Manicure with flowers on the nails – beautiful pictures andideas on the photo

Despite the fact that every year in the field of nail art appears
more and more novelties and design solutions, interest in traditional
The patterns on the nails are not weakened. To especially loved by women motives
include a variety of color images. Manicure with flowers
becomes insanely popular in spring and summer when nail design
more close to natural and natural shades and motifs.


  • French manicure with flowers
  • Wedding manicure
  • Matt
  • The black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White and beige
  • Burgundy
  • Mint
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Manicure with purple flowers
  • Manicure with blue flowers
  • Manicure with yellow flowers
  • Golden flowers in casting technique

It is no secret that delicate or bright flowers on the nails are capable of one thing.
instant cheer up their owner. In this wizard
Recommend to be sure to adhere to in the design of seasonality,
those. choose exactly those plants that grow in the appropriate
season. So, in springtime, the image is preferable.
lily of the valley, narcissus, tulip or lilac. In the summer to the fore
Chamomiles, peonies, forget-me-nots, orchids and roses come out. And in the fall, a special
relevance become dahlias, asters and chrysanthemums. Winter too
not a reason for abandoning flowers, so you should stop your
attention to the bright representatives – roses or carnations.

The imaging technician is abundant, but special charm
lies in the colors, made in the form of Chinese painting, where everything
parts are drawn with a single stroke.

Classic french with flowers

In total, there are 2 main types of French manicure,
complemented by flowers.

  1. In the first embodiment, the usual jacket is decorated with floral pattern,
    which is applied most often to the ring finger.
  2. The second option is more laborious, but at the same time solemn
    and beautiful – it is often chosen as a wedding. In that
    the case french is done in white or pastel shades, and
    complement its monophonic pattern consisting of flowers with lace and
    fantasy monograms. This manicure is especially relevant for summer
    weddings. But it is worth considering that doing it is not so easy – you will have to
    many times to practice before you can get to a good
    the level of its implementation. Quality materials and comfortable brushes when
    This is of no small importance.

Wedding manicure с цветами

If we consider this topic in more detail, then we can separately
highlight the popularity of weddings in the style of Provence in 2018. Their
Characteristic attributes are delicate lace dresses
natural shades, lightweight shoes without a heel, mandatory
the presence of wild flowers as a bouquet or a wreath on the head
brides. At the same time, an informal atmosphere reigns at the celebration, and
Holiday budget is quite small. Manicure in this case
try to choose according to additional shades,
for example, in a bouquet – lilac, pink, green, etc.

Matte coating

The main ways to give the surface a matte effect are
Special top and acrylic matte powder. Additional materials
you can use almost any – sand, special casting with
using foil, voluminous versions with drawings made
gel paste, etc.

Initially, the matte surface of the nail was made only for the celebrations
and mostly on a dark basis, where it stands out in particular. But
now it has lost its relevance, and to the fore
nude shades. Another trend of the last season is
a combination of a matte surface and a plush design in the form of flowers,
which is obtained with the help of special velvet sand.

Color combinations

  • Floral motifs in black

Drawing flowers is, of course, a more laborious task than
geometry or multi-colored stripes. But есть и более простые
options that do not require much time or special
artistic abilities. One of the very comfortable and light
methods are such techniques:

  • stamping is a very simple method in which
    a contrasting pattern is applied using a special stamp into one
  • slider – special stickers of a contrasting color in the form of almost
    any pattern, including floral, which are glued to
    dark or black background;
  • painting – in this case, the drawing is applied by hand with
    brushes in black on a light background or vice versa, while the degree
    complexity will depend on the skills of the master;

Chinese painting – the most stylish direction
artistic nail art that allows you to get very
sophisticated and beautiful floral motifs.

  • Red shades

Flower patterns are almost impossible to imagine without
use red color – it can be a red background, or yourself
flowers In this case, the versatility of the red gamut is also in
that it is quite easy to combine with many shades.

  • Blue gamma and floral motifs

Blue цвет как никогда популярен в нейл-арте 2018 года, поэтому
it’s time to try it in a flower manicure. It can be
classic images, or abstract – if by myself
it’s impossible to come up with a drawing, then on the Internet they can be easily
to find.

  • Classic: pink color for flower

The best range for the image of flowers and you will not find – pink in
This sense will be the most universal, because to go overboard with
tenderness is simply impossible. Вариантов manicure при этом множество
– created whole albums with typical samples.

  • White and beige оттенки

Beige is often used as a base for the image.
blue, white or pink flowers. White is a real classic
which is easy to decorate with various decorative elements –
rhinestones, painted or voluminous acrylic flowers,
beads, sparkles, etc. Bulk items look great in
combination with aquarium design, in which the entire decor
Covered on top with a layer of clear acrylic.

  • Bordeaux and flowers

Saturated wine tones are used as the basis, because on their
the background just looks wonderful delicate bright flowers
made using acrylic molding – a strict dark coating with
this visually softens.

  • Mint mood in manicure

Mint цветочный маникюр — давно уже маст-хев весенне-летнего
of the season. And if there is no clothing of this shade, then they need to decorate their nails
necessarily – it brings newness and freshness to the image. With this he
It is completely self-sufficient, therefore it is not necessary to use a lot
patterns for its decoration. It is enough to portray a small
monophonic flower on the ring finger.

  • Lilac shades in colors

Purple, по аналогии с розовым, считается очень нежным и
feminine, so it is often chosen for flower
images. And the first flower that comes to mind is the beloved
Lilac – a symbol of spring and the awakening of nature. It is lilac
emphasis on nails will help create a “not beaten” romantic

  • Turquoise on the nails

Turquoise – это сочетание в одном голубого и зеленого цветов,
because of this, it harmonizes remarkably well with many
other shades – blue, gray, yellow and peach, brown,
gold, pink, etc. Несмотря на свою яркость, эффект manicure
will depend on the combinations used – you can create gentle
pastel flowers or very catchy and noticeable.

  • Violet tones

There are not so many violet flowers, but they are also reflected in
flower manicure. Most often it is quite modest and low-key
manicure in the form of small buds, located on the nude or
translucent base.

  • Blue flowers on the nails

This is a rather unusual trick, which, however, is not
get around the side. Tools to create such a pattern
can be brushes, toothpicks, felt-tip pens or needles. As
the basics often choose a white or beige background, which leads to
associations with the famous Gzhel – from there you can also get ideas for
flower floral additions in blue.

  • Yellow flowers

In the summer when choosing a color on the nails, the choice falls on
sunny yellow. Особенно эффектно смотрятся желтые flowers To make
they can be done with different techniques – some of them are very light and
simple, for example, special transferable or
metallized stickers, stamping stamps or unpretentious
floral brush patterns.

В последнем случае by myself очень легко выполнить
vegetative motif in the form of small twigs, on the tips of which
portrayed small yellow flowers. In fashion simplicity, minimalism,
universality and solutions that are not very time consuming –
in this plan the twigs are the best idea. If there is enough time, but
nature rewarded with some artistic talents, then
choose a more complex option by reviewing the photos presented on
our site.

Casting technique and golden flowers

Вечерние варианты цветочного manicure почти всегда украшают
golden highlights. In that случае очень красиво выглядит особая
technique called “casting”.

You can get golden floral patterns with some
materials are glue, gel paint with a sticky layer and a special foil,
intended for casting. Drawing a picture will require a bit
patience and skill. The surface of the nail while covering
gel varnish and top from above without stickiness effect. The pattern itself is drawn with
using thick gel-paint that does not spread – immediately after
applying it a little dry in the lamp. Foil applied to
the surface of the nail matte side that you need to pre

It is recommended to print all the details of the pattern in stages – so
will avoid bald spots. Due to the volume of the pattern obtained, the whole
The design is covered with a transparent finish in 2 layers.

Thus, the floral theme on the nails does not lose its position,
and there are a lot of options for its implementation – from simple drawings to
complex plots. Choosing the most fashionable shades of the season, you can
get not only a beautiful manicure, but also a fashionable one.

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