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Вт, 30 авг 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Do thoughts about changes in your appearance?

Do you have such moments when you want to do something
sort of, for example, change your life, image, hair color or

Maybe you belong to the type of women that think
over the hair color for gray-blue eyes or ponder what color
hair fit to gray eyes?

There are moments that the lady allows herself to try on mentally
a different image, because women are natures dreamy and

And if, relocation or recreation, the scope
activities, wardrobe, revise drastically over
short time is very difficult, then change the hair color –

Choosing the right hair color, of course,
determined, taking into account the natural appearance of each woman. There is,
certainly those who risk and turn their lives upside down on
head, parting even with their favorite dresses, for the sake of
image updates without paying attention to any advice and
recommendations. Nothing wrong with that. By trial and error we
we often find answers to the main “image” questions.

Basics and Definition of Color Types

All people on the planet can be figuratively divided into four colors.
groups. It is natural appearance that determines what you can
come up – hair color, make-up, clothes.

To do this, just pick up the hair, open your face and draw
attention to the color of the skin, lips, hair, eyebrows, eyes. If you have in
the presence of pieces of colored paper or cloth, then simply putting them
to the base of the face and by watching the full image, you can
determine your belonging to one or another color type,
understand which color is preferable for you.

Autumn, winter, spring, summer – this is how the main ones are distributed.
color types to help determine the appropriate gamma for each

In order to decide on the hair color, which will be
blend in perfectly with your appearance, consider some


This is a type of appearance that can be determined if you
owner of light blue and light gray, blue,
blue-gray, amber, amber-green or green eyes. Hair
at the same time the color of wheat, delicate gold, light honey. In such
women’s skin is light peach color, there is light


Eye color is often gray, blue-gray, gray with green.
Hair, чаще всего, всех оттенков русого, с пепельным отливом.
Light skin tones, including with a slight gray tint. Leather
well takes a tan.


Глаза зелёные, янтарные, светло-gray, светло-карие. Leather с
pink shade almost transparent. Frequently covered with freckles. poorly
sunbathes – becomes red. Hair от медового цвета до
bright red scale.


Глаза ярко-gray, gray с вкраплениями синевы, голубые,
dark brown, black, blue. Skin color is peachy or yellowish.
shade. It can also be very light almost white, but without
rozovinki. Not afraid of sunburn. Hair от каштанового,
dark chestnut to bluish-black.

Image metamorphosis: “correct” hair colors for gray

Given the information about the color features of the exterior, we do
the findings that the owner of the gray color of the iris – the most
common category. It is safe to say that
women are lucky. After all, gray is a neutral color. Для серых eye
hair color that does not suit itself does not exist, the main thing –
take into account other features of appearance.

Какого цвета волосы подходят к серым eyeам

Мы с вами сможем определиться с цветом волос для серых eye,
looking at the skin color.

Does your skin have a delicate peach color? She is slightly touched
blush? The natural color of the eyebrows is light brown or light brown with
light olive shade? Your hair colors, of course:
golden yellow, wheat, light blond, light honey, color
delicate ocher. Add a delicate peach gloss to your lips or
gloss, and you are ready to conquer the world with its beauty, since
belong to the gentle type of “spring”.

Леди с серой радужной оболочкой eye и лёгким оливково-сероватым
skin tone – the typical “summer” beauty. Their gamma hair
ranges from ash brown to rich
ash brown.

Bright colors of autumn on your hair, such as red, active
golden, burgundy with a touch of honey, brown with gold
interspersed, if you are the owner of light pinkish skin and gray
eye, отлично выразят вашу редкую красоту.

Какой цвет волос подходит к серым eyeам для типажа «зима»?
Again, pay attention to skin tone. Ladies of this type
can afford rich chestnut, black and chestnut
hair. Express your beauty with bright colors in clothes and

Цвет волос для серо-голубых eye в типажах «весна», «лето»,
�”autumn winter”

Very gentle combination of all shades of light brown hair color for
серо-голубых eye прекрасно подчеркнёт «тёплую» индивидуальность
your appearance. Remember that spring women are always
associated with lungs and fresh colors of spring. Required
the presence of wheat-brown shades will always be advantageous.
Lady-spring can do without makeup. And if they apply it, then
again, without “screaming” colors.

Для серо-голубых eye цвет волос локонов женщины-осени,
on the contrary, it can be bright, contrasting. Red hair will increase
the tenderness of the blue in the shade of your iris, because these colors are in
opposites on the chromatic circle that speaks of their
Great combination and stunning right accent.

«Летним» девушкам с серо-голубой красотой eye будет роскошно с
hair ashen-brown, brown with a grayish tint.
These beauties should feel the presence of a light “haze” in their
curls to be in harmony with their appearance.

Типажи «лето», «зима»: gray eyeа, светлая кожа, цвет волос и

I would like to highlight two color types of women who can boast
не только красотой серых eye, светлой кожей, цветом волос, но и
natural opportunity to reincarnate. Appearance of “summer” and
�”Winter” lady, quite “cold.” It’s all about skin color,
which, most often, is characteristic of these types. Combination of light
кожи и серых eye диктует свои особенности цвета волос.

Primary hair colors. Серые eyeа, светлая кожа

Дамы цветотипа «зима» со светлой кожей и серыми eyeами, конечно
however, can choose shades of hair from chocolate to anthracite. it
the type of female appearance that can afford more
saturated colors. Контраст светлой кожи, серых eye,
hair colors are sure to be noticed by your loved ones and friends. Add to
одежде яркие холодные цвета, сочную красную помаду и эти accents
make you stand out from the crowd.

Обладательницы «летнего» цветотипа, с серыми eyeами и светлой
skin must carefully select the color palette. These ladies
emphasize their individuality with colors in which they are present
�”Dusty” shades, and in clothes and make-up the influence of cold
pink, crimson, purple.

The main conclusion from the review of the color palette for changing the image is very
is simple: if you are a beauty of a natural summer color type, then changing
hair color to brighter and more saturated colors, you can become
�”Winter”. A “spring” girl, adding expression and fire to her
curls, – burning “autumn”.

Do not be afraid to experiment on their way. Be sure that
if you correctly identified your natural type and took the risk
change the shade of hair, then you will succeed!

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