Manicure with rubbing – more than 50 mirror ideasdesign

The influence of world fashion on all aspects of life can not be denied
or diminish. Fashion trends in the form of brilliant and mirror
surfaces have led to the ability to create a similar effect on
nails Now we are talking about a special rub for gel polish,
which contains special metallized pigments allowing
achieve pearlescent, mirror, iridescent nail


  • What is ruffler?
  • Where can one buy?
  • How to use?
  • White manicure with rubbing
  • Pink
  • The black
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • French manicure with rubbing
  • With rubbing and rhinestones
  • Matt
  • With an image
  • With an emphasis on one or two nails

Mirror “dust”

There are many ways to decorate nails, and most of
They appeared in recent years. Use them all almost
impossible – these are films, special foil, rhinestones and stones,
sliders, scotch tapes, and all kinds of glitters. To last
all have become accustomed to the decor – these are sparkles with which you can
It is easy to give your nails a festive look. But there was a new one
a species which is a very small pigment that
more like powder, rather than glitter per se. With the help of this
fine powder and get fashionable today mirror surfaces on
manicure gel varnish.

The plain name “rubbing” characterizes his way
application – it is literally rubbed into the sticky surface of gel polish.
This powder is so weightless that it easily sticks to it.

Where can I get a shred

Find a similar product in any specialty store.
with goods for nail art. The standard jar size holds
only about 1 gram of powder, but this is enough for a long
time – it is spent very economically.

Approximate rub-in price is about 100 rubles. If you
If you meet the cost of 500, then you can safely go to another
shop, because the price here is clearly too high. The composition of this powder
always about the same, so there’s no point in overpaying –
expensive pigment does not possess any special properties.

Another popular way to purchase all the necessary goods,
including a small one – buying online. Price at the same time
will be significantly lower, but will have to wait a bit. But also here
There are pitfalls – in the choice of the seller you need to come up with a special
by attentiveness. Important in this is his rating and
reviews, where you can be sure of his honesty, and also see
the finished product use results.

How to rub?

Most often, a mirror coating is applied on a sticky surface.
gel polish, acrylic or gel paint. To do this, just
sprinkle the pigment on the surface of the nail and carefully distribute it
on gel varnish. After the procedure, you must shake off the excess
powder and then cover all with a finishing coat for protection.

Theoretically, all these events can be held on the usual
varnish, but it will require much more time and effort. Wherein
it will be necessary to “catch” a special moment when ordinary varnish hardened
not completely and still retained its stickiness – just then you need
rub the pigment. Apply on top clear varnish is necessary,
otherwise, all beauty will be washed away immediately when released under water.

Color combinations

  • White color and rub

The use of white glitter looks very impressive on
coating of any color. But the difference between dark and light base
will be obvious. With dark shades, gel polish is especially pronounced.
a twinkle that stands out and attracts the universal
attention – it is thus easy to make a bright accent in manicure. With
using light colors as a base mirror coating
gives a gentle and romantic shine. Especially graceful, he looks at
hands of brides who are already using this pigment to
create your images.

  • Pink глиттер

Romantic ladies will love the rubbing of pink color,
which can be used on the basis of any color. For example, in
combined with white gel polish, or any other pastel shade,
the accent in the form of a pink mirror surface will add to the image
tenderness. If dark or black was used as a coating.
color, the result with a pink rub-in will be very stylish,
simultaneously emphasizing individuality and femininity

  • The black вариант втирки

One of the brightest variations of the mirror surface can
detect in black – it literally amazes with its
saturation and depth. It is chosen as a supplement to
outfits of intense colors – burgundy, dark blue,
purple and other similar. The image of a woman immediately acquires
special chic, but due to flicker, black does not seem at all
gloomy and surly.

  • Red shades

This gamma is classical because it has all
inherent qualities: versatility and excellent
a combination of almost the entire color palette. In addition, more
feminine shade on the nails is difficult to find. Especially relevant
red becomes during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Add iridescent rubbing to such a manicure makes it more
ambiguous and catchy.

  • Beige и втирка

Pastel and natural nude tones at the peak of popularity, and
adding beige overflows to them becomes the most fashionable
option in 2018. Beige glitter is very harmonious
looks with a decor of rhinestones or pearls, as well as with patterns,
made in the form of velvet.

  • Blue palette

An ideal coating for a mirror glitter is considered saturated.
dark blue color. Especially popular is the use of rubbing for
nails in the form of a prism – such a dark shade makes shine and play
even brighter and deeper. Masters do not dwell on this
recommend, as the combination of many more options: geometry,
patterns, french, combination of several colors. Wherein синий
is the ideal basis for creating a surface in style
Northern Lights or May beetle.

Variants of decoration and design

  • French and mirror coating

Unusual version of the combination of French manicure and mirror
effect that combines with matte has its own
The name is a french millennium. The resulting manicure is divided into
2 types:

  1. only the free tip of the nail is covered with pigment, whereas
    the rest of the plate is covered with any gel polish or
  2. in the second variant, the opposite is true – the glitter covers the entire main
    the surface, and the free edge is painted matte or
    ordinary simple gel polish.

  • Rhinestones and rub

Additional decor in the case of mirror surfaces,
certainly used, but here you have to be careful.
Excessive fascination with them can have an unpleasant effect too
bright and bright manicure. This is especially true of rhinestones and other
stones. In case of their use it is recommended to cover with glitter.
only a couple of nails, which are then decorated with transparent rhinestones.
If the coating was white, then multi-colored stones will do.

  • Matte coating

You should definitely try the combined options that
are at the peak of their popularity. Made in the style of Feng Shui,
or any other, matte manicure will allow to emphasize compliance
image fashion trends.

  • Drawings and rubs

Drawings on the surface of the nail create using a variety of
techniques, including applying glitter of different density. In that
option pattern is formed with a thin brush, with which
the pigment is distributed. Most often in this way are drawn
various flower arrangements and more.

Other methods of drawing drawings are almost not compatible with the mirror
by the surface. All drawings in the form of stickers are designed to smooth
the surface of the varnish, and rubbing can break the grip between them
by changing the structure. In that случае рисунки и глиттер
applied on different nails. Another option is to highlight the brilliant
dust only moonulu or smile area, and on the rest of the surface
make a drawing.

  • Rub for accent

Like it or not, but rubbing looks pretty elegant and bright,
therefore, difficulties often arise, especially when there are
the need to comply with strict dress code. What to do if
I want to try this miracle dust first hand, but
circumstances against you?

In that случае мастера нейл-арта рекомендуют следующий, очень
common technique: the mirror surface is used only on
a pair of fingers in the form of an accent, and the rest are covered with gel varnish
neutral color.

This can be done in combination as usual glossy.
manicure, the one with the newfangled matte finish. There is one rule –
The handles and cuticle should be in perfect condition because
the attention of all others will always be riveted on them.

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