Stylish black manicure

The black color is universal, it goes well with all colors.
and shades, always looks elegant. This concerns not only
wardrobe items, but also nail design.

It draws the attention of others and beautifully stands out pattern
created by black lacquer on a contrast basis. You can run it,
using various techniques.

Features patterned manicure

Healthy, beautiful and neat nails are an essential part.
image of a well-groomed ladies. Therefore, regardless of age, women
try to care for your nails, decorate them, choosing fashionable
nail art directions.

Despite the fact that monophonic manicure for several years now
loses its relevance, the wizards offer fashionable women fashion
This season has a black pattern manicure, which thanks to its
originality and ability to dream up quickly won

The great advantage of a patterned manicure is its versatility.
You can do it for everyday wear as well as for
festive event.

Making patterns on the nail plate is not a new idea at all,
but over the past few years it has improved markedly.
Created by masters of nail design skillful patterns deserve
attention of professional artists.

To apply the pattern on the nails of the master use different
texture and shades of varnishes, special brushes, needles. Beautiful and
neat pattern can be obtained using special
adaptations: stencil or stamp for stamping.

You can learn how to make a patterned manicure yourself. AT
home conditions professional tool can be replaced
sewing needle and toothpick. If you have patience and give
yourself time, with your own hands, you can create a unique design

Patterned manicure – the trend of the season

Abstract pattern, made on the nails, will give originality,
will allocate its owner from the crowd.

Romantic look can be complemented with floral motifs on top.
однотонных nails. Most popular floral motifs
enjoyed in spring and summer when the surrounding nature
гармонирует с дизайном nails. Various combinations of branches,
leaves, buds decorate any manicure.

Despite the time of year, the manicure looks pretty stylish.
black pattern consisting of smooth lines, monograms, curlicues and
strips of various thickness. This picture looks attractive,
does not require strict lines and clarity. You can apply a pattern
both glossy and matt.

In order for the patterns to attract attention with their beauty, apply them
need to be neat. This applies even abstract drawings.

The best options for black patterned manicure

Nail art masters offer a huge selection of patterns and ornaments.
to create a unique design. It can be as traditional
for nail art solutions, and absolutely innovative:

  1. Geometrically correct vertical, horizontal lines and
    the figures will be the perfect solution for women who prefer
    discreet style. Such a manicure will be a great addition to
    casual look will decorate a boring business style, while
    look stylish even at a formal event and informal
  2. Curls and openwork patterns on the nails this season are on
    the peak of its popularity. Black curls and monograms can be performed
    both glossy and matte varnish. Given the versatility
    black, the base may be colorless, pastel or
    bright varnish. The main coating can also be matte or
  3. Original and unusual look nails with a matte base and
    glossy pattern on top, or, conversely, with a glossy base and
    matte pattern. Such a technique will make play
    in a new way even the simplest and most annoying pictures.
  4. Those who want to have the most original and trendy design,
    masters offer more sophisticated manicure techniques. They
    involve the creation of patterns not only varnish, but also using
    additional decorative elements, such as rhinestones, small
    beads, sparkles, microbeater.

The pattern does not necessarily cover all the nails of the hand, apply it
you can only on one or a few nails, and the rest to cover
plain lacquer, make a french manicure, gradient or choose
another variant. At the same time on the remaining nails can also
black elements, such as a black hole, a smile, or

Despite the fact that black is considered by many to be bleak and not
interesting, it allows you to create real masterpieces on the nails.
Patterns made with black lacquer can not be called gloomy, they
They look stylish, spectacular and at the same time not defiant. Like
The design will easily fit into any image.

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