a huge advantage – it looks great.
    next to any color. If you want to “dilute” very bright and catchy
    paint, make a cool and restrained touch in the design, you can
    just highlight one nail plate in white. If not
    I want very sharp contrasts, the rest of the varnish is better
    pick muted, restrained. They can be enough
    dark, the main thing is not to be too intense.
  • AT духе современных тенденций в маникюре белый отлично
    combined with a variety of textures. Having a few varnishes or
    gels of this color in different textures: glossy, matte, sand,
    glitter, metallic or mother of pearl, you can create
    designs in trendy directions. You do not need to use
    patterns, simply select 1 – 2 nail plate varnish
    иной фактуры или же делать французский, лунный manicure. Example: all
    the nails are covered with the usual milky varnish, but on the ring finger
    used sand lacquer with glitter, and on average – mother-of-pearl.
    It turns out and quite modestly, and at the same time, unbanal, even
  • Another simple option with matte top
    Coatings: moon manicure with underscoring of the hole with a matte layer and
    leaving the whole plate glossy, or vice versa. Same
    can be done with the French manicure. This option is suitable
    even for the most strict office dress code, while manicure is not
    will look outdated and unfashionable.
  • AT одном дизайне можно легко сочетать белые гели или лаки разной
    density. You can make a stretch of color on all the nails or
    cover only one or two with thick, pure white varnish, and on
    The rest of the nail plate is applied transparent or pearl.
    The same beautiful manicure is obtained by combining a simple
    cream with shiny glitter or slightly iridescent
    shimmer If you use a holographic tool, you get
    subtle difference in textures, but it will give more color
    depth and make the design stylish and sophisticated.

Use a noble and exquisite white color in manicure
can and should be. It will add beauty to the fragile female fingers and excellent
will emphasize skin color. Its versatility allows the use of varnish
delicate shade “and in the feast, and in the world, and in good people.”

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