Premature aging of the skin: causes. whatdo to prevent premature aging of the skin

Вт, 26 июл 2016 Автор: Юрия Еркова

In pursuit of beauty and eternal youth, many
representatives of the beautiful half resort to various
tricks. But if the first signs begin to appear on the skin
premature aging, this may be a consequence of
excessive exposure of the skin to various factors as well
evidence of problems with internal organs. whatбы не выглядеть
older than your age and have healthy skin, should, first
turn, find out the causes of problems with it.

What can be the cause of premature aging of the skin for

Humanity has always been concerned with problems such as preservation
youth, the search for an elixir against aging. With progress movement
invented more and more funds from deadly diseases that can
increase life expectancy. But the question of premature
старении и причинах его appearances остаётся открытым. The most
The following are considered common:

1. Ecological environment and natural factors. Render negative
impact on the skin can dry or frosty wind, increased
humidity, cold weather, rain, air pollution.

2. Internal state. Deep feelings, moral torments
and stress does not bypass any organism. In a negative way
they affect the state of health, pouring into all sorts of
consequences, including the deterioration of the appearance of the skin. It may
manifest in the form of tarnishing of the skin color, its grayness, excessive
dryness, wrinkles.

3. Lack of moisture. Signs of lack of moisture can be
peeling of the skin, dryness, irritation, redness, which also
entail premature aging. Excessive skin nutrition
sunlight adversely affects her condition,
dehydrating the dermis and breaking its structure. whatбы спасти ситуацию,
you need to drink more fluid and moisturize the skin with special

4. Alcohol abuse. Destroying the body
from the inside, toxins and alcohol leave marks on the skin. Epidermis
loses a healthy color, becomes flabby.

5. Smoking, as a bad habit. Active smokers deprive
your body a certain amount of oxygen, their vessels narrow,
therefore, the necessary nutrients do not reach the upper layers of the skin.
substances. Hence the problems with the skin and lovers of harmful

6. Lack of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency in general – a negative phenomenon
for the body. He did not bypass the skin. Shortages needed
vitamins and minerals can manifest as premature

Many scientists and practitioners put forward a mass of various theories and
assumptions about premature aging of the skin. Many
of them have a place to be in the modern world:

1. Theories about changes at the molecular genetic level.
Opinions in this subgroup were split in two, where one half
considers early age changes genetically
programmed and the second one claims that faults in genetics
cause mutations of this kind.

2. Probabilistic theories, the essence of which lies in the changes to
DNA level. Mutations can occur randomly, not
necessarily expressing the aging of the skin ahead of time. The reason for this
serve as radicals – oxygen molecules that take part in
biochemical processes at the cellular level. Forming a chain
free radicals, they disrupt the natural balance, causing
various kinds of deviations.

Varieties of premature aging of the skin, what to do
men and women

Premature aging on the skin can manifest itself in different ways.
It depends on many factors, including skin type, gender, age,
Lifestyle. Conditionally skin aging is divided into several

1. Type of “tired face” – when the soft tissues of the face and neck lose
elasticity. You can distinguish this type of premature aging
on primary grounds:

• puffiness;

• puffiness;

• relief;

• omission of the corners of the mouth;

• severity of nasolabial fold.

In the morning, a person with this type of pathology looks fresh and young,
and by the evening all the signs begin to appear, adding a few
extra years.

2. “Finely wrinkled face” – a clear and predominant feature
These types are fine wrinkles on the skin of the face and neck. Besides
this, there is dryness, there are “crow’s feet” in the corners
eye, horizontal wrinkles on eyelids, vertical folds over
upper lip.

3. Senile modification of the configuration of the neck and face.
The dominant trait in this type is soft tissue deformation.
Usually people who are prone to this type of aging skin, with
youth have the makings of it in the form of excess subcutaneous fat.
Determining factors of belonging to this type

• excess skin in the eyelids;

• modification of the oval face;

• “drooping” cheeks;

• Second and third chins.

4. The combined type combines all of the above.
signs and can manifest in the form of various combinations.

5. The muscular type is present in people with
insignificant amount of subcutaneous fat and good
developed facial muscles. Key features:

• “crow’s feet” in the upper and lower eyelids;

• Smoothness of the oval line;

• severity of nasolabial fold.

Complex of procedures for the fight against premature skin aging
must include a number of procedures that are the same for women and

1. Prevention of skin aging.

2. Proper and timely care depending on the type

3. Correction of appearing external signs.

Prevention of premature aging of the skin, what to do when
first signs

whatбы состояние кожи соответствовало вашему возрасту, заботиться
about it you need to carefully follow all the rules.

1. Full daily care. It includes 3 main
components: cleansing, nutrition and hydration.

2. Protection from the sun. whatбы УФ лучи не разрушали коллаген и
elastin can be protected from the sun with the help of special creams, and
sunbathing and sunbathing are worth the maximum
to cut.

3. Proper nutrition. Consuming antioxidants for longer
сохранять молодость skin. The diet should include vegetables, fruits,
meat, fish, cereals, dairy products, nuts. Fatty acid
prevent wrinkles. Products like coffee, salt,
flour products in excess have a negative impact on the state

4. Timely examinations. The cause of premature
aging can be a deviation from the thyroid hormone

5. Healthy sleep, during which collagen is produced,
отвечающий за упругость skin.

6. Refusal of bad habits, avoidance of stressful situations.

Types of professional correction of the effects of premature
facial aging, reasons to seek help from the industry

Modern cosmetology is able to restore the skin to its former youth.
If you intend to turn to professionals, then be
ready for such procedures:

  • method of rejuvenation or BDR, allows you to work on all layers
    skin, supplying them with trace elements directly and restoring elasticity
  • collagen care stimulating skin cells to active
  • immunostimulation procedure;
  • photo rejuvenation or deep effect on the skin of outbreaks
  • non-surgical lifting combines the effects of light energy and
    radio current;
  • RF lifting – radio wave lifting, eliminating folds,
    smoothing wrinkles and corrective facial contours.

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