Manicure with kamifubikami – more than 50 ideasdesign

One of the most modern and fashionable nail decor options
involves the use of kamifubukov. From Japanese it
the word can be literally translated as “paper storm”, but in Russian
this is “confetti”. Камифубуки – особый материал для design маникюра.
The phenomenon itself is not new, but right now it has received
large spread. Ease of use of this material
allows you to perform creative designs, not having much experience. For
to master this art does not take much time
the main thing is to know how to use these bright plates.


  • How to use kamifubikami?
  • ATарианты design
  • Expert advice

Ways to use kamifubukov

Despite certain similarities with sequins, camoufubs can
boldly considered a full-fledged and independent designer
development. Their peculiarity is that for their application
step-by-step execution is not required. It’s very simple: records
take and glue, so their name is quite justified.

The classic version is three-colored confetti of the same
size and shape. These circles, rhombuses and other figures are always
stylistically fit together. In stores you can buy
sets, including different shapes and colors. Kamifubuki have a number
technical advantages:

  1. practicality;
  2. durability and durability;
  3. minimum plate thickness;
  4. удобство создания design.

The main task of any set of kamifubuki is
to complete your look.

ATарианты design с камифубуками

Существует огромный выбор вариантов design ногтей, и выбор
depends on the type of activity of the woman, the event for which
Manicure is done, as well as the current mood.

The combination of bright plates and varnishes can create a wonderful
Summer mood. You can use any colors of the rainbow, embodying
wildest fantasies.

  • Kamifubuki and french

Any classic and familiar design manicure becomes
absolutely exclusive thanks to the use of metal
kamifubukov. Both moon and french manicures are no exception. In that
Kamifubuki’s plan can be called the most fashionable
nail accessories for the current season. They can be placed:

  1. on the line framing the hole;
  2. inside or outside the hole;
  3. only the cuticle;
  4. over the entire surface of the nail, with the exception of the hole;
  5. combining all methods in any variants.

Confetti placed on one nail can be different.
size, color and shape. Everything is determined by the characteristics of a particular
design маникюра: насыщенные или пастельные тона используются,
the whole wells are filled or only circled and so on. AT
As a result, “regular” manicure becomes unique and incredible.

  • Matte manicure

Another bright trend in the nail industry is matte manicure. If a
to supplement it with kamifubuki, you can achieve amazingly beautiful and
extraordinary effect.

Other manicure ideas with confetti

The most experimental and eccentric ideas of nail art can be
воплотить с помощью kamifubukov. Brilliant records profitable
stand out and attract attention, but at the same time combine with
a variety of images. Below are the most interesting ideas.
manicure with kamifubuki.

  1. Disco – a design that turns nails into a semblance of shining
    disco balls. For выполнения такого маникюра понадобится немало
    time and hard work, because we need the same size and
    color shiny plates. But the finished design will surpass all
  2. The trend of the season is emerald manicure, which can
    implement with the help of kamifubukov
  3. The design of “basic instinct” implies applying to the nails
    лака ярко-красного цвета с добавлением kamifubukov. The main thing is not
    overload manicure with drawings. This design looks great on
    short nails.
  4. Negative space. Kamifubuki fasten on a few
    nails using a transparent base, and all other nails
    stand out varnish.
  5. Color accent. Bright varnish and kamifubuki applied to a couple
    nails, and the rest are varnished. For достижения сочетаемости
    apply the effect of “cat’s eye” or a gradient pattern.
  6. Very profitable and boldly looks like a classic – a combination of red and
    black in one design. Red camfighters look gorgeous on
    deep black background creating a solemn and mysterious
  7. Another stylish solution is a combination of camouf trousers with velvet

Secrets of kamifubukov: expert advice

This material for nail art is different from others. Despite
that they are easy to apply, if not applied correctly
Kamifibuki may cause chipping of the coating.

To achieve the beauty and durability of a manicure, you should listen
к советам мастеров ногтевого design:

  1. the surface on which the plates are glued must be
    as smooth as possible if this cannot be achieved by grinding,
    acrylic powder or pigment can be used;
  2. large fragments should be properly applied to the bends of the nail,
    for this, it is better to bend them beforehand;
  3. beginners better start with small kamifubukov so
    how easier it is to have them nails;
  4. the easiest way to put Japanese confetti on your nails, using
    not dried top coating;
  5. Kamifubuki should be evenly stick on the nails, they are not
    pile in a pile to simplify the decor;
  6. To achieve high manicure resistance layers should be done
    as thin as possible, with the exception of the topcoat;
  7. for fixing kamifubukov ideal top on rubber
    basis – it is thick and dense, due to which it will hold tight
    decorative items;
  8. Kamifubuki should not be glued to the very edge of the nail, as in
    in this case, they will cling to clothing and surrounding objects,
    which will lead to the appearance of chips.

Kamifubuki manicure gives a new life to classic design with
monochromatic coating, usual and moon jacket, difficult
compositions with a picture. AT зависимости от выбранного стиля, он
It looks beautiful on nails of different lengths.

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