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The history of short men’s haircuts has several stages development. Nowadays, men do different hairstyles, but men’s sports haircuts are now as always at their peak fashion. In imperial times, a shaved head was rather a sign slave or criminal. Under Peter the Great, men and women adopted the European fashion of those times and generally began to wear curvaceous wigs.

Then the men switched to long hairstyles with parting on their heads. With the development of civilization, the fashion for men’s hairstyles has changed. They getting shorter every year. For short haircuts were special cars were invented, but more often they used safe a razor for shaving your head. Shaved heads not only men, but also women. As a decoration on the crown remained a bunch hair of different lengths and sizes.

The interest in short hairstyles in men is explained by the fact that they do not require special care, it is very convenient in military conditions, and also for sports.

After World War II, long lengths with lush styling (the dude had a hairstyle for cocc). This era lasted in fashion hairstyles for quite a while. Both men and women preferred long loose hair on the shoulders. And only in the 90s of the 20th century fashion on short hair in men began to revive.

Tennis Hairstyle

For men, choosing a haircut is no less difficult than for women. Although at first glance, there is nothing easier than going to a hairdresser and cut your hair short. But men who care about appearance and maintain their image, so easy to hairstyle is not relate. To begin with, they consider all the possible options, consult their stylist and then take the final solution, and they sit down in the master’s chair with a certain idea create an image. Men's haircut for men with bald patches on the forehead tennisPopular among young guys, people involved in sports, in recently became a Tennis haircut. Why is she so like to men? First of all, she moderately shortens her hair and looks very presentable. It turns out that a man with such a haircut It looks representative, but on the other hand everything disappears from him hair care problems. Just washed my hair, and already handsome! It is important that this is one of those haircuts that are not even claimed the most unpredictable women. The name of the hairstyle speaks for itself yourself. It is designed for mobile, active people who there is no time to do exquisite styling. But its owner looks very representatively. post-34874-1303641944Tennis hairstyle has come into fashion thanks athletes. It’s those guys who train all day with heavy tennis racket, came to the conclusion that it is necessary to shorten hair to the maximum so that they do not create a hot hat on the head. Many men involved in other physical activities, too approved this approach to hair.

The haircut has perfect versatility. She does not have age restrictions. Tennis adorns the head and boys, and boys, and older men. It doesn’t matter which you figure, head shape or type of face, it will suit everyone, and its owners look young and attractive. Not worth it doubt the choice of a short haircut. Tennis is exactly what you need necessary! new-short-men-hairstyle-99-inspiration-with-short-men-hairstyleBut even such a short hairstyle can have its own varieties. TO For example, a very common type of tennis is a haircut Hedgehog. Its peculiarity is that a little more remains on the top of the head hair, they are longer, which creates the volume of the head. If you have a head and so big, you can choose a hairstyle in a different style. For the sports haircut has somewhat modernized and received the name “youth tennis”. She is very similar to classic, but the hair remains longer, they are laid on the crown using gel. You can even make a Tennis hairstyle yourself or ask a friend. It is performed on clean hair. Via hair clippers of different lengths even layer. In the center of the head, the hair is cut perpendicular way, here they can be left longer. The finishing touch is with Using a razor, you need to trim the hair on the back of the head and on the temples. And you the image is created easily and simply!


There are haircuts that are popular not only with men, but also women. Of course, not everyone decides to shave their heads woman. But for particularly decisive girls, a military hairstyle I liked it. And they took the palm from men. fiveBut initially, the military haircut has male roots. Her origin is associated with the active militarization of the countries of the world. Often men have to go to the army and stand up for their native land. Of course, for a soldier, a short sports haircut is the best convenient option. Today, the army does not cut “to zero”, but the guys themselves understand that with a shortened haircut to a minimum in hiking the conditions are more convenient. Men’s hairstyle “military” is very simple and easy to care for, which is why youth is so suitable. Although due simplicity, now she is losing her fans. “Military” more often all associated with the army hairstyle, but wear it all the same and in peaceful conditions. There are several flavors of style. “The military.” These are haircuts such as Boxing and Semibox, as well as hairstyle hedgehog.

Fashionable hairstyles with shaved temples and a napeHaircuts for men in the style of “military” are very active sports guys or men who serve in the army. She gives the face expressiveness and determination. But it looks better if the man is perfect head shape. You can make such a hairstyle at the hairdresser, and also alone or with the help of a friend. Only a machine with the shortest nozzle and scissors. You need to cut your hair straight layer and very short throughout the head. Military hairstyle immediately will change the image of any man, add him masculinity and special charm. Do not be afraid to experiment to find your style among many short sports haircuts.


Sports hairstyles include the short beaver Bobrick. But in Unlike classic tennis, the hair on the top of the hair is cut much shorter and a small area is formed. Hair at the temples and on the back of the head they are cut as short as possible. His in silhouette, she looks like a square, but at the temples hair in relation to The crown of the crown is trimmed at an angle. fourThis haircut has no sharp contrasts and transitions in length hair, so men often choose this option. Make such a hairstyle is not difficult, but it is better if the master performs it. The haircut starts from the back of the head to the temples. Lower neck completely cut by machine. Particularly careful to cut the upper part of the hair where the pad gradually appears. there is specific rules for different types of faces. If the face is round, then the hair on the crown is left longer, and if the face is thin, then the hair is shortened as much as possible. Clipping begins areas from the forehead where hair remains up to 5 cm long, and towards the middle scalp hair length is reduced to zero. It turns out that the occipital part and parietal converge at the same level. Hair on the sides cut perpendicular to the “platform”. Hair height difference trimmed with scissors. Edging by head volume too held by scissors. And the neat sports haircut is ready! A man with her will look confident and sexy!


Another popular men’s sporting style is Haircut Boxing. She belongs to the classic men’s hairstyles, on which women do not even pretend. At least here men can breathe freely and do your appearance purely masculine. 3Boxing hairstyle is very simple and very short. But wear such a haircut is not ordinary people, but real men who respect themselves. Many celebrities, such as, for example, Brad Pitt, are very respected. and adhere to the classic version. Boxing has a number advantages: accuracy, ease of care, always keeps in shape, 3-4 cm long hair does not stick out. Hairstyle opens face and emphasizes the courageous features of its owner. If you see how looks haircut Boxing (photo), then be sure to want to make yourself the same.

brad_pittPrecisely because it is very simple, it can be even do it yourself. The main thing is to be at hand machine with a short nozzle. Using a hair clipper in an even layer, starting from the temples, all over the head to a length of 3-4 cm. The bangs are cut off completely. If the bangs remain, then her shorten to the middle of the forehead and thin out with scissors. Form a real man is created and you can go to conquer the hearts of women!


Among the famous sports hairstyles, there is one of the most common. Hairstyle Playground is very fond of Hollywood celebrities, they, starting from Arnold Schwarzenegger, became to popularize this men’s haircut. The hit of the season she became in 80s of the 20th century.

oneThis hairstyle is characterized by the presence of horizontally cut hair on the crown in the form of a flat platform. Here must show the skill of the hairdresser. If break geometric proportions, then the appearance of the haircut will be spoiled. With her boys and men look very interesting and unusual. Age there are practically no restrictions on the hairstyle if the elderly man age will want to look unusual, why not cut pad on the head.

2A haircut pad will emphasize the masculinity of any type. faces. But on hard hair, she holds on better. Although using different hair care products can be added to soft hair stiffness. The height of the hair on the site is set depending from the contour of the face. If the face is elongated, it is better to pad make shortened. For a round face, hair can be left longer, but not more than 4 cm. To make the Playground look solid and carefully, you need to cut very carefully. On first run haircuts, it is important to create an initially appropriate head shape. If the hair grows fast, the haircut requires constant correction, so as not to lose your presentable appearance.

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