Men’s hairstyle with shaved sides (photo) -stylish gentlemen! Options for styling male hairstyles withshaved sides

Вт, 28 фев 2017 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Fashionable trends in male hairstyles do not change as often as
female. At the same time, men’s fashion is no less interesting than
female It requires attention and special approach.

Given the current rhythm of life and the employment of men, their hair and
the image as a whole is changing, according to the position held,
status and hobbies. Shaved sides in male hair –
Attractive and modern option.

Мужская причёска с shaved sides — типажи, подходящие под

Причёска с shaved sides подходит далеко не всем. But those who
can afford such a variety – the lucky ones.

Hairstyles of this kind look good on men with round
persons with a square face, as visually lengthen it.
It is necessary to exclude this hairstyle for those who have a tall and pretty
elongated face shape, otherwise, these haircuts can change the proportions
the whole image.

Shaved sides are not quite acceptable for status men and more.
mature. Also note the presence of scars and damage.
hair in areas where shaving is assumed.

Most often, these haircuts are popular with young,
energetic, athletic, men, including

There are several basic male haircuts, based on
which, by shaving out the side parts of the head, are created
new, given fashion trends.

Following the hairstyle style, men most often use
mousse, gel and wax for styling. These tools create the necessary
volume, fixation and shape hairstyles. Hair styling,
applied much less often, but also not excluded from men’s fashion.

The latest fashion trends in men’s hairstyles with shaved
sides, can be called creativity, which is applicable to people
young and energetic age is a variety of patterns or
geometric shapes created by a typewriter or a trimmer.

Форма и style подобных вариантов зависит от настроения, сферы
activities and courage men.

Основы и варианты мужских причёсок с shaved sides
(a photo)

It’s so common that basic (classic) men’s hair,
do not change for several decades. They may be supplemented by some
current trends and options, but generally unchanged.

Consider each option separately:

Стрижка «Милитари», пожалуй, самая простая,
main and most popular. Imagine a soldier who
no time to monitor the condition of their hair. Minimum time and
funds to create hair and styling it – that’s the main thing
advantage. Hairstyle is characterized by short hair all over.
head. The sides and back of the head can be cut shorter than
top of the hair, but only slightly. Care for this haircut is very
simple – washed his head, dried. If you wish, you can add some
�”Highlight” – to cover the hair after washing hair gel. They will become
tougher, and will not create a “dandelion” effect.

Стрижка «Бокс» причёска-основа, верхняя часть
which is larger than the side and back, and this hairstyle can
be transformed into “Poluboks”, which allows, more carefully,
shave the sides of the head and leave the high top
hair. Given fashion trends, these hairstyles change and
supplemented with special figure “protrusions” and reliefs. Typewriter
для бритья формирует styleный контур, что смотрится
in a special way.

Стрижка «Undercut» отличается кардинально
shaved lateral and posterior, in parts, and abrupt transition to
head, longer part. This haircut fits with
special means and can be applied at any age, in
depending on the thickness of the nozzle for shaving the sides.

Стрижка «Ёжик» — вариант, особенно популярный в
80-90 years. Its peculiarity is in the shortened hairs on the side and
back of the head. The upper part of the hair is usually smaller than that of
previous haircuts. Shorn and stand the top of the hair with
abrupt transition. Laying tools are used to create
эффекта «колючек» — стоячих hair.

Стрижка «Канадка» подразумевает мягкие переходы
and smooth shaving (stepped) side and rear parts of the head.
The bangs are laid back, possibly with the use of a pillow.
wax Can lift over hair roots, creating effect
wave elevations. If the form requires better fixation, then the varnish for
hair is simply irreplaceable.

Стрижка «Британка» схожа с «Канадкой» плавными
transitions. But the main difference is her long bang, which can
sink to one side or be moderately elongated. Laying tools
must fix the bang so that it is “one whole” and not

Creative approach and innovations in men’s haircuts with shaved
боками (a photo)

Increasingly, modern men tend to stand out from the general
masses. Кто-то меняет style одежды, а кто-то меняет стили причёски.
The main haircuts listed above are easily transformed and
applied in the daily active life of every young
person In the last time have become, especially popular, some
options and additions to the main styles: “Hitler”, “Sagittarius”,
�”Voyage”, “Beaver”.

Each of these hairstyles, in its own way, is bold and unusual. Will consider
their options.

«Гитлерюгенд» стала особенно популярной в
recent times. Clean shaven sides and long bangs, often
laid on one side, they say a lot about their owner – bold,
extraordinary, creative. Long strands of hair are laid on
top of the head, using a mousse or gel. You can add the effect of wet
(wet hair). This will give the image extra energy.

Причёска «Стрелец» обратила внимание мужчин на
yourself relatively recently. Shaved sides of the head in
combination with a long, laid back bangs, especially significant
stand out because they are shaved with a trimmer. Boundaries of the transition
hair from short to long, very small, as shorn
практически под корни hair. Very often, stylists offer
unusual approach in this version. Border line can be highlighted
along, at some distance.

Вариант «Вояж» не менее актуален, потому что
very similar to the previous one. Long hair styled special
means to the opposite, from the allocation of hair, line.
The border of the transition from short hair – to long, stands out, more
wide and crisp stripe with trimmer or razor

«Бобр» или «Бобрик», снова входит в моду. This
haircut almost does not require styling, as its feature in
correctly cut lateral parts of the head. Top length
hair no more than three centimeters. Unlike the “Hedgehog” haircut
�”Beaver”, has no clear and smooth boundaries between the side parts
head and top. When trimming the hair from the side, in going up,
they are slightly rounded. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this
hairstyle, visually rounds the face. What can be very important
in some cases.

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