Medium hairstyles for men – what is fashionable now?What should be considered when choosing hairstyles for men on medium hairlengths

Пт, 30 мар 2018 Автор: Светлана Пащенко

Ten years ago it was considered something unusual when a man
caring for herself. To date, being well-groomed is not something that
possible, but necessary. Already all are accustomed to that in beauty salons
not only women appear. Men do a manicure, styling
and other manipulation in order to be attractive to
the opposite sex.

A large amount of attention is paid to hairstyles. Is not
by chance, because they are business cards for any
men If we talk about fashion, then today in the trend is not
short haircuts, and haircuts for medium hair. There is a big
number of medium hairstyles for men. The main thing is to choose such
that will suit a man based on his external qualities: based on
the structure of his hair, their number, as well as the type of face. Will consider
основные моменты, которые должны знать все men

Features of medium hairstyle for men

Wondering why it is necessary to choose a hairstyle on
medium hair? Look on the internet for how movie stars look and
popular people. Their main mass chose just such a length.
hair. If you want to be at the peak of fashion, then pick up for yourself
стрижку средней lengths. However, do not forget that she must
you fit Do not disfigure yourself hairstyles that are not
can fit for your type of person.

Of course, short hair is easier to care for, however
medium hair can be styled in different ways. It’s kind of
experiment with your style: some day you can become
impudent, in some – modest. Ironically, medium hair
are universal. Almost all men fit
прически с такой длиной hair.

In the event that a man hides bulging ears, very
winning hairstyle for men with medium hair that will hide
his appearance defects. However, if we lived in Japan,
bulging ears would be considered a sign of good tone. Many
the Japanese with this feature has a greater disposition

As you can see, you can be not only stylish and fashionable, but also well
hide all your flaws. In this regard, girls are much more advanced,
since they have long used such tricks and emphasize
only their merits in appearance.

How to choose the average hairstyle for men

There are several basic rules that are very important for
selection of the correct image. So you can get close
to the ideal and look spectacular every day. Will consider основные
criteria for selecting the best hairstyle.

1. Oval. With this type of face hairstyle for medium hair will
look perfect.

2. Circle. With a round face shape you should not do voluminous
haircuts that are too round because you make them visually flat
your face and you will look unnatural. In such cases
Choose a hairstyle with small temples.

3. Triangle. For a triangular face, you must select
step hairstyle. You can comb your hair to the side to look
as relevant.

4. With a square face shape, you need to choose a medium hairstyle for
мужчин с большим количеством hair. This form of face implies
small sides and temples, in which it is important to leave the average length
hair and thickness.

5. Men with thin hair need to make a square. It
may be even or graded. It also looks interesting
asymmetrical haircut with ragged tips.

6. Absolutely all hairstyles are suitable for thick hair.
The only caveat – they must be cut.

7. For men with curly hair, barber should cut
hair, taking into account the direction of their growth.

8. For men with medium hair, you need to make a bang,
combed to the side. About bangs there are many variations: she
can be smoothly combed back, be disheveled, careless or
зафиксированной гелем для hair. Graduated oblique bangs will
look perfect on men with an elongated face shape. If a
there is too large forehead, it can be made invisible when
direct or milled bangs.

Photo styles medium hairstyles for men

There are a small number of styles, however with working
imagination you can make a very original image for

– strict classics

She is preferred by the bulk of the male sex. On the hair
средней lengths отлично смотрятся удлиненные пряди, которые можно
comb to the side or back. Since after a certain amount
time mod has the ability to return, you can see this on
example of Elvis Presley. His signature bouffant at the time was very
popular. Strict classics for medium hair are considered daring and in
same time manly.

– “Gavrosh”

Such a haircut is usually done by young people. Thanks to the long
characteristic strands located on the back of the head, as well as pronounced
volume is cutting edge. Also distinctive
The features of this hairstyle are ragged tips of hair,
which are available only for brave guys. Unfortunately, mature men
can not afford such a hairstyle for medium hair.

– quads

Our grandfathers made kars. Hairstyle firmly settled and
Has reached our days. Such a standard, familiar to all the haircut
will make your look more romantic. Lately
It has become fashionable to grow a beard, which, together with such
hairstyle gives a man some kind of brutality, so beloved and
adored by all the girls.

– under the “pot”

Haircut come from childhood. To this day, it remains in trend,
because it allows you to look younger. The image is refreshed by
коротко стриженой нижней части hair.

– undercut

Fashionable hairstyle in the style of undercut. Its distinctive
features are long bangs and shaved lower hair. Not
Only stylish, but also aggressive hairstyle for a man who
wants to conquer women’s hearts.

– mr. Cool (Mr. Cool)

New-fashioned men’s haircut in a certain style. The nearest
the future is in this haircut. She is unique for her smooth
lines, lack of asymmetry. With this hairstyle any man
It will look solid, with a special gloss.

Style “grunge” in the average male hairstyles

The main condition for the style of “grunge” is imposing, careless
styling. For this style will suit absolutely any haircut, which
it is necessary to “lay” correctly. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that
that you don’t need to stand at the mirror for a long time in order to be beautiful
and smoothly lay hair. Here it is the opposite – the more careless and
more carelessly you will do everything, the more fashionable and stylish you will be
to look like.


The emphasis is on long hair on the back of the head and on the teme.
The side strands should be short, but the transition from one to
the other should be smooth. This is a prerequisite that is important.
to execute.

Remember that it is important not just to chase fashion
trends, but also to have a sense of style and to be able to adequately
estimate. Notобходимо прошерстить страницы интернета, чтобы
consider successful and unsuccessful options for haircuts, find out for yourself
all the factors on choosing a particular hairstyle for yourself and turn to
an experienced master. It is important that the hairstyle or haircut is perfect for you
fit Then the whole beautiful part of the population will pay to you
your attention.

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