New Year’s manicure: 52 beautiful ideas

On the eve of the New Year holidays, designers offer women
many options for nail design. Among this variety
each will be able to choose a design that matches their style, which
can harmoniously complement the festive image.

In the coming year, yellow and gold are under
patronage of the mistress of the year – Yellow Earthen Pigs. Gold
manicure always looks rich and noble, regardless of
what technique it is made. Give a noble shine to the nails

  • sparkles;
  • manicure foil;
  • golden glitter;
  • rubbed over.

If there are concerns that the manicure will turn out too defiant,
You can not decorate all the nails, but only one or two.

Classic red

Red manicure is combined with any style of clothing and fits
almost everyone.

Red is rich in shades, so if classic red
monophonic manicure seems to someone boring, you can use it
shades. For example, burgundy, marsala or coral look
interesting and not boring.

It is always possible to complement the plain design with bright decorative
elements in the form of nail confetti, rhinestones or themed
New Year’s drawings. On a red background will look great
images of Santa Claus, deer, Christmas-tree decorations or a Christmas tree.


Rare winter manicure does without the image of snowflakes. Their
can be found in any performance: white or shiny on dark
background, dark on a light background, large and small, as
repetitive print or accent on only one nail, with
rhinestones, sparkles and other decor.

You can apply snowflakes manually with a thin brush or, using
manicure stamping.

Blue frost

In the winter cold, the attention of designers is drawn to the blue color and its

Blue manicure harmoniously complements the festive attire deep,
saturated blue. It can be decorated with white monograms,
lacy or frosty patterns, beautifully decorated with colorless
rhinestones, gold or silver sparkles.

Blue nails covered with matte varnish or look original.
combining matte and glossy finish. Stylish focus on
the ring finger can be made using the sand lacquer of the same

Symbol of the year on nails

To cajole the Yellow Mumps, which will dominate in 2019
year, and attract good luck by making a manicure with a picture of cute
pink piglets, funny cartoon Piglet or Peppa.

An animal can be depicted only on one nail or on all, with
This piggy on each nail plate may look different.
Also one pig can be painted on two nails: on one
attractive face, on the other body and tail.

Pink nails look original on them.
Pigs pigs muzzles.

Snow blizzard

A good solution for the New Year holidays is to cover the nails with white.

White color symbolizes purity and nobility, is associated with
snow-covered landscapes, so perfect for creating
Winter nail art.

This color is distinguished by its versatility, it is well
It is combined with all colors: dark, light, bright.

On a white background will look beautiful pictures symbolizing
a holiday, especially if they are decorated with sparkles, rhinestones or other
manicure decoration.


Manicure with rhinestones always has a luxurious look. Use them
can be in different ways:

  • make an accent, completely covering them with one nail;
  • arrange in a chaotic manner;
  • decorate a drawing or lay it out completely small

Ordinary monotonous manicure or classic french rhinestones
make play in a new way. Their сияние и блеск органично впишутся
in any New Year’s image.


Manicure with sparkles is always bright, beautiful, festive. They
can act as a primary coating or as
sparkling accent, look harmoniously on bright, dark or
Nude nails.

Nail art with sparkles attracts attention during the day and at evening

Selecting nail art for the New Year’s Eve is not so difficult. Need to
just decide on the party format, style, color
holiday outfit and also not be afraid to experiment and
show imagination.

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