Mixed in a bunch of horses, people … Fusion style(fusion) in clothes

Стиль фьюжн (fusion) in clothesConservatives and supporters
strict traditions can shake their heads condemningly, but nothing
what can you do: fusion today is one of the key trends
in fashion, design, art.


The main characteristics of the style

�”Fusion” in translation from English – “fusion”, “alloy”,
�”integration”. These are the main characteristics of fusion style –
seemingly incompatible
various things, getting an unusual, bright result.

This trend originated in the 90s of the last century in close
interrelations with the processes of globalization and cultural exchange.

Dresses from Parisian and Milanese catwalks as nowhere else
in demand in Asia, and in Europe and America are decorated with might and main interiors
exotic stuff from the East and from Africa. Fusion connects
particles of cultures of different countries, classical principles and innovative
ideas, elements of various other styles.

Fusion music appeared even earlier than fashion and design: in
60s of the XX century. This term was called jazz mix
with other musical currents: rock, pop, folk, etc.

Manifested fusion in modern literature, painting,
architecture, etc.

Fusion in the interior

The most noticeable influence of fusion style in interior design.
Some designers admit: strictly stand design in one
direction is more complicated than fantasy to mix different parts. However,
despite all the freedom and liberty, fusion also has certain
principles (we will come back to them), which allow him not to
to turn into a tasteless jumble after all.

However, African masks and other ethnic souvenirs
side by side with Victorian classics, high-tech elements – with
Baroque elements, etc., and this is almost no surprise.
Wonderful opportunity to incorporate into the interior several different
currents, if you can not decide on one.

Fusion in clothes

Fashion, конечно, тоже не могла избегнуть этого «пагубного»
influence. Where else would designers be able to turn around? Combination
fabrics of different textures and colors, a wide variety of styles, details
outfits of various eras and countries, a combination of beach and evening,
business with sports, but just not to list.

Most famous fashion houses over the past decade
at least once yes turned to fusion style: Gianfranco Ferre, Gucci,
Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Yohji Yamamoto, Donna
Karan, Marchesa and many others. Among the latest collections you can
note the work of the houses of Marios Schwab and Brood. In the first case it is
unusual combination of “technical” prints (waves of indications
various devices) with light, romantic-feminine cut. In
the second is a catchy combination of glamor and sporting details.

Combination rules

Although fusion style implies a big flight of fancy,
Yet experts speak of a number of principles that are desirable.
comply, especially when it comes to interior design and
modeling clothes.

  • It is not recommended to mix too many different styles and
  • Eclectic and shocking are welcome, but to a certain limit:
    fusion is still not kitsch.
  • There should not be more than two or three “mixed” accents (emphasis in
    This case can be considered, for example, a lace frill on
    sports jacket or painted decorative teapot on an elegant
    glass table).

As for the color range, opinions differ somewhat:
Some experts believe that the best color for fusion is white, and
several accompanying shades to create a general impression
lightness and transparency. Others suggest not to limit yourself.
and make a real extravaganza of bright colors. In fact, each
chooses what he likes most – this is the real

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