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The condition of the skin depends on many factors, such as
nutrition, ecology, genetics, the presence of stress. But, above all,
for it to be healthy and beautiful, it takes her
constant and thorough care.

Even then, when there is no opportunity to visit beauty salons and
use expensive (and not always effective) means,
It is possible, using the riches of nature, namely, oatmeal, to provide
such care yourself.

Bunting is the best ally in the fight for beauty

Oatmeal is crushed oats, which after processing
turns into flakes. It contains a large number
vitamins and minerals, and also vitamins of group B and E. Thanks
the fact that oatmeal is rich in fiber, they are well cleaned not
only the intestines, and the skin of the face. Their regular use in
cosmetic purposes helps to get rid of many problems.

Oatmeal for cosmetic purposes was used by the ancient
Greeks and Romans – they took oat baths in order to
cure all sorts of skin diseases. After all, she is
natural cleanser, which cleans well and the skin at the same time, not
overdries it.

It is important when making masks to pay attention to grinding. there is
flakes that can just be poured with hot water and applied in
as a mask, and there are those that are better to grind into flour in
grinder or mortar, as they are, firstly, difficult to impose on
skin, and secondly – you can injure her. If there is no possibility
grind, then oatmeal should be pripupit in hot water, not draining
decoction, let it cool and then add the necessary

Oatmeal face masks for all skin types

Oatmeal is hypoallergenic, but if you are allergic to
any kind of nuts, then the masks of them need to be used with a large
caution, and it is best to test for elbow bend for 24
hours before applying the mask.

Tips for using oatmeal mask:

• Avoid the area around the eyes – oatmeal tightens the skin while
Drying – this can produce redness.

• Try not to mask the roots of the hair – it is difficult to get it from them.
wash up

• The average duration of keeping masks of oatmeal on the skin –
10-20 minutes, depending on the complementary ingredients.
It is not necessary to wait until the mask is completely dry – then it
very difficult to wash off.

Самый универсальный рецепт маски: залить 3
tablespoons of oatmeal 5 tablespoons of hot water, wait until
the mixture will cool to room temperature and apply on face. If a
suddenly the gruel turned out too thick, then it can be diluted
tonic for the face or any fresh juice.

Mask recipes for all skin types:

  • Отбеливающая маска: смешать полстакана муки из
    oatmeal with lemon juice. Apply on face skin for 15 minutes and rinse off.
    cool water. For a visible result, this procedure is necessary.
    carry out regularly, several times a week (depending on the type
    skin) throughout the month, and best of all at night, since,
    especially, in the spring-summer period, you can get the opposite effect –
  • Смягчающая маска — 3 ложки хлопьев, залить 3
    spoons of water, when swell add honey.
  • Маска антистресс: полстакана муки из овсянки
    pour 3 spoons of mineral sparkling water – it is good
    tones and refreshes.
  • Витаминная маска: необходимо овсянку залить
    hot milk or cream, leave to swell, and already in warm
    the mixture pour in carrot juice or some other seasonal juice.

Dry skin care with oatmeal

Their oatmeal with regular use as masks for
Faces accelerate the recovery of the skin, they contribute to active
moisturize and help protect it from dehydration.

Effective mask for dry skin: pour half a cup of oatmeal
warm fatty cream and apply with a thin layer for 15 minutes. Dairy
acid in milk moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, and vitamin A
nourishes and protects it from aging and fading.

You can also make a facial scrub, based on oatmeal:
yolk, 1 tablespoon oatmeal, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice,
a pinch of sugar – apply to the skin, gently massage and leave on
10 minutes.

Once a week, and especially in the autumn-winter period, when
dry skin is especially in need of nutrition, you can cook
this oatmeal face mask: pour 3 tablespoons
oatmeal a quarter cup of hot milk, leave to
the mixture has cooled. Then put in it 1 tablespoon apricot oil
pits (can be replaced with any stone oil – grape,
peach), 2 teaspoons of yogurt. If a маска получилась немного
liquid, then it can be thickened with any flour – wheat, oatmeal,
corn. And also as a thickener any
cosmetic clay – white, blue or pink.

Also in the mask for dry skin, you can add a few drops.
vitamins A and E.

Oatmeal mask for elasticity and youth

Oatmeal stimulates collagen production and elastin that makes
the skin is supple and elastic, besides the protective functions increase
skin due to the presence of salicylic and pantothenic acid in oats,
silicon and a large number of amino acids.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, and moisturizing and
exfoliating properties of this natural product provide
lifting effect. If a маску для лица из овсяных хлопьев делать
Regularly and systematically, then you can forget about wrinkles: 4 canteens
tablespoons of oatmeal pour one third cup of warm water. After
the mixture turns into mush, add to it 2 teaspoons
kefir and half a teaspoon of honey. Mix the mask well and apply it.
on face, on neck and decollete area – leave for 15 minutes and rinse.
Kefir, due to the fact that it contains a large number
lipid (fat) has a calming effect, lactic acid
nourishes the skin without depriving it of its natural oils. And honey – natural
astringent that promotes pore stimulation
blood circulation and tightens the skin.

After 35 лет кожа лица начинает терять влагу и стареть и для
In order to preserve youth, you need to apply at least some
efforts. Remarkable results gives a mask with oatmeal,
single egg protein and olive oil. Proportions can be selected in
Depending on the desired result: egg white tightens the skin,
and olive oil nourishes and moisturizes.

Very good tonic effect on adult skin have
oatmeal steamed not with water or milk, as usual, but
hot strong tea. After того как кашица остынет до комнатной
its temperature should be applied to the face for 15 minutes. Effect after
applying this mask is just instant – black tea is good
matting, and green refreshing.

Oatmeal facial masks for fat and problem

When sebum is produced too much, then on the face
enlarged pores appear – as a result, they become clogged,
black spots, eels, comedones are oxidized. To
To get rid of these problems, you need to regularly clean the pores and
in a natural way to regulate too much production
sebum. Some foods, such as oatmeal,
possess all the properties needed to solve oily problems
и пористой skin. Oatmeal is able to penetrate deep into the pores not
drying and not irritating the skin, absorb excess sebum and
reduce inflammation.

Очищающие маски для данного типа skin:

  • Half a cup of oatmeal and a quarter cup of kefir mixed with 1 tea
    spoon of honey, you can still add a little salt.
  • 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of baking soda 2 tablespoons
    spoons of lemon juice.
  • Half a cup of oatmeal, egg white, 2 tablespoons
    lemon juice, salt – at the tip of a knife.

These masks should be applied for 10 minutes and rinsed with a massage.
movements, then apply your usual moisturizer.

Good help to cope with acne following mask: 2 spoons
Mix oatmeal with 2 spoons of honey and add a tablespoon of gender
lemon juice, to enhance the effect, you can add a few
drops of eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree – they possess
antiseptic properties.

Для жирной skin также идеально подойдёт маска из овсяных
cereal, tomato and lemon juice – it cleans the pores well and
helps get rid of oily shine.

Oatmeal is the perfect ingredient to care for both oily and
dry skin and oatmeal masks, if you add
additional components – can work wonders with the skin.

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