Sports fat burners for weight loss

The first question the client of the fitness trainer asks is: can I have a drink?
fat burner course? Bright name and appropriate setting in
hall, when everyone around you is accepting something and of course, of course,
beckoning newbies promising quick weight loss.

how правильно применять жиросжигатели для похудения, какие марки
are considered the most effective in the market, I will tell you in detail in this
article. And also I will give an approximate diet of the day with one cardio workout
and three methods of fat burning supplements.


Fat Burners – composition and principle of action

As a part of a zhiroszhigatel can be present as vegetable,
and synthetic components. It may be green extract.
teas, turmeric, ginger, caffeine, synephrine, yohimbine and others

Components can be produced both individually and as part of
complex fat burning supplement. On sale they can be found in the form
capsules, sometimes in the form of soluble powder.

Classify fat burners on the main effect. Some
suppress appetite, others strongly excite the nervous system,
as a result, you run faster, higher and higher in training

In the sports environment and fitness clubs as fat burners
it is accepted to use so-called thermogenics. This is a whole group
additives with different components, the overall task of which is to increase
calorie consumption.

Thermogenics increase body temperature, alienate the feeling
fatigue and a bit less appetite. As a result, you are laid out
training in full, so spend more calories.

How effective are fat burners for women

One day a client came to me who complained that she didn’t
can lose weight, despite the fact that one of the best
fat burners. She sincerely believed that if you regularly drink
capsules, without doing anything else, the fat will slowly begin

howого же было ее удивление, когда я объяснил, что без
trainings or at least light diets there will be no weight loss.

The first thing she asked me after realizing her mistake was: “And
Why then do we need fat burners? ” The question is quite logical, and he
deserves a detailed answer.

Will fat burners help to lose weight?

It all depends on what you предпринимаете помимо приема

  • Diet + workout

    If you are on a calorie-deficient diet
    If you train at least 1-2 times a week, the weight will decrease.
    Are fat burners necessary in this case? – maybe because they can
    increase the productivity of training. You will spend more calories and
    burn more fat, that is, theoretically the body weight will go to
    decrease faster, but in practice the difference is often insignificant, so
    what you decide.

  • Workout only

    If you do not follow a diet, but only occasionally exercise, then
    probably fat burners are not worth buying. Against the background of their reception, you
    You will work in the gym until you lose a pulse, and this will increase

    Without a diet, you simply become stuck with what you spend
    super normal mode. For this reason, the Internet can
    meet reviews that, contrary to expectations, after taking
    fat burner weight increased.

  • Only diet

    If you follow a diet, but do not exercise, then you will fit
    only one group of fat burners, whose task is to reduce
    appetite, not arousal of the nervous system. Because stimulation,
    excitement and an increase in heart rate outside the workout will cause
    the discomfort.

  • Doing nothing

    Well, if you do not exercise and do not follow the power, then about
    buying fat burners should be forgotten, at least for a while.
    Capsules will not start fat burning for you. This is just an extra part.
    to the main elements of losing weight, so they are called

    For starters, learn to lose weight without them, because supplements do not have
    magical properties, and in this situation from the reception of a fat burner
    only your wallet will lose weight.

The best fat burners for women

The range of modern sports supplements is huge and constantly
is growing. Despite this, you can select the best fat burners,
guided by the price-quality ratio.

Also note, as a fitness trainer, I can boast about
long-term monitoring of their customers, and full access
to the fitness bar and all drugs, which will give an estimate based on
on real experience.

Rating sports fat burners:

BSN Hyper FX

На данный момент один из самых ходовых fat burners.
The composition reminds a pre-training complex due to the large
the availability of stimulants. Hyper FX feels strong after taking it.
excitation. I want to run, jump and “fly”, but the effect
Lasts only 25-30 minutes, so you should take an additive
immediately before exercise, and not before leaving the house.

Arginine in the amount of citrulline and other components increases
strength endurance, therefore, the greatest efficiency Hyper FX
manifests when training for 10-15 repetitions.

Among the flavors I recommend fruit punch. Little
chymotic but acid and lack of cloying make it
an attractive choice.

He sells in powder form with his measuring spoon. Stir
powder in water drink and start to engage, actively spending

Yohimbine HCl + Rauwolscine from ALLMAX Nutrition

Low cost, affordable yohimbine fat burner –
small but effective group of components. Yohimbin is
vegetable alkaloid, an analogue of caffeine, but stronger and with its
unusual effects: stimulation of the nervous system, antidepressant
effect, fat burning effect due to the rapid consumption of muscle
fuel (glycogen).

The drug is only suitable for training as
pretraining It should be used carefully, not exceeding
dosage. Yohimbine portability is different for everyone. Someone likes
strong stimulation, and someone is experiencing severe dizziness and
pre-unconscious conditions.

To check if you have an intolerance to yohimbine, do not
Be sure to spend money on branded supplement. You can buy in
Drugstore yohimbine hydrochloride in pure form. It will be the same.
similar, but cheaper and easier.

Cardio workouts under the yohimbin are not important. Shiver,
cold sweat and goosebumps – get ready for such “side effects”.
It is better to use it for interval training, whether it be a sprint
with alternation, jump rope or even strength training.

Ripped Fast from Universal Nutrition

This fat burner is suitable for those who follow
nutrition, but does not train. Supplement slightly stimulates the nervous
system to relieve you from stress, and at the same time suppresses
appetite, and also accelerates the burning of fat cells in the background
proper diet.

Not a bad choice, but quite expensive. You can also use and
before training, but do not expect the same exciting effect as
from competitors described above.

Lipo 6 Black Hers by Nutrex Research Labs

Жиросжигатель Lipo 6 - состав на баночке This complex
was considered the best over the past few years. Now he’s all
still trying to defend their positions, but competition every day
More. Therefore, the manufacturer produces many options
Lipo 6, so that each group of consumers could choose

For women fit Lipo 6 Black Hers. This is a strong thermogenic,
which excites the central nervous system and increases the productivity of training. With
This capsule supplements are two-phase, that is, in addition to stimulation, they
have a second effect: appetite suppression and normalization
metabolism, at least as stated by the manufacturer.

From a practical point of view, we have a mixture of yohimbine, caffeine
and other stimulants along with a small amount of diuretics and
adaptogens. Simply put, the additive excites you in training, but
at the same time relieves post-workout stress and facilitates the process
squeeze excess fluid.

This fat burner can be taken on non-training days,
because the effect of arousal depends on the number of capsules.

How to take fat burners for weight loss?

On the packaging of additives there is always a detailed application instruction.
Do not exceed the specified dosage and everything will be fine. how
professional trainer I can add some useful

  1. Start taking a fat burner with half a single serving to
    check tolerability and compatibility with drugs that you
    take in addition to fat burning supplements.
  2. Drink fat burners on an almost empty stomach, drinking
    water The maximum that you can afford is a small sandwich or
    100g cottage cheese or protein shake. In this case, the effect
    it will be better, as well as the rate of absorption of the additive.
  3. Withнимайте жиросжигатели не часто, и циклами «2+2». Two weeks
    taking supplements alternate with two weeks of complete failure
    fat burners. This will avoid addiction. If the body
    get used to the components of the supplement, you have to increase
    dosage, and this may entail side effects that,
    Do not hesitate to notice and at work and in the family.
  4. Do not take fat burners after 5-6 pm, otherwise
    stimulating effect can prevent sleep, and without a good sleep
    impossible to work productively and lose weight.

Side effects

Sports supplements with a reasonable reception strictly according to the instructions – not
harm But at the same time, excessive dosages and improper reception
easily cause an entire list of side effects such as
nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, panic, tremors, vomiting, overload
cardiovascular system, etc. Therefore be careful and
follow both my recommendations and what is written on

Withмер рациона для женщин вместе с жиросжигателем

Breakfast before cardio workout

40g oatmeal per 250 ml of 1% milk, taking fat burner.

Dinner after cardio

150g boiled chicken breast, a slice of black bread, salad
leaf, cucumber, reception of a zhiroszhigatel.


sandwich of 2 slices of black bread and cheese with lettuce,
the final batch of fat burner (if it means three doses


Chicken fillet 200g / beef steamed or baked without butter
(200g), 75g of any cereal, 100g of cottage cheese with two teaspoons
sugar or 1 small yogurt. * weight is indicated for raw foods,
before cooking.


Fat burners for weight loss are quite useful, but the coefficient
You define the benefits. It all depends on what you do besides
taking supplements. Diet with reduced calorie and workout –
The main factors of rapid weight loss. Even individually, any of
these ways hi to losing weight. But if you do not do either
no other capsules will help you, even the strongest and

Therefore, before you run to buy a can of yohimbine, run
in the park and review your daily diet.

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