Polysorb adsorbent – for weight loss and forskin

Polysorb is a white airborne silica powder. Manufacturers
This new generation adsorbent is promised that the 10-day course of its
regular intake will completely cleanse the body of any toxins,
dangerous microbes and slags, will relieve from harmful free radicals,
rejuvenate skin and restore beauty. And be sure to help lose weight.
The drug is universal: it is possible not only to drink it, dissolved in water,
but also applied in the form of masks and lotions.


Why Polysorb helps to lose weight

The chemical structure of this drug is only
highly purified and crushed almost into dust silica. He is absolutely
not absorbed from the intestines and has zero calorie. But it is not
useless ballast, like a randomly swallowed pebble, and
strongest absorbent. Cholesterol, toxic foods when disrupted
metabolism, gases in inflammation and intestinal dysbacteriosis,
undigested fats and carbohydrates – everything will be connected and derived from
organism. So Polysorb helps the liver and kidneys, cleans
our blood vessels and restores the function of all organs. And in
healthy body fats are not delayed, and burn.

The main reason for losing weight like to take Polysorb –
it is his ability to suppress the feeling of hunger. It is not used
dry, but must be diluted in water, getting a suspension that resembles
paste. And this is not only in appearance: on the feedback forums
those who took it, to swallow it is not very pleasant because of the feeling
as if small chips were stuck in the throat. Half a cup of it
solution should be drunk up to 4 times a day before snacking or before
food – many have lost their appetite. In addition, Polysorb immediately
begins to swell quickly, increasing in volume several times and
filling the cavity of the stomach, and then the intestine. Appearing
a feeling of fullness in the stomach sends to the brain a signal that
the person has already eaten and the feeling of hunger diminishes or even completely
disappears. That is why with Polysorb it is much easier to transfer any
low-calorie diet.

How to take polysorb for weight loss

Half an hour before meals (not longer), dilute the powder in half
glasses of pure water. Daily dose – 1-2 grams per 10 kg of body weight
– divided into 3 or 4 equal parts and taken before each
main meal. If you purchased the drug in single bags
1 gram, then the dose is 1-2 packs per 10 kg. If in
plastic cans of 250 grams (so cheaper) – then 1 gram –
This is 1 teaspoon of powder with top.

The course of such therapy is a maximum of 2 weeks. If taking polysorb
longer, you can get complications: abdominal pain, constipation or severe
relaxing and increasing stool, general weakness and cramps in
gastrocnemius muscles due to a deficiency of vitamins and
trace elements.

Маска из Полисорба для очищения и подтяжки skin

Tablespoon of Polysorb diluted in water to the consistency
He looked like thick sour cream. Apply to cleansed face, neck and
decollete, except eyelids and red border of lips. Leave the mask on 20
minutes There may be a feeling of tightness, a slight burning sensation. Then
rinse with water and apply a nourishing, non-greasy cream. Such a mask is not
only tighten the oval of the face, but also remove the swelling of the face, clean the pores
and dry acne.


The drug itself does not burn fat and does not block the absorption of carbohydrates.
And if you continue to overeat, washing down with Polysorb, then losing weight is not
will succeed. But it is a great helper in the fight against obesity for
those who sat on a low-calorie diet and began to engage

You can not take this medicine to those who suffer from ulcerative
intestinal atony, allergy to polysorb, and if
there were episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding.

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