Natural Supplements to Reduce Appetite

When a person goes on a full and healthy diet,
it is assumed that he gets all the necessary vitamins from food,
micro and macronutrients. However, our body for some time –
from month to year – rebuilt, adapts to the new food.

Reinsured in case of a shortage of nutrients
the body needs to eat more than it really needs. Right here
on the stage and go the very drugs to reduce the appetite, they are still
referred to as “anorectics.”


Doctors in some cases use synthesized chemical
sibutramine-based drugs under the trademarks Reduxine,
�”Goldline” and earlier “Meridia”. However, these drugs to reduce
appetite have a number of side effects and must be applied
only according to indications and under supervision of the doctor.

What to do to all those who need to curb their appetite without much
health risk? As an option – you can use natural
means of appetite – vegetable fees, based on dietary supplements
natural and safe ingredients. It is best to buy funds
from appetite on the site iherb. There is the largest selection, and very low

1) Life Extension, Natural Appetite Control (90 capsules) –
drug based on Korean pine nuts. The main acting
The substance is pinolenic acid. It stimulates secretion
cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide-1 – hormones that
slow down the digestion of food. As a result, the feeling of satiety remains with
you longer.


The tool is available in the form of capsules, which is enough for a month
daily intake according to the scheme 3 pcs. 30-60 minutes before the main –
most caloric meal. It is also good to take capsules.
in the evening along with the last meal. If you take capsules, then
even a light dinner should be enough for you not to
get up and do not run to the refrigerator to eat sausage. For
Weight loss is important not to delay the last meal. Perfect time
– 1800-1900 hours.

2) Two appetite-reducing dietary supplements based on saffron – in the form
жевательных резинок от аппетита Hunger Chews и капсул Hunger


Studies have shown that saffron in 100% cases reduces the craving for
snacks, especially for sweet. And the less they are, the more stable
sugar levels and the fewer calories consumed per day.
Chewing gum recommended “snack” twice a day.
between main meals. One package (30 gum) is enough
for two weeks.

Capsules in the bank more – 60 pcs. With the proposed regimen (1
capsule in the morning and evening before meals) they will be enough for exactly one month. For
the best result, the manufacturer recommends taking data
supplements for at least two months.

3) Glucomannan from Konjak plant tubers (180 capsules) –
source of plant fibers that have unique
property – to absorb water hundreds of times more than its own


Getting food into the stomach, fiber swells in volume and
causes a faster onset of satiety, thereby preventing
binge eating. Of course, you can eat fiber-rich vegetables.
However, it is still better to use this highly purified drug,
what to torment your stomach with pounds of carrots and cabbage. This dietary supplement
take 3 capsules with a glass of water 20 minutes before
food intake.

4) Super CitriMax Plus with ChromeMate (90 capsules per 1


In this supplement except calcium, hydroxycitric acid
(slows down the synthesis of fats), bearberry extract
(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) includes chromium (100 μg or 83% daily
needs). Many famous nutritionists, such as Atkinson,
Kovalki warmly recommend taking this microcell, which
effectively eliminates sugar addiction. Calcium also contributes
its contribution. We are not reaching for sweets because of the lack of sugar in
the body. The reason is different. The modern diet is strongly soured
our internal environment, which leads to leaching of calcium from the bones.
A large amount of sweet depletes and reserves of chromium. Deficiency of these
two trace elements and causes unhealthy cravings for sweets.

Due to its composition, the additive kills at least two
hares: reduces dependence on sweets and replenishes calcium reserves
и хрома в the body. Regimen: one capsule half an hour before
eating three times a day.

5) Solgar, Chromium Picolinate 500 mcg (120 capsules – 3
month) – a separate preparation of chromium picolinate. From previous
drug differs primarily in its dosage. Each capsule
contains 500 mcg of chromium, which is 417% of daily need. By
reviews losing weight, this supplement best helps to cope
with chromium deficiency in the body and also get rid of the painful
cravings for sweets. At first, I recommend this particular drug,
Moreover, it is cheaper than the previous one. Jars enough for three
of the month. Then, as a prevention, you can go to the previous
complex drug.

6) Solgar, 5-HTP 100 mg (90 capsules). Main acting
substance – 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) or the amino acid tryptophan,
the predecessor of serotonin – “the hormone of happiness.”

Long A well-known fact – depression provokes gluttony. And in this
jar – a natural means of preventing sadness, and therefore
subsequent trips to the refrigerator. And do not want to eat, and
mood naturally rises.

In addition to the actual tryptophan, the supplement contains vitamin B6, magnesium,
valerian root extract. That is to say, non-caloric analogue
chocolates. Accepted 1 capsule per day. Jars enough for
целых три of the month. Great drug.

7) Solgar, L-Glutamine 1000 mcg (60 tabl). Active substance
– glutamine. This amino acid is widely known in a narrow circle.
nutritionists and narcologists can tell their magical property
rid of addiction. With that not only from sugar, but also from
alcoholic. Strongly wanted sweet? Byжалуйста. Take 1-2
pills (I advise with cream), and the thrust will disappear almost immediately.
Byмимо этого глутамин способствует заживлению ран, восстановлению
muscles after physical exertion, helps the liver to deduce with
The body is oxidized fat. Unlike chromium picolinate,
which acts more evenly throughout the day, the effect of
reception of this amino acid instant.

8) Nutrex Research Labs, Lipo 6X. This supplement is from appetite so
Popular, that periodically ends on the site iherb.
Relatively expensive drug, but this is offset by its
by efficiency.


Lipo 6X works on fashionable liquid multiphase technology, the essence
which is that at first it dissolves very quickly
outer shell, and the primary effect manifests itself literally through
A couple of minutes. Then the inner part of the capsule comes into play,
which dissolves more slowly and, most importantly, with
controlled speed throughout the day.

One of the active ingredients of this supplement is synephrine,
safe analog of ephedrine, which speeds up the metabolism,
promotes “burning” of fats. In its natural form, this substance
found in bitter orange (Citrus Auranthium). The second
component is anhydrous form of caffeine (Caffeine Anhydrous),
which is found in many plants (coffee beans, cocoa beans,
guarana). The substance speeds up the metabolism, increases the energy output
thereby suppressing the appetite.

The supplement includes such a stimulant and aphrodiazac, as yohimbine,
which is obtained from the plant of the same name. This substance
stimulates the “burning” of fat, improves blood flow in fatty tissues,
what is not less important. Byмимо этого йохимбин поднимает настроение. Besides
Moreover, the supplement contains natural ingredients that are gently
stimulate the thyroid gland. It is from her normal work
it depends on how quickly you drop the hated kilos. Take
drug should be clearly according to the instructions. Pregnant, lactating,
adolescents and neurosthenes, it is contraindicated due to the high
the content of caffeine-like substances.

9) Hoodia Gordoniya (60 500 mg capsules) – anorectics, which
obtained from the South African cactus Hoodia, which grows only in
Kalahari Desert. The main acting вещество (P57) посылает в
brain signal “I’m full”, thereby suppressing the feeling of hunger on
to the root.


Currently there is a real boom all over the world. No joke –
minus 10 kg per month. Take добавку следует по две капсулы перед
food or during an acute attack of hunger. However, it should be noted
that you should be getting all the vitamins you need, micro- and
macronutrients. The body should not suffer from nutrient deficiencies.
Diet in any case should be complete.

10) Christopher’s Original Formulas, Appetite Formula, 475 mg
(100 capsules) – another patented and inexpensive drug. In his
composition includes such wild plants as the starter medium,
dye safflower, as well as burdock, parsley, licorice roots,
mandrakes, narrow-leaved echinacea, papaya and black walnut leaves
walnut, fennel seeds and hawthorn fruit.


Byмогает почкам выводить излишек воды, успокаивает нервную
system after stresses associated with restriction in food, reduces
appetite, supplies the thyroid gland with the necessary nutrients. Is different
especially mild action. Regimen: 2 capsules three times a

All listed supplements are made from natural
vegetable raw materials. The manufacturer notes in a separate line that
They are all suitable for vegetarian food. Almost all
drugs have no analogues in the domestic market. On iheerbe
You can use the discount code EZE764 – to still

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