Secrets of charm in the fresh air. How to dressto the picnic?

How to dress to the picnic?Merry rest with an exit under
open sky, with a bonfire and free weekend consciousness –
long-awaited picnic, which can be not only in summer, but also
in early spring and velvet in autumn. Only here, how to dress up
picnic to and fashionable, and stylish and comfortable? Let’s try to mark
main accents.

Time and place

The river, the lake, the sunny lawn suggest fun games and
democratic clothing style. The main thing in this action is to take into account your
same needs. Are you going to play volleyball? Choose sports
clothes, sneakers or sneakers. In the spring will look stylish
flared jeans and cotton knotted shirt in summer
You can wear light breeches or sexy shorts. By the way, will not
superfluous and ornaments in ethnic style.

Do you think funny pictures on T-shirts remained in childhood?
You’re wrong, after Madonna and Victoria Beckham appeared in
cheerful dresses with birds, butterflies and cats, cartoon fashion
migrated to summer t-shirts. But the absolute hit is floral
pants that are equally cool will look at the young
girls and ladies balzakovskogo age. In short, welcome
bright colors bright summer!

If your outing on a picnic implies a forest edge, without
tight trousers or jeans in the forest can not do. No matter how wide
range of repellents, the danger of bites of any volatile and
creeping filth remains relevant. Hardly a girl in
short top and shorts will be comfortable in the forest. �”Forest
clothing “should include sneakers, windbreaker and head
a hat


The leader of fashion remains wide-brimmed hat. Only hardly lungs
caps are appropriate with shorts and t-shirts. Leave them for
romantic picnics in parks and country gardens. Depending
from preferences, you can use multicolored kerchiefs,
baseball caps and bandages. By the way, this chic is considered
caps-kepi, resembling headgear staff.
Such caps can be seen on women of fashion in leather jackets and narrow

Cool days

When the sun warms not very gently, there is always the likelihood
back home with a banal cold. Since getting dressed for a picnic,
so as not to catch a cold and not to “get tired”? Fur vest with thick
The belt will be relevant on a cool day. Also fit leggings,
soft boots with low heels. Velveteen jacket or jacket,
allows you to move freely, save from the dank

Romantic picnic

Why not? An image of a romantic girl in a light dress with
lace umbrella, wide-brimmed hat and chanterelles inspired
many movies. Such a retro image in the flowered garden and
I want to capture in the photo. Romantic image should go
hand in hand with comfort and convenience. And they are only able to create
natural fabrics: linen, cotton, chintz. In the cool evening you can
wear a soft wool turtleneck or knitted sweater.


How to dress на корпоративный пикник, чтобы и не выделяться
too, and the gray mouse does not seem? First you need
ask the organizers of the holiday, which is supposed to
the program. Fun contests requiring department participation can
demand your team spirit. And how to jump, for example, on
trampoline, if the form of clothing with jumping well, does not fit?

If catering is planned – a convenient catering service, you can
to dress with exquisite chic, which means again comfortable
things. Here you can dream up, because it’s nice when
No annoying office dress code!

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