Patterned shellac manicure – best ideas witha photo


  • Short-patterned shellac
  • Red, burgundy and pink shellac with a pattern
  • With black pattern
  • White shellac with a pattern
  • Blue with a pattern
  • Transparent with a pattern
  • For reference – what is shellac
  • How to apply the coating?

Split nails have long been known, but the nail industry does not stand on
place and its latest developments have become no less popular among
women It will be about shellac – a resistant coating for nails,
which allows you to maintain the beauty and aesthetics of the nails for a long
time. You can not feel any restrictions and
continue your normal life: perform housework duties,
play sports, take care of children, etc. Not necessary
use only monochrome variants of shellac manicure. Exists
Many ways to decorate in the form of drawings, which we can
today will tell.

маникюр шеллак с рисунком

Shellac with a pattern on short nails

An increasing number of women prefer small
nail length, which is more practical and convenient. But this
does not mean that you can forget about beauty, fashion and femininity.
In this short length, no less attention should be paid than
long nails, because the manicure in this case should be
perfect. This effect can be achieved with the help of shellac, which
looks great no week.

Monochrome options are always in demand, but sometimes you want
diversity or additional decoration. Shellac provides
This possibility, but there are limitations. They are associated with
a small surface of the short nail, which can be embodied
not all ideas. Most often used for decoration:

  • geometric patterns – simple or broken lines,
    rectangles, squares, rhombuses, etc .;
  • abstract patterns in the form of splashes or blots;
  • classics – large or small peas, lace;
  • french manicure that can be decorated with any

Of all the options presented, the most relevant remains
French manicure. This is due to its versatility and
the ability to be combined with any clothing and style in everyday
or solemn day. In addition, cover nails in this way
looks as natural as possible and is suitable for any length
nail plate.

шеллак на короткие ногти

Shellac with a pattern in a red and pink palette

Красный цвет на ногтях – один из любимейших у women is he
symbolizes luxury, beauty, courage and brightness. Most of all he
appropriate for evening events, but now used
everywhere at any time of the day. When creating a picture in red
shellac will be the most beautiful combination with gold, white and black
flowers. When using several different shades is necessary
the correct design, otherwise you can get a tasteless manicure.

красный шеллак

Black color in manicure with shellac

Black is a new trend in nail art, but monochrome manicure in
These dark shades choose not all. Most often he
used for processing patterns of black sand that are drawn
on contrasting surfaces.

Patterned shellac in white

White color is rarely used as the main background. With his
using create both monochrome and multicolored version. Usually his
used to create a wedding manicure or jacket. Besides,
It is great for decoration in the form of:

  • dots, peas, specks on the main background of a different color;
  • winter manicure – for drawing snowflakes and frosty
  • geometric patterns – lines, rhombuses, etc .;
  • colors in various variations – simple and complex;
  • gradients with colored gel polishes.

There are many options for its use – you can choose from them
suitable for the case.

Blue shades

The use of blue is not limited to monochrome.
options or marine themes. It is actively used for
creating winter motifs on the nails, as well as the well-known
gzhel To wear such a manicure you need to “be able”, but with proper
it is suitable for any event: for everyday
socks use monochrome manicure, and for special occasions –
it is decorated with laces and patterns.

синий шеллак a photo

Transparent shellac

A unique opportunity to grow nails of the desired length, while maintaining
while their natural and neat appearance is the use
transparent shellac. At the same time the nail surface becomes
strong and glossy that speaks about nail care. With
the growth of length, the edge of the coating is almost completely invisible, that
allows you to wear it for a long time without affecting the appearance
nails. This option is used, but still not very often,
because women prefer colored shellac.

As the main color gel is used varnish, and for
drawing individual parts and elements use
auxiliary, transparent. This approach allows you to create
The most attractive appearance of the nail.

прозрачный шеллак a photo

Monogram on the nails

Monogram in its original meaning is writing
initials with a tie. This signature method was used for
jewelry family jewelry, clothing, scarves, dishes. AT
nail art, this concept has expanded significantly. Now so
by term denotes any interweaving of flowery patterns or
lines that creates a beautiful unique pattern on the surface
the nail. This method of decoration allows you to achieve a low-key, but
stylish manicure.

What is shellac?

Many different techniques and compositions have been developed to strengthen and
nail cover, so they are quite easy to get confused.
For example, under gel varnish and shellac usually mean the same thing.
but it is not. AT оригинале шеллак – это название продуктов для
the nail art of the American company CND, called Shellac.
The product under this name was created in 2010 and combined in
imagine the properties of two materials at once: varnish and gel. By that time,
as the original shellac gained popularity, other manufacturers
began to produce a similar product, but the name is already fixed
among users.

At its core, shellac is a special gel that
used to cover nails and provides them with long lasting
preservation of appearance, due to its resistance to damage
and plasticity. To fix it on the surface of the nail
plate requires a UV or LED lamp. Among the clear advantages:

  • quick drying;
  • no smell;
  • a large palette of shades;
  • safe composition;
  • suitable for manicure and pedicure;
  • lasts up to 3 weeks;
  • ease of use;
  • подходит для любой длины the nail.

With работе с этим материалом необходимо соблюдать технику
application that does not allow prolonged exposure to the composition
skin that prevents a possible allergic reaction. Permanent
use provides a short break every 6

Another great advantage of shellac is ease of use,
what allows to apply it even in house conditions independently.
But this requires the purchase of a special lamp and the necessary
Supplies. It is also recommended to visit small
preparatory workshops.

Technique of working with shellac

The procedure for applying this coating consists of several

  1. the initial stage requires giving the nails the desired shape,
    surface treatment of the nail plate and cuticle;
  2. for good gel fixing the surface is ground and coated
    special tool that degreases the surface;
  3. The base is applied with the first layer, after – colored shellac, most often
    in 2 layers;
  4. The final will be applying a transparent top, which
    provides the necessary color and gloss protection;
  5. there are tops that allow you to get a matte surface
    – it depends only on the desire;
  6. All these procedures are carried out not only with the surface of the nail, but also
    at the end;
  7. each layer after application is thoroughly dried under
    a lamp;
  8. in the end should be removed from the surface of the finished manicure
    sticky layer that remains on the nail, means for
  9. oil is applied to the cuticle, which softens the skin and nourishes

ATремя сушки каждого слоя будет зависеть от мощности лампы: если
это УФ-лучи в 36 ATатт, то просушка занимает 2 минуты, если LED –
time is reduced to 30 seconds. Average duration
the stability of the coating “shellac” – 2 weeks, but if the nail grows
slowly, the period may increase to 3 weeks. During this time
You can grow the desired length of the nail, because a few layer
make it thicker and stronger. With коррекции необходимо
remove all layers completely. This requires a special liquid,
which is applied to cotton pads. They are firmly pressed to gel polish
и оборачивают фольгой на некоторое time.

Despite such a simple approach manicure with proper processing
and good colors turn out very beautiful, therefore suitable for
any event and setting.

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