Nicotinic acid for hair growth: description,application. How to apply nicotinic acid for hair: tipstrichologist

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Nicotinic acid is a frequent component of cosmetic
products aimed at strengthening and growing

Vitamin is not associated with a harmful drug –

It perfectly feeds curls, fights hair loss and
перхотью, стимулирует рост hair.

Today, you will learn how to properly use nicotine
кислоту для роста hair.

Nicotinic acid for hair growth – a description

Nicotinic acid, known by many as Vitamin B or PP,
niacinamide or nicotinamide, brings a lot of benefits to the body. This
The drug has a wide spectrum of action, including effective
используется для роста hair.

Vitamin takes an active part in the processes occurring in
our cells. Nicotinic acid in its pure form is
sour powder.

In pharmacies, niacinamide can be purchased as a liquid, which
sealed in glass vials for injection. For nicotine hair
acid is used in this particular form of release, but as
external means.

Trichologists note that vitamin PP provides complex
effect on curls:

• stimulates the capillary blood circulation of the follicle, improving

• accelerates the metabolism, preventing hair loss;

• increases the thickness and volume of the hair;

• moisturizes hair, protecting it from brittleness and cross section;

• contributes to the development of pigment, preventing early appearance
gray hair;

• normalizes fat metabolism.

Nicotinic acid for hair growth – methods of application and

Nicotinic acid gives excellent results even in its pure form.
It is enough to go through one course of using vitamin to
dignity appreciate its high efficiency. Pharmacy packaging
drug (10 pieces of ampoules of 1 ml of solution) costs about 130

Among the benefits of using vitamin should be highlighted

• high efficiency;

• ease of use;

• you can use the drug in pure form and in combination with
other useful ingredients;

• affordable cost;

• nicotinic acid leaves behind an elusive scent,
imperceptible to others.

Now you have to learn how to use
никотиновую кислоту для роста hair.

Vitamin shampoo

Nicotinic acid can be added to shampoo. Per serving
cosmetic product is enough to take 1 ampoule of solution. Apply
shampoo on the head with massage movements and leave for 5 minutes.


Nicotinic acid is very useful to add to broths such
plants like ginger, chamomile and aloe. Rinse hair
necessary every time after shampooing for a month.

Moisturizing mask for dry hair

To make a regenerating mask for lifeless curls,
You will need the following components:

• nicotinic acid – 1 ampoule;

• tocopherol acetate – 1 capsule;

• linseed oil – 2 tablespoons;

• Eleutherococcus extract liquid – 1 tablespoon.

In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients of the mask. Received
Apply the mixture to the roots and the entire length of the curls. Leave the mask
act for 1 hour Rinse with warm water and shampoo. As a result
use a nicotine mask hair becomes strong,
moisturized and obedient.

Firming mask

To make this mask you will need:

• fresh aloe juice – 3 teaspoons;

• spirit propolis tincture – 2 teaspoons;

• vitamin PP – 2 ampoules.

Mix components and apply on the scalp and curls for 30
minutes The mixture may cause the skin to feel warm and light.
tingling If you do this mask 2 times a week, then you are forever
сможете позабыть о выпадении hair. Also curls will become more
strong throughout.

Nourishing mask

To prepare the nutritional composition will need:

• nicotinic acid – 1 ampoule;

• honey – 1 tsp;

• solution of tocopherol acetate oil – 0.5 tsp;

• olive oil – 2 tablespoons;

• egg yolk – 1 pc.

Healing composition obtained by mixing all
components, rubbed into the scalp and distributed throughout the length
shag An hour later, the head must be washed with shampoo.

With this mask, the scalp and hair get needed for their
health vitamins and trace elements. With it, you can
moisten the strands, accelerate their growth, restore beauty and strength.

Mask for fine hair

Strengthening thin hair and prolonging its life cycle will help
Mask with the following composition:

• nicotinic acid – 1 ampoule;

• Essential oil of verbena – 2 drops;

• yeast – 2 teaspoons;

• colorless henna – 1 pack (25 g).

Pour out a bag of henna in a glass dish and pour a small
amount of hot water. Stir thoroughly to get
consistency of homogeneous gruel. In another container diluted with water
yeast. Объединяем хну и yeast. Add to the mixture
vitamin PP and lemon verbena oil. Mask applied to the hair roots and
full length for 1 hour. On the head we wear a plastic cap and
wrap a warm towel. This the mask doesn’t just save from
hair loss, it stimulates their growth, thickens and
restores the structure.

How to use nicotinic acid for hair growth
— советы trichologist

The sequence of the correct application of nicotinic acid

1. We open one ampoule of nicotinic acid and, using a syringe,
pour its contents into any container. It should be noted that
Vitamin at interaction with air quickly collapses, therefore
apply it immediately. Opened ampoules store categorically
can not.

2. Dip your fingertips in the solution and massage movements
put on the scalp. Nicotinamide must be applied
exclusively on clean, washed hair, because grease and dust
prevent its penetration into the skin. Also interfere with the vitamin
soak into the skin silicone shampoos. The drug is excellent
Apply and easily spread if the hair is slightly damp.

Some women note that it is more convenient for them to apply the solution with
using an ordinary syringe. It is best to start with the temples, then
distributed in partings.

3. We go with the mask for one or two hours, then wash my head with shampoo.
The specific smell of nicotinic acid will disappear completely.

4. To achieve a sustainable positive result.
It is necessary to complete a course in one month. If time allows you, then
Follow the procedure of applying the drug every day. After 30 days
you don’t recognize your curls. They will get healthy silky
shine will become strong and beautiful. If you want to repeat
course, then do it better after a month’s break.

If you decide to use nicotinic acid for hair growth,
Use the advice of trichologists:

1. Before using the drug, try it on your hand.
on the presence of a negative reaction of the body.

2. In the absence of allergic reactions and with oily hair,
nicotinic acid can not flush.

3. Light tingling – a natural skin reaction to
a drug.

4. If you have sensitive skin, then a solution of vitamin PP can
cause excessive dryness and dandruff. In this case, dilute it.
water in equal proportions.

5. Intolerance to the drug or allergy to it may result
for a rash, headache, itching, hives. If a
such symptoms appear, then you need to wash your hair immediately and
stop using the solution.

6. Refrain from using niacinamide for hypertension.

Now you know how to properly use nicotinic acid.
для роста hair. Regular care for curls, even at home
conditions gives amazing results. Add nicotinamide to
masks, apply clean and very soon you’ll be proud
long healthy hair.

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