MCC – Cellulose Slimming

Thinking about eating something so that I didn’t want to eat anymore,
I immediately remember about dietary fiber, which can now be bought
in any pharmacy at a very affordable price.

Dietary fiber, one of which species is
substance with the complex name microcrystalline cellulose –
abbreviated MCC – possess a number of very useful properties, especially
valuable for those who want to lose weight.

Мкц - микрокристалическая целлюлоза для похудения


What is MCC?

Microcrystalline cellulose is essentially a waste of tissue.
production. When getting cotton, small hard ones are formed.
particles that are removed from the raw materials. This is the MCC.  

By its composition, cotton MCC is close to those dietary fibers,
which we get from fruits and vegetables, only it can be bought in
in the form of tablets and it is quite cheap.

How does the MCC when it enters the body?

Cellulose tends to “pull” water on itself, swelling
wherein. That is, after eating a few MCC tablets, your stomach
partially filled. Consequently, you want to eat less.

Cellulose is eliminated from the body almost unchanged,
that is, not digested. Walking through the intestines, it binds
непереваренные остатки еды и выводит их  из организма

In addition, fibers also help recycle excess
�”Bad” cholesterol and excess sugar. From this can be done
the conclusion that the dietary fibers themselves are simply necessary for us – without them,
will be normal digestion, and it is the basis of health and a pledge
slim figure.

The benefits of MCC for health and weight loss.

The main function of the MCC is cleansing. When irregular
digestion and constipation (sorry for the ugly word) in the body
up to 2-3 kg of undigested masses can accumulate. They make it difficult
further digestion, poison the body and inhibit the exchange
substances. Having gotten rid of them, you will already be lighter for a couple of kilos,
the skin will look healthy, lightness will appear in the body, and appetite
will become more moderate.

MCC reduces appetite by filling the stomach, reducing levels
sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Fibers help solve problems with
digestion, due to which the majority and accumulates

How to take MCC?

To lose weight, tablets that are sold in a pharmacy need
take before meals – in about 20 minutes.

It is necessary to take 6-7 tablets, it is desirable to knead them and mix with
a small amount of water – it will be easier to swallow them,
Eat the mixture with a minimum of 1 glass of water.

  • Water is a must. If you don’t drink
    enough liquid, the effect will be exactly the opposite
    cleansing, and intestinal problems will increase
  • Not forbidden to take MCC with kefir, juice, tea
  • The consumption rate per day – no more than 25 grams, that is, 50 tablets
    0.5 g
  • You need to take at least 10 days, in parallel, you must
    establish normal power and connect physical loads


MCC is not a panacea for excess weight or a remedy for
losing weight, it’s just part of your weight loss program and
recovery of the body. You shouldn’t get involved in these pills, they
Although considered harmless, the body gets used to them.

MCC has a minus – along with “bad” substances are lost and
beneficial bacteria. It is better to get all the necessary substances from
продуктов  — овощей, фруктов, бобовых, молочных продуктов, они
not only establish the proper functioning of the intestines, but also help
to heal the microflora.

Exactly according to the same principle, XLS-Medical and
Fitomucil, though they are several times more expensive than the MCC.

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