Ombre manicure – fashion trends and ideasdesign

When monotonous nail coloring is boring, time comes
experimenting with color diversity that can be obtained with
using several techniques, for example, gradient, dip dya or ombr.
The latter option is known to many in connection with the same way.
Stretching colors on the hair – the same principle applies on the nails.
You can complement the spectacular design with any decorative


  • Pink
  • Red
  • The black
  • Beige
  • Blue and cyan
  • Gray
  • French manicure ombre
  • Ombre with a pattern
  • Sequined
  • With rubbing
  • Matt
  • Vertical ombre
  • Horizontal ombre

Interestingly, the ombre technique is so popular that it already
has found its application not only in hair and nails, but also in clothing.
Smooth color transition allows you to achieve a very subtle
manicure It seems that to achieve this effect at home is quite
difficult, but not entirely true. The importance of this is
quality material and consistent execution of instructions.

We offer you the most successful color combinations ombre manicure,
options for drawings and design.

Trendy Ombre Manicure Colors

  • Pink shades

Pink – любимый женщинами цвет, который способен отправить в
a real fairy tale. What to say if many celebrities
decided to dye their hair pink – among them
Pink, Catty Perry, etc. On the nails do the ombra in this sweet
shade is much simpler and eliminates any risk.

  • Red маникюр и омбре

A truly awesome effect can be obtained with
using classic red and cherry shades. But this
not all yet – with a red blend and look great and plenty
other colors, so do not be afraid to attract

  • Black ombre

The black – абсолютный хит сезона, который обязательно нужно
use in manicure. And if such a manicure seems too
dark, then the ombre version will be just right: it is quite strict,
to be suitable for business negotiations, but at the same time very
stylish, which allows you to keep up with fashion trends. When choosing
the second color is recommended to pay attention to the red and black

  • Beige вариант

Naturalness and naturalness certainly gives manicure
beige color, but a little refresh it by using
ombre technique.

  • Blue gamma for ombre

Ideal for use in manicure in 2018 is blue
and blue. Great for combining immediately
several shades: yellow or orange, lime, pink and
white, slate or black.

  • Gray shades

It is more than ever the actual color, which is especially good in
combinations with pastel delicate shades. The best
option is considered a vertical gradient.

Идеи design

  • French and ombre

How much has been said about the French manicure, but
it’s impossible to finish everything – its versatility is in fact
one can only envy. French ombre technique can be performed on
any length, even at very short, but still, as much as possible
impressive effect can be seen on the long nail plate.

  • The combination of pattern and ombre

Virtually no one can do without a drawing.
manicure, but since ombre is already a design in itself,
add a lot of images and decor is not recommended. In that
the case is enough to decorate only a couple of fingers. The subject of the picture is
This can be any, the most popular:

  • geometry or flowers made in the same shades as
  • openwork, vegetable, graphic or ornate compositions,
    made in thin black lines.

  • Hombre and tinsel

To add light glimmer to the design, ombre is often used
Another new art of nail art – very fine acrylic powder with
shine. It does not interrupt the main color and is transparent, for
account of which smooth transition is very clearly visible. Simultaneously
the whole manicure literally sparkles.

  • Ombre and shiny surface

In 2017, smooth mirroring became especially popular.
the surface on the nails, which is obtained with the help of a special rub.
The brilliant dust which is a part allows to achieve interesting
color modulations with a golden or silver tint. Fine
staining of a pair of fingers looks like a dark color, and the rest –

  • Matt эффект

No less popular, as opposed to the previous option,
matt surfaces, especially considering that 2018 calls for
experiment with textures. In this transition pastel
shades will be even more delicate, and dark ones will become more expressive,
than before. It is not necessary to add a matte effect on all nails –
A good option would be its combination with glossy nails. Can
decide to create a transition from gloss to matte surface –
but it is quite a difficult path. An interesting effect is obtained in the form
ombra, obtained with the help of special powder – a smooth transition
colors are achieved precisely because of it, on the varnish of any color.

  • Ombre in vertical version

The location of the color transition can be divided into 3 main
view: horizontal, vertical and diagonal More often
apply a horizontal transition, but the vertical also
Deserves attention. It is a color transition,
located from the left edge to the right. This allows you to get
interesting variations of manicure, as well as visually lengthen the nail
plate. Features of this option:

  • most often a color transition is made on each finger;
  • the option of a big stretch of color on all nails from
    thumb to the little finger – in this case, you can not be limited
    2 colors, and apply a lot more shades.

  • Horizontal color arrangement

In that случае растяжка осуществляется в горизонтальном
direction from the very base of the nail plate to its edge. With
This may use 2 or more shades, and the design itself
performed on all nails or only on a pair of them, the rest
then they are coated with a monochromatic varnish – one of those used in
gradient tones. It looks interesting and manicure, in which the pair
nails change the order of the color. There are also small
недостаток у такого design – он подойдет не всем, поскольку
Visually makes the nail plate wider and shorter.

Ombre is a great way to pamper your nails with a trendy design.
After studying the photos it becomes clear that mixing several shades
on one nail gives an unpredictable, but very interesting effect. BUT
adding to the manicure additional decor allows you to get
original design.

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