Passion violet: purple bag with nothingwear? –

As soon as they did not try to discredit their beloved coquette
purple color: it is old and is color
dissatisfaction, and even brings failure in love affairs. It,
Apparently, they were claimed by those ladies who lacked courage.
wear purple. However, nothing can make us refuse
from this bold, bright, very sensual color, and we will be with
pleasure to choose clothes and accessories of all its shades. The
more than that they are today in great favor! Let’s start to make your
purple wardrobe and first find out this: purple bag,
what to wear?

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

Violet can not be called the easiest, because he goes
far from everyone, and things from him most often seem too
extravagant. But this does not stop either fashion designers or fashionistas,
and they are happy to create and wear collections of purple
of things.

Purple handbag – the ultimate dream of a bold and adoring girl
shocking This bag does not have to be decorated with something.
unusual, already one color removes it from a number of ordinary accessories.
And therefore the question begs itself: what is wearing purple
bag, if it was bought was not for something specific, but by
impulsive impulse?

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

If you want to enhance the effect that your
purchase, then be sure to use in the wardrobe light pink
shades. These tones will create a very romantic look, but
Of course, it will suit very young and girls who are not afraid
look a bit naive.

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

Ladies adults and self-confident can create sharper
combinations: if the bag has an ink-purple color, then it can
to wear with a black knit dress, which in the decoration
used purple hue or have a decoration (scarf) of the same
colors. Purple bag on a black background gets a big
expressiveness, and if it is simple, then others are possible
аксессуары того же colors. In the same case, if the bag has
fancy shape or bright decorations, do not make another
accent – the way to a couple to it is only a decoration in your hair or a brooch
with a big purple stone.

Actual! What can I wear with a purple sweater and shirt?

What to wear with purple shoes?

What can I wear with purple pants?

We have collected for you photos of the most fashionable combinations.

Gray coat, raincoat or dress, but only a dark shade,
also looks good with a purple bag, in this case
An accessory is needed that would tie, for example, a gray coat and
purple bag – let it be a scarf with a print in
which has both of these shades.

Purple bag: what to wear it in summer?

Very extravagant, but the original combination looks
purple accessories and orange primary are
definitely a wonderful summer option. Worth trying to wear
chiffon light dress of a free cut of orange color with
blurred purple flowers and take along a large purple
bag of leather or fabric. This side will also suit large
bright purple plastic jewelry. If the dress is plain
orange, then to the purple bag you can safely wear more
purple bandage in the hair, but sandals is best to choose

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

Another great summer or autumn combination is
combination of green and purple colors in one ensemble. Green
coat or raincoat to the knees, dark green leggings or tights, black
shoes, purple handbag and purple head scarf –
It will look fresh, bold and stylish! Do not interfere with large
glasses with a slight purple shade of lenses.

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

Purple and yellow – the most contrasting combination, because these two
colors are opposite to each other in the spectral circle. However it is not
prevents them from looking each other just great! In that
In case of simplicity, the form is welcome – the dress or coat should be
Straight, for example, a safari dress, the bag should also be strict
and small. To complete the image will be enough big points in
yellow rimmed with purple lenses.

Passion violet: purple bag with nothing носить?...

As you can see, the purple bag is the accessory
which you can create great compositions, bright, figurative and

Some more variants of successful combinations of a violet bag with
Other items of clothing and accessories in the photo below:

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