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The relevance of mother-of-pearl shade remains unchanged over the years. AND
Manicure design with this effect is very versatile, since
looks great both with ordinary everyday outfits and with
exquisite evening gowns. Often combined options
such design used by brides for a wedding celebration.

жемчужный маникюр фото

The versatility of pearl shades allows you to safely use
them for every day, for study, work and for holidays.

Pearl manicure makes the image more refined, turning
girl in a real princess. Gem-like Nails
will look beautiful in the most pleasant moments of life. Often
such a manicure choose graduates and brides. What could be
more romantic than white pearl nail design!

Best simple version of shimmering manicure fits
strict lady. Pearl color is not only white, but also different
delicate shades with unusual tints. With the help of modern
nail art you can create shimmering pearly nails on any
case of life.

Pearl jacket

One of the most popular manicure designs in 2018 is a French jacket with
pearl rub. Even classic french manicure can
make unique, if we take the following ideas as a basis:

  • Contrast design with mother of pearl base and bright or black
  • natural design in subtle tones that are taken for both
    primary color and edge line;
  • addition in the form of pebbles to give

The jacket made in this way will immediately start playing in a new way.

Manicure with rhinestones

Pearly manicure with rhinestones or crystals in any situation
looks gorgeous. ANDзысканный и роскошный дизайн – сияющие кристаллы
on pearlescent coating.

Since ancient times, the master of jewelry tried to find
a way to create precious crystals like glass. it
they succeeded only in the 18th century, when Georg Strass was able to get
potassium glass with a high lead content in the composition. ANDменно
this heavy metal made it possible to achieve beautiful colored overflows
when light hits the face of the crystal. But the greatest
colorless stones invented by Strass
similar to diamonds. The combination of rhinestone and pearl dust most
relevant for the solemn and evening images. The main thing is to know in
decorating measure.

Manicure pebbles are made of plastic and glass. First
attached to the surface of the nail with a clear lacquer, the second –
using a special glue.

There is a wide variety of manicure ideas with rhinestones, but
one of the trends of this season are translucent crystals,
imitating water droplets. When stirring with a thin stick, you can
get an arbitrary unique pattern that can be added
shiny pebbles.

In shades of pink

Very natural and harmoniously pearl rub on looks
pink background. With her help you can achieve a natural shine
which is characteristic of this natural stone. This season
The following variations of such a manicure can be distinguished:

  • the same pink coating on all fingers;
  • french or moon french with a harmonious combination of natural
  • alternating pink with other pastel colors: white,
    mint, peach, light blue.

This manicure will look great with almost any
wardrobe items.

Manicure design “Northern Lights”

Rub in – this is a very popular material for nail art,
It is a fine mirror sand, similar to the shiny
powder. There is a huge selection of colors rubbing for all occasions.
AND именно с ее помощью можно добиться уникального перламутрового
effect, which is also applicable for the manicure “northern

A certain level is needed to use this material.
skills and skills, otherwise it will not be easy to achieve the desired

Nail design “Northern Lights” has a huge amount
variations, and the choice of one particular depends on the sense of taste and
the breadth of imagination. Manicure is quite possible to add ribbons,
rhinestones and even artistic painting.

Rubs or pigments can decorate one nail, but for
achieving an impressive effect is worth doing the design at all

This method of manicure has a large number

  1. profitability;
  2. achievement of saturated and bright tone;
  3. широкий выбор вариантов design;
  4. creativity;
  5. the ability to create new, very unusual shades.

Выбравшая такой вариант design леди, точно не будет выглядеть
boring and her manicure will be in the spotlight. Besides he
perfectly combined with any everyday and solemn
in images. The effect of the northern lights is beautiful in itself, but with
can be supplemented with a thin brush
patterns. Alternatively, you can use delicate monograms and ornaments
to complement the image.

Pearl Manicure by Feng Shui

You can not argue with the beauty of pearl rub on the nails, but
for some it seems that for everyday use this design
looks too catchy. In this case can be coated with non pigment
all nails, but only one or two. it будет смотреться оригинально
and not at all pretentious. If the manicure is performed in bright
shades, you can do the opposite: make one or two nails
accented with a matte finish or special sliders in
tone, and cover the rest with pigment to achieve the effect of the northern

Universal pearl manicure is not without reason so popular in
This season is an interesting and original way to decorate your nails.
It is performed using rubbing, pearl lacquers and appliqués,
looks very natural and natural, implies a huge
number of variations. This design is appropriate for any holiday.
event. He personifies mystery, romance and
grace, but with the help of elegant jewelry you can make it even
more attractive.

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