Simple winter manicure with stamping – easymake even a newbie!

With the advent of high-quality gel polishes, more and more women in the world
entrust their hands to experienced masters of professional manicure. it
due to the fact that such coatings are not inferior to ordinary varnishes in
colors and texture, but much longer they are worn, do not have
tendencies to shear, do not damage the nail plate, and sometimes
even provide an opportunity to strengthen them. If a woman likes patterns on
nails, it is not necessary to abandon the beloved shellac.
Modern technology allows you to put a beautiful picture
special paints and keep it for so long
How many want to use a manicure.

To perform the work using special tools and
fixtures. Stemping is a coating technology.
Special patterns that are transferred using a stamp with
engraved plates on the nails. With it, you can perform the most
complex patterns even at home. If you do gel polish
independently, you can and learn how to perform stamping. For
This will need to practice, but “having filled his hand” and having mastered
technique, any girl can easily become a master of
long-term decoration of their own marigolds.

What is stamping and how is it performed?

For нанесения узора потребуются специальные краски, штамп с
rubber or silicone pad and special plates or discs
engraved, scraper for removing excess paint from the plate
(disk). It is worth choosing only quality products, since
the beauty of the transferred depends on the depth and clarity of the engraving
pattern. If the engraving is “small” or fuzzy, the drawing will be
vague, transferred to the nail is not fully or will be
poorly visible.

The same requirements apply to the scraper. He must be
high-quality enough to remove an extra layer in one motion
varnish without leaving stains. Although some craftswomen successfully
use for this purpose the usual old bank card from
plastic – it turns out not worse.

For того, чтобы было проще работать, нужно обеспечить себе
good lighting, best directional lamp light or
natural rays of the sun from the window. When working with varnishes is also important

A varied manicure with everyday stamping and

For того, чтобы рисунок на ногтях в будни не смотрелся неуместно
and even defiant, it’s best to use discreet shades and
low-key geometric patterns, patterns and monograms.

На holidays же можно позволить себе побаловаться и нанести на
print nails with Santa Claus, snowman, chimes, snowflakes,
Christmas trees with toys and many other elegant New Year’s

Master class on decorating nails with a stamping
using the simplest pattern – mesh

Beginners better use the most simple patterns
for example, mesh.

For выполнения маникюра потребуются следующие материалы и

  • Preparatory.
  • Bond
  • Dehydrator
  • Base coat.
  • Top cover.
  • Black gel polish.
  • Blue gel polish.
  • White acrylic paint.
  • White lacquer for stamping.
  • Brushes.
  • Dots.
  • Nailfile.
  • Buff
  • Brush to remove dust from nails.

The sequence of the procedure:

Hygienic manicure. If it is done with a soak, before
applying gel polish to give nails dry well. To give
nails the desired shape. Remove gloss with a buff.

Apply preparatory.

Wipe with dehydrator. Impose a bond. Cover with base coat.
Polymerize everything in a special lamp.

Apply gel polish black. If necessary, make 2 layers –
varnish should be uniform and opaque.

Apply blue lacquer to the area of ​​the wells, ensuring maximum
soft transition.

Stemping to perform a mesh on the ring finger with white

If desired, circle the picture with a frame, draw curls.
Cover the top. Polymerize everything in the lamp.

So you can get a very stylish and trendy design,
which will also be worn 2-3 weeks without the slightest

If you immediately purchase a fairly large set of plates with
drawings, the range of designs to choose from will be extensive and not
same options available
combine with each other. As a result, there is the possibility of infinite
to diversify such a quick and effective way to decorate

On sale you can find plates of different types, including
designed for professional nail salons. They usually
large, rectangular, with a significant amount of motifs and very
quality. If stamping as a type of nail decoration is very
like a girl, you should immediately invest in quality
equipment. Availability of good plates with suitable patterns.
will significantly improve and accelerate the process of applying fingerprints
and quickly pays for the cost of large plates.

Some more ideas

  • The combination of french and stemping. For многих женщин это
    mutually exclusive concepts, because the jacket is beautiful in and of itself. but
    with proper taste and proper selection of colors and drawings
    French manicure is quite possible combine with low-key and
    elegant design. A variety of grids, frames,
    monograms, sophisticated lace, geometric patterns. If you want
    quickly turn a classic french into something unusual for
    you can take black, red, blue or any other stemping
    paint saturated color. In this case, the French manicure will
    serve only as a basis, and to the fore will come a very catchy and
    noticeable pattern.
  • White stamping looks best on a delicate pink or
    cream varnish. This option with lace is often chosen by the bride,
    and it is not necessary to decorate all the nails – just select and
  • The golden decor is just as impressive and gentle.
    or silver lacquer. it безусловно праздничный вариант,
    turning a delicate manicure into an elegant and catchy.

Like any other way of decorating nails, stamping requires
Neat, firm hands and good taste. Worth only
go overboard with decorations how beauty turns into defiant

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