Perfect manicure under a black dress

Of course, in your wardrobe there is a black dress. Following Coco’s precepts
Chanel, every woman sooner or later acquires this
universal subject. The black color is extremely rich, besides
has a huge advantage over others: it can be easily combined
with a ton of different shades. The owner of a black dress never
Do not pass for tasteless woman. The unshakable rule of every fashionista
reads: “Do not know what to wear? Choose a black dress – not
you will be mistaken! ”

Manicure Features

Such an outfit will be too simple if you do not think over the decorations and
accessories to it. The easiest way to look stylish is to make
manicure. Important: choose a short and casual dress
manicure for short nails. If you’re going to dress in
something long, velvet or silk, then your nails may be
long, pointed shape – it will add elegance.

In the case when the main tone of your attire will be
black, you must adhere to the rule: we select the varnish so that
he echoed the colors of the toilet details:

  • handbags;
  • scarf;
  • shoes;
  • decorations.

Let’s say you took a golden clutch bag. Then the nails
Varnish with a golden glow. Is the dress trimmed with lace? Your
manicure should be monotonous, perhaps brilliant, but without mass
small drawings and patterns. Immediately say no to this decor,

  • sparkles;
  • rhinestones;
  • pebbles;
  • neon patterns.

Artistic creativity

Now a little about the pictures. Yourе право – украсить ногти любыми
images. But, if you are going to a business meeting,
stick on the nail plate muzzle heroes favorite cartoon
hardly appropriate. But on vacation, putting on a black cocktail dress
on narrow straps, you can quite imagine such a pattern

Looks great and very lively image of white peas on
black background.

If your dress is decorated with rhinestones, then pick a manicure in
calm tones. Are sparkles permitted in this case? Alone
Designers believe this is a bust; others do not mind
a small amount of glitter applied to the tips of the nails.

Playing with color

As we have already found out, gold is magnificent with black. He creates
impression of luxury and wealth. Silver is also quite good.
Put on a silver chain, silver earrings and put on your nails
silver lacquer. Looks really noble.

Want to create an image of a vamp woman? Your незаменимый помощник –
red. The combination of red and black has long been recognized as a classic.
Red lacquer (or elements of red) will certainly attract attention,
even if you have the simplest black dress and a minimum
decorations. Ideally, you should wear earrings that also have
blotches of red. Perhaps your hair will have a hairpin with
rubies or their talented imitation. The final touch is scarlet
pomade. This image is very good for brunettes.

A number of more relaxed shades can be used by women
who do not want to turn into a fatal seductress, but they want
be beautiful and attractive in the eyes of men around.

If your color is:

  • cherry – you will look very intelligent, refined
  • peach – tender, young girl;
  • Violet – independent and self-sufficient.

The pink is also nice, but it’s better to choose its muffled
shades, for example, of an ashen rose. Great white, especially in
French manicure. Good blue – especially its deep

What are we going to draw?

A simple, in general, universal solution: cover the nails
black lacquer and put on top of any image with
using bright colors. Strokes, dots, drops, peas, flowers,
�”Butterflies” from a men’s suit, emoticons – yes, whatever, at least
Chinese characters. The more mysterious, the better.

Do not forget about the magic of French manicure. In our case it is
black and white. Beauty – do not take your eyes off!

Categorical “no”

Having painted the whole gamut of possibilities for a black dress to mankur,
let’s still think about the limitations. So what to do

Do not cover your nails with black lacquer without patterns: it simplifies
the image and makes it boring and overwhelmed with sadness. Men do not
love gloomy, self-absorbed women, even if
dazzling beauties.

Avoid beige: it is uninteresting in combination with black.
Give up on brown, because little is pleasant in dark
Harmony black and brown.

The fact that under a long dress is best to do a manicure on
long nails, and under the mini – for short, we have already said. it
rule that really works.

Black dress gives an inexhaustible number of variations for
manicure In general, all that is required of you is a sense of style and
the ability to dream. You are ready?

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