Style Tips by Evelina Khromchenko

Стиль от Эвелины ХромченкоEvelina Khromchenko is known to many
of us, as a strict critic of the television program “Modny
sentence ”, however this person is not only one of the most
stylish women of Russian couture and prêt-a-porte, but also the main
editor of the glossy magazine L`Officiel.

This stylish lady for many years is almost Delphic
oracle in the Russian fashion world, and, moreover, the founder
such a cult annual event as Russian Fashion Week.
That is why girls and mature women who always want
to look elegant, a list compiled by Evelina is very useful,
which lists things designed to form the basis of your wardrobe
ladies having impeccable taste.

Style Tips

So, in the “From Khromchenko” list there are both accessories and
shoes, and everyday items.

As for things universal, and certainly classic,
then Evelyn’s white cotton shirt
classical cut and invariable pencil skirt from material
noble texture, having an average length.

Also, according to Mrs. Khromtchenko, each exquisite lady
should stock up on a trouser suit with a strict cut and a little black
dress, so-called “dress-case”.

As for the suit and dress, they are best sewn to order.
for an experienced master, when choosing a model pattern and at the final
the fit will take into account all the features of your figure, which will allow
further look in these outfits even more attractive,
skillfully emphasizing the dignity of his appearance and hiding it

As for the things that will become major in creating less
discreet way, then they are also a bit, but they will all be perfect
combine with each other, creating simple but harmonious

  1. So, the first thing must-have in the list of these things is
    T-shirt-alcoholic from natural, pleasant to the touch fabric. Its color
    can be either white or beige or black. Together with such
    T-shirt is best to wear dark blue jeans, preferably
    narrow or straight, depending on how close to
    ideal shape of those legs on which they will be worn. Supplement outfit
    will help motorcycle jacket of black leather.
  2. For a cool season, Ms. Khromchenko advises to have
    warm color cashmere sweater
    You can wear a cashmere coat with a straight cut. Tandem of these two
    of things suggests a cyclical fashion, the return of silhouettes
    eighties and nineties when loose trench coats and
    Cardigans were the latest squeak. If you feel uncomfortable even
    in a jumper and a coat, wrap yourself in a pashmina of such a color tone,
    which will emphasize the color of your skin.
  3. An elegant woman’s shoe collection should not consist of
    hundreds of pairs of different styles and colors. Quite enough
    confine to one pair of classic black or beige shoes on
    high heels, one pair of shoes and ballet shoes. As
    Autumn-winter version proposed jockey boots. As well as
    shoes, all these shoes should be designed in black and white.
    The only exceptions are boots, the color of which can be


Evelina Khromtchenko does not share secrets about how
You can do your own hair, but she says
What accessories will help complement the created image. First of all,
It must be remembered that the string of natural white pearls is still
is quite versatile and, at the same time, incredibly stylish
decoration. You can diversify the image with the help of such
accessories like a bright silk scarf, a wide belt of
patent leather, aviator sunglasses, and of course
the wristwatch, always with a large dial and a wide
belt, maybe even male.

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