New Year’s manicure: 5 smart ideas forcorporate party

For many, the most beloved and long-awaited holiday has been and remains
New Year. This is undoubtedly a time of magic and fairy tale, which
must feel every woman. And, of course, such
The long-awaited event must be met fully armed – suddenly
This night will be the best in life or decisive in fate. And deal
not only in the holiday table, but also in appearance – the image should
be thought out to the smallest detail. If a woman decided to be the most beautiful,
then absolutely everything matters – make-up, hairstyle, outfit, shoes and

Features selection of a suitable manicure

You need to prepare for the latter in advance, because it is by no means
case should not contradict the whole image as a whole. Thinking over
your New Year’s look, be sure to study all the latest fashion
Trends – bad taste does not interest us. In 2019, the choice of color
the palette used by the decor and materials is very wide – miss
definitely not necessary. No need to take the last place in manicure
list of the most important cases, since it is he who is able to unobtrusively
rivet all the attention of others. Maybe this night you
do not dare to wear an unusual or extravagant outfit, but
it will be possible to outshine all the beauty and brightness of their nails.

Before the final decision we will definitely consider several
suitable options that must match the following

  • stands out for festive design;
  • is fashionable in the coming 2019;
  • harmonizes well with the overall image.

5 basic ideas of New Year’s manicure for corporate

Consider the basic ideas for the New Year’s manicure in 2019:

  • We draw snowflakes and graceful frosty patterns!

Thematic drawings in nail art are unlikely to leave the leading
positions in the coming years. And this is not surprising – in winter
there is a special need to surround yourself with cozy motifs
and patterns. And the most popular topic on the Christmas bruises
there are snowflakes and frosty patterns. And there are several
explanations – romantic and gentle look, stylistically restrained
winter magic mood, there are a large number of options
any color can be used as the basis
that allows you to create a harmonious image with absolutely any

Both light and dark can be used as a background.
color, but the snow pattern itself is usually performed white, brilliant
or another bright shade.

  • Classic and luxury New Year’s jacket

Festive French-performed the same way as usual, but
magic in manicure add special elements of decor –
shiny and shimmering pieces of foil and mica, even rows of bouillons
on the free edge of the nail, small crystals of stasis. Color like
material for a smile can be very different: white,
silver, red, black – almost any of them can
make a new year’s manicure unforgettable. Inspired by the flickering
snow and add to the nails sparkles and stones. As a special
focus on one or two fingers we place the composition in the form of
ornate ornament resembling frosty patterns on the window.

Winter design in French style will not make you regret your
choice for a minute.

  • Shine rhinestones

Rhinestones and stones – you can not ignore the main night of the New
Years, since it is they who will bring the most brilliance and
multi-colored twinkling. By placing them on the nails, you can no longer
thinking that the image will be too boring or everyday
– brilliant manicure will create a festive mood. As is the case
with the rest of the decorative elements of the design options here
mass – with sparkling rhinestones, you can put the thematic pattern in
snowflake on the nail, highlight the stone in the middle of the surround
bow of acrylic, or perform fashionable mosaic in the form of Christmas tree
toys in a fashionable technique called “inlay”. Things are easy
– Choose from a huge number of options the best.

  • Актуально для parties — atтирка и фольга!

The elegant “mirror” surface is not only festive, but
also very stylish and modern. If it seems that a big
the amount of decor looks tasteless, and rhinestones – too rush
in the eyes, the design in the style of “minimalism” is a great way out! �”Mirror”
on the surface of the nail create using a special shiny rubbing or
foil. This design looks great in tandem with its
the opposite is a matte finish.

Properly selected colors will make you a real snowy
The Queen of this New Year’s Eve! And if you choose to design
Classic winter colors – white and silver, you can not
think about their combination with an outfit – the image will turn out

  • Simple, but beautiful – we use stickers!

Stickers on the New Year theme – allow not only quickly
prepare your pens for the main event of the year, but also release
time for the rest of the important preparations for the holiday. Stickers
look perfect on the snow-white surface of the nail, but not bad
A red, blue, green background will do. Multicolored images at
atиде снежинок, елок, ноatогодних игрушек, деда мороза и снегоatикоat
смотрятся очень мило и забаatно, а уж праздничное настроение с
такими ногтями — не застаatит себя ждать.

Pretty women! Не забыatайте, что at череде предноatогодней суеты и
хлопот можно забыть о самом atажном – о себе! В эту ночь нам atсем
I want to be beautiful, so it is better to enroll to the master
заранее, иначе придется создаatать ноatогоднее настроение на ногтях
on your own!

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