Secrets of cosmetics foranti-aging makeup. Hide age: makeup base, blush,lipstick and care products

Чт, 26 окт 2017 Автор: Марина Владимирова

Regardless of age, a woman can be
attractive. Anti-aging cosmetic products are available in
various formulas, textures and shades. Choosing the best
tools require familiarity with the ingredients and diligent reading

Consumers must be aware of their skin type and tone,
to effectively apply tips and strategies for applying and
make-up use.

Additional cosmetic products can hide symptoms
aging and restore skin elasticity.

Anti-aging “basis”

Makeup base is one of the first products from which
should start the choice of anti-aging cosmetics. Correct base
can smooth out wrinkles, even out skin tone, and also moisturize skin.
Vitamins A, B5, C, D and K are the main ingredients that are
nourish the skin well. Look for them in the first place!

Mika are reflective minerals that can also hide

Natural ingredients, herbal extracts found in some
anti-aging foundations can also benefit the skin. Lavender,
for example, can soften redness and stimulate regeneration
cells. The rose will help soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and
wrinkles. Tea extract can reduce eye swelling.

A wide range of ingredients enhances the anti-aging effect.
cosmetics. Each of them must correspond to individual
skin needs and provide the necessary care. Mineral
cosmetics can offer a natural look of coverage that has
light texture. Some mineral products may also be
natural and do not contain fragrances and dyes that
promote skin irritation.

Liquid foundation provides an average coverage that
masks wrinkles and uneven skin tones, depending on

For oily skin may require water-based products, and
dry skin can tolerate oil-based formulas well.

Matte, cream tones can provide a dense coating.
facilities. They help minimize the appearance of circles under the eyes,
deep wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. The tonal framework must be
matched to exactly match the skin tone for
natural appearance.

To make lips shine, and cheeks turn pink … ..

There are many products for cheeks and lips that possess
anti-aging properties.

Blush with pure mineral pigments can work well.
на зрелой коже, чтобы предотвратить раздражение и скрыть wrinkles.
Component to be avoided in mineral blush,
includes bismuth oxychloride, which can clog pores and
leave an unnatural film and talc on the skin, and it can
усиливать проявление wrinkles.

Lip gloss or lipstick that contains vitamin E will smooth out
the surface of the lips, making them look younger.

Some products can also supplement anti-aging makeup.
When the blush is properly distributed along the lines of the cheeks, they are visually
create a facelift effect.

Shimmering bronzer, which is applied under the cheekbones, also
visually tightens the cheeks. Glossy lips also give more
young look. This can be done by applying gloss over the layer.
neutral lipstick.

Clean and moisture – minus a few years

Some cleansing and moisturizing creams are capable of
усилить эффект антивозрастной cosmetics.

Products with alpha hydroxides remove the top layer of the skin, which, in
свою очередь, уменьшает появление wrinkles.

Night and day serums can also brighten areas around
eye and soften the skin.

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