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  • Pink manicure ideas
  • Pink french on nails
  • Matte manicure
  • Black and pink nails
  • Pink with gray
  • Pink with white
  • Pink nails with sparkles and rhinestones
  • With an image
  • Pink and blue nails
  • With silver or gold
  • Pink beige
  • Gradient
  • With rubbing
  • Ombre

For a long time, the most practical and versatile for women of all
Ages remains precisely pink manicure. Its color range
ranges from natural pale pink to bright. Each
a woman can choose the option that suits her or
corresponding to any event. The main thing is to take care of
to keep nails well-groomed, only on neat, well-groomed hands
pink color looks perfect.

Pale pink and nude nails

Light pink and delicate nude (close to natural) nails
have become a fashion trend for 2018.

  • This manicure was appreciated by women
    which involves adherence to strict dress code. Adding to
    delicate shades of nails a little bit of decorative elements, they are noticeably
    will be transformed and will play in a new way.
  • When deciding on the choice of varnish color, you need to take into account the skin tone,
    features and condition of the nail plate.
  • Lacquers of warm colors are more suitable for owners of fair skin.
    It will distract attention from the pale skin of the hands.
  • The beauty of dark skin will favorably emphasize the pink coating with
    peach tones.
  • Women who by nature have thin and brittle nails,
    As a basis, you can use beige lacquer.
  • With even minimal damage or deformation
    nail plate should be abandoned
    pearlescent pink coating.

Следуя правилу, что оттенок nails должен гармонировать с
clothes, before choosing a nail cover, you should identify the color,
prevailing in the wardrobe.

Варианты розового дизайна nails

A variety of successful combinations of pink varnish with other colors and
shades is amazing.

  • Pink jacket

Option when the main part of the nail is light pink, and on the edge
the nail plate is a narrow white strip, very suitable
the image of the bride. Pink jacket можно дополнительно декорировать

The pink coating is selected taking into account the skin tone (the more saturated,
the darker the varnish is). The owners of fair skin more suitable
pastel shades.

Floral motifs at the tip of the nail look quite impressive.
By decorating with them the whole nail, the shape of the pattern can be made triangular.
or wavy.

  • Matte manicure

Pretty impressive in pink looks, typing in
This season’s popularity, matte manicure.

Matte pink gel polish on the nails has the appearance of delicate velvet. is he
looks equally impressive on its own or in combination with
glossy finish. For example, unusual and attractive looks
jacket combining matte and glossy varnish.

Nails covered with matte varnish with applied
over it with glossy drawings (mesh, patterns or
abstraction). The color of the glossy pattern can completely coincide with
matt base or maybe darker.

Beneficially emphasize the matte texture of the three-dimensional patterns applied
acrylic powder through a stencil.

  • Combination of pink and black

The indisputable hit of the current season was a combination of pink and
black Using simultaneously gel varnish in contrasting colors can
get an interesting and original design. But it’s important
stick to proportions in colors. Otherwise, instead of
beautiful design get alyapisty children’s drawing.

The most affordable version of black and pink manicure – leopard
print Black lacquer and two tones of pink are needed for its implementation
varnish: one light, the second – saturated. Black lacquer can be replaced
gray. In this case, the nails will look calmer and fit.
even for the office.

Apply a drawing with a special brush, if not, you can
use a regular toothpick.

  • Combination of pink and gray

The ability to beautifully combine contrasting colors is always important. But
even combining such different shades as gray and pink, you can
create an original manicure, while tricking it with drawings
not necessary.

One of the options for combining gray varnish with pink – alternation
nails, окрашенных в серый и розовый цвета, можно придерживаться
2×2 schemes.

At all times remains popular two-color jacket. The main
the background can be either gray or pink. If the nail
the plate is completely covered with pink varnish, then the gray edge is better
thin. This will give a sophisticated and neat manicure. BUT
here is a pink strip on the edge of the gray nail is better to make wider.

If the dress code allows, a gray coating can be effectively
combine with pale silver-pink glitter. Put it
from the middle of the nail plate to the edge.

The original gray-pink manicure looks original.
Making it yourself is a bit difficult, but professional
the master will cope with it rather quickly. The difficulty lies in
to gently alternate colors on one nail. For this part
the plates are alternately covered with adhesive tape. If you repeat this
drawing on all nails in a row, drawing will not look very
original, but if you make such a manicure on one or
a few fingers of one hand – it will immediately attract attention.

  • Pink and white manicure

Pink manicure with elements of white is suitable for both everyday and
and for the holidays, it all depends on the technique of its implementation. It may
to be a classic jacket, famous moon design, abstract patterns
or peas.

For women working in an office where you need to comply with strict
dress code, you can pick up gentle tones, for a noisy party
bright saturated and even neon shades will do, and before
romantic date can be applied to the nails or to add a pattern
their decor.

  • Brilliant decor on pink

For any holiday it will be appropriate to decorate your nails with special ones.
rhinestones or sparkles. This manicure has a special highlight and
attracts the eyes of others.

Transparent rhinestones look safe with pink varnish. This
decorative element looks good on the nails of any length, however
on short you need to keep a sense of proportion, and not
overdo the sparkles.

Brilliant fragments can always vary monophonic
manicure, if it has already become boring for its owner.

A varnish with fine sparkles is suitable for a casual look, and
large items – for celebrations or informal events.

You can even use glitter in classic French
manicure Его наносят только на кончики nails, при этом весь
the nail remains glossy or matte pink.

  • Picture

When the nails are covered with plain pink varnish, seem
boring, they can be easily decorated with any drawings that cause
on one finger or on all five. Some designers offer
on each nail of one hand apply different drawings, the main thing
condition: one subject of drawings or their similarity in meaning. Good
graphic images are obtained: narrow and wide strips, dots,

  • Pink and blue design

Pink with blue is a fairly common combination. Both colors
very gentle and light. Manicure, made in pink and blue colors
is appropriate even at the wedding ceremony. Especially if the color scheme
events performed in gentle bright colors.

That manicure turned out neat, two-color design is better
entrust professional master. Looks very impressive
pink-blue gradient transition, pink-blue contrast
emphasis on the ring finger, a combination of matte and glossy
cover on short nails.

For a long time, contrasting patterns and patterns remain relevant.
Manicure looks good when three nails of one hand are covered
pink varnish, and two – blue.

BUTбсолютные фавориты этого сезона бусины, стразы, блестки,
stencils that complicate a simple pink and blue design, give
him sophistication.

  • Silver and gilding on the nails

Options for using pink lacquer in combination with gold or
silvery are quite diverse. Waking up your fantasy you can
create an elegant, and at the same time very bright design.

  • Pink and beige

Calm and unobtrusive combination of soft pink and beige
shades are suitable for a gentle and romantic image.

To make such a manicure more bright will help
elements such as rhinestones and glitters. Подобное оформление nails
очень подходит the image of the bride.

  • Pink gradient

Gradient always looks original. For the evening look great
the gradient will suit saturated pink at the base, and smoothly
переходящий к серо-сиреневому на кончиках nails. Such a design
Looks elegant with any evening look. No less impressive
looks gradient lilac-pink at the base, and dark, maybe
even black at the tips. In this case, the nails do not have to be
too long. The main condition for a neat manicure – smooth
transition from one color to another.

  • Manicure with rubbing

Modern nail design industry in every season
offers new tools to create a stylish and beautiful
manicure Over the past few seasons hit remains
manicure with rub.

Stylists from fashion stores embody even the most incredible ideas.
for every day or for special occasions.

  • Pink ombre

Современная мода на дизайн nails дает возможность носить
pink ombre on the nails not only for girls, but for respectable ladies, and
even business women. In all cases, it will be equally relevant.
Благодаря своей универсальности он подходит для nails любой длины
and any form.

Any shade of pink varnish is able to create a romantic and
elegant manicure. The pink color on the nails is so versatile
that every woman should try it at least once in a lifetime.

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