Stylish wardrobe or pants and jeans purplewhat colors to wear them with?

Fashion designers know that adding purple color to their kits,
they make them more mysterious and desirable. And everyone knows that
fashionable couturier is not difficult to choose the perfect combination
purple with other shades. After all, almost every one of them
The level of intuition senses the energy of this amazing color. how
usually all outfits in which purple is involved
shade, it turns out not just stylish, but also a little

If in past times any shade of purple was
the first sign of belonging to a noble family, then modern
girls wear purple clothes to their whim and according to
mood. And most of them do not care that designers
give their own recommendations on what to wear purple
jeans. Each of the modern fashionistas prefers to follow
their desires, boldly combining the purple color with many others.
Wearing this piece of clothing for both shopping and
parties at the club, and for visiting the office.

Under the purple pants, tights of the same color, o
the combination of which we wrote here or the shoes of the same saturated
shade, the photo of which you will find here.

At the same time, we should not forget about the couturier advice, which is not
One year “rule” the fashion world, and therefore recommend:

  1. Violet pastel shades suitable for summer
    of time.
  2. Dark shades are ideal for winter and autumn.

Those who like the purple hue really like
know that it is ideal for creating an image in the color block style. AT
In this case, it can easily be combined with a completely
opposite colors in the colorful spectrum.
This makes amazing sets where skillfully
combined purple bottom and red or yellow top. You can also
turn your attention to purple and coral color or shade
fuchsia We should not forget about the green and red colors that
You can also use it to create a colorblocking style.
However, this choice will not be able to make every girl, but only a brave
and self-confident young person.

с чем их носить фиолетовые джинсы Purple pants with what
wear this in its own special piece of clothing every fashionista
chooses herself. It is worth mentioning that the pants are pastel colors
will harmonize well with any other pastel shades in
top of the kit. If you want to emphasize
individuality and strength of character, the pants should be
The only bright spot in the image. For this, everyone else
Choose clothes in neutral milky, beige, gray
or brick color. Dark blue colors are also perfect.
complement the purple. However, this kit is more suitable.
older women who are going to go out and show their
strong-willed character.

Classic cut pants made of purple material
colors are ideal for going to the office. This is enough
Fashionable detail in the wardrobe of a woman, will bring her confidence in her
forces and attract the attention of others.

с чем их носить фиолетовые брюки Solving the purple question
pants, what to wear, it is worth remembering that this color can be
a great replacement for classic black and gray pants and trousers
shades. However, in order not to look ridiculous, it is worth it in advance
take care and choose the right accessories that
will help arrange the necessary accents.

The most popular shades today are
blue-violet and deep purple color which are the most
look advantageous on the female figure. Besides, as shown
practice, these shades allow you to create the most
variety of kits, perfectly combined with almost all
existing colors.

с чем их носить фиолетовые брюки So, narrow pants
silk or dark purple can be worn in combination with
классической белой рубашкой или блузками пастельных shades.
Beige or white T-shirts, black cardigans or jackets,
cropped sleeves, as well as a classic coat or short
jacket – all this will be the perfect complement to any pants
purple hue. It should also be noted that such tandems
suitable for young girls who dream of a fairytale prince, and
women who are confident that everything needs to be addressed
on their own.

howов бы ни был ваш возраст. howой бы образ вы не создавали.
howому бы оттенку фиолетового вы бы не отдавали свое предпочтение.
Any image, for its completion requires additions in the form
accessories. That is why it is worth paying special attention to this question.

  • Jewelry is best to choose not catchy silver or
    золотистых shades.
  • Shoes are selected depending on the season and on the main color in
    top of the kit.
  • Handbag is chosen to match the shoes. But the materials are best
    choose natural.
  • Caps, hats and kerchiefs – help to place accents. but
    they should not attract undue attention to themselves, but only
    emphasize the dignity of women.

What can I wear with purple pants, jeans and pants? A photo successful

с чем их носить фиолетовые джинсы

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