Stylish thing: black turtleneck, with which itwear?

Turtleneck for many of us – a favorite article of clothing on
every day in which you feel free and comfortable.
Turtleneck comfortable and beautiful, she, oddly enough, suitable for ladies
any form – even very full ladies in dark turtlenecks look
adequately, especially if the turtleneck is made of dense material.
Black водолазка, с чем wear?

Stylish thing: black turtleneck, with which it wear? Black
Turtleneck – the coolest version of a turtleneck, very stylish and
sexy thing. Remember the clip for the song Lada Dance “Happy
of birth ”, where she appears in a black turtleneck – strict,
sad but very sensual! This turtleneck is beautiful
emphasizes the oval of the face, its features, hairstyle (very exquisitely with her
Look up smooth hair, combed up or short.

Create a unique image can be a simple combination of black
turtlenecks and black skirts, even without costume jewelry, but, and with its help
such a hard and aggressive bow can be softened and give it more

Stylish thing: black turtleneck, with which it wear? Black
turtleneck is considered a very versatile thing that can
Combine with many wardrobe items. The main condition is to
the ensemble looked organic, if it is difficult to choose
stylish sets with black turtleneck, we will be happy to help.

So, the combination of black is considered the most stylish combination.
Turtleneck and black tight pants, the best with her will
Look black stretch pants, although black
Tight-fitting jeans will also come in handy. Blue green
Red jeans can also be worn with a black turtleneck.

The most chic available slim girls is a black turtleneck
Coupled with black leather slim pants. This kit will fit
for work and the club, it can be supplemented with a thin golden chain, but not

Stylish thing: black turtleneck, with which it wear?

A short fur coat will look good with this ensemble.
or stylish fur vest from black-brown or red fox, fox or

For office and business purposes, a black turtleneck can be combined with
A black skirt of medium length is a pencil, balloon or tulip.
Tights can be black or coffee.

Black водолазка в стиле casual отлично смотрится с джинсами,
black and dark gray, with denim sundresses of these shades, and
also with knitted short dresses not bright shades: gray,
sandy, milky, brown, lilac, color dark sea
the waves.

It is also nice with cardigans on belts, with a short coat with
short sleeves, leather jackets and vests, dark gray
tight tight skirts.

A separate talk about transparent black turtlenecks, which are more often
just belong to the evening things. They can and should be worn with bright
suits, vests turquoise, olive and other colors. Good
they look with black knit dresses or dresses with
short sleeves, long sleeveless capes
fancy colors. In this case, the black turtleneck suit
bright and large jewelry.

Stylish thing: black turtleneck, with which it wear? AT
Depending on the style being created, a black turtleneck can be
pick up different hats – it could be a black hat,
kepi, bandage or even a bandana or just a scarf.

Summer option for a transparent black turtleneck – this is her
Combination with a long bright skirt with a high slit.

Remember that, despite the fact that the black turtleneck refers to
classics and glorified by Yves Saint Laurent, who believed that she was
combined with a black skirt is the personification of business style,
today there are a lot of its new variants, which gives much more
Opportunities for us: this is a black turtleneck from a mesh,
guipure-stretch, made of silk, wool, knitwear of different density,
cashmere and cotton.

So if you’re a real fan of a black turtleneck, you have
Great choice for every day!

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