Put on the green – give yourself a smile! What to weargreen jacket, blouse, sweater, sweater?

In the wardrobe of each of the fair sex should
present things of bright, cheerful colors, because, like
It is known that colorful outfits can perform real miracles:
raise your mood and bring a smile, as well as a pleasant feeling
own irresistible. However, it is not enough just to buy clothes
red, blue, yellow or green is also needed
learn how to competently combine it with each other, so as not to cause
surrounding bewilderment about their lack of taste.

Green jacket: what to wear?

How many people know about the green jacket with what you can wear and how
The following things are great for him:

  • Yellow dresses of different styles, along with black tights and
    khaki half boots. This set is better to wear very
    a short jacket without collar and matching tone with
  • White short shorts, a bright blue T-shirt, and more beige shoes and
    same color bag. Jacket should have a youth cut,
    including a wide turn-down collar, massive buttons and sleeves,
    which can be tackled.
  • White jeans, striped black and green shirt and neutral
    beige ballet flats with which the accessories match in tone: thin
    belt and massive bag. Valid if the jacket is pretty
    short, pleasant emerald color, with patch pockets and
    cuffs on the sleeves.
  • White short skirts, T-shirts (T-shirts) with large floral
    print and elegant sandals white, beige or pink.
    This kit in the summer can be useful to any girl,
    Especially if she doesn’t think about a green jacket with what to wear, and
    just buys a short, slim model of emerald color and
    It looks great in it.

What to wear зеленую блузку?

Green blouses are no less popular than jackets,
therefore, those who have at least one in the closet need
remember that stylists recommend purchasing to them:

  • Short white or black skirts and ballet flats appropriate
  • Tight black jeans or trousers, slim fit black
    jacket, brown ankle boots and bag in tone to them. Women
    tired to guess what to wear a green blouse, it is worth trying
    This option – looks great.
  • Tight navy blue jeans that can be tucked into
    light brown cowboy-style high boots. Here also
    it will be necessary to add such an accessory as snow white
    scarf-band and massive jewelry in the form of a bracelet and earrings.
  • Tan khaki trousers and ankle boots. Complementary
    brown belt may be an element, a tone or two darker
  • Gray skirts, the length of which can fall just below the knees,
    yellow shoes or ankle boots of the same color strap, preferably
    wide. The final touch will be buying a big and stylish.
    light gray bag, thanks to which any fashionista will have something to
    wear a green blouse, both in the workplace and in free
    service time.

Choosing a delicate light green blouse or an emerald sweater is not
forget to add green to your image as a supplement
scarf or green shoes.

Green jacket: what to wear?

Sweatshirts are an important component of women’s wardrobe and they are usually in it.
abound. However, models of the color of juicy greens are not so
Often, because many women simply do not know what to wear them with.
Specialists related to the fashion industry in this case
advised to have in the closet the following things in harmony with green

  • Classic black pants that are combined with olive
    shoes help in creating an interesting image.
  • Bright orange skirt and decorations in tone to her. Of course kit
    it will turn out to be rather brave and not all representatives of the weak
    the floors are ready for such an experiment, but otherwise a green jacket, with which
    you don’t know what to wear, it will become dusty on the shelf until
    It does not lose its presentation.
  • Straight blue or blue jeans to match
    white, beige or brown sneakers. Shoe color directly
    depends on the accessories (belt and bag), as the tone it should
    match up with them.
  • Black leggings and the same color half boots or ankle boots.
    The resulting outfit is probably the easiest way to make sure
    that the theme is called “Green jacket, with what to wear it on weekdays,”
    no longer relevant.

Green sweater: what to wear?

As for the question – a green sweater with what to wear, everything is here
very clear, since advice can be successfully applied to him,
which stylists have proposed for blouses of a similar color.
The main thing is not to forget that:

  • Bright emerald, olive or dark green colors more
    all go, as a rule, red-haired girls.
  • Light green and lime shades are great
    blondes whose skin has a warm, golden honey
  • Subdued green tones look great on dark hair
    girls with white skin.
  • This information should be taken into account, it does not matter, picking up the green
    sweater or something else of the same color, because
    selected shade – bail perfect image.

What to wear зеленую одежду, фото

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