Manicure with a pattern on the ring finger – 50fashion ideas

The hit of modern nail art can be called without exaggeration
accent manicure. Virtually no work can do without it.
nail masters. The ingenious invention is striking in its simplicity –
in order not to overload the manicure with a decorative covering or volumetric
the design is applied only on one nail on the arm, most often on
ring finger. Another positive point of such nail art
You can call it simplicity and ease of correction.

For unmarried girls it has a special charm, because
the young man will not exactly confuse a finger to wear
The most coveted ring.

Latest Trends

In the last year in the fashion all natural and it has not bypassed
nail art, so the accent design is as relevant as possible. For this
one or two fingers is enough – usually nameless. So
Manicure will preserve the freshness, severity and romance, but not
left without a bright note.

  1. Perfect geometry. Smooth and strict geometric lines.
    of drawings – squares, rhombuses, triangles, circles – are arranged
    on the accent finger. However, small hints in the form of
    small and inconspicuous shapes on other fingers. Color
    solutions can be varied – from monotonous to bright and catchy
  2. The dark base is the best for creativity and
    search for inspiration. It is very easy to place pictures on it
    almost any shade – the pattern is sure to work
    contrasting, noticeable and expressive. In addition to the usual for us
    monograms and ornate floral motifs, nail art masters
    advised to pay more attention to the original
    themed paintings, with a clearly traced plot and
  3. The finished design usually consists of special blanks,
    with which it is easy to put all sorts of drawings. Usually this
    stickers and stamps. From the variety of options presented
    Absolutely it will turn out to find a suitable pattern. The greatest
    Lace motifs, floral and
    ornate elements.
  4. As a decor usually act: pastes, rub, sand,
    stones, ribbons, etc. Using different techniques you can
    get an original manicure, even using these common

The emphasis on the ring finger in French manicure

For many years, does not lose its position on the popularity of French
manicure, but at the same time it does not bypass the side and all the fashion trends,
including emphasis on one finger. Restraint and some
the severity of the classic french perfectly coexists with
the latest trends in nail art. Perhaps this is his

  1. Ideas for decorating such a universal manicure is a great
    lots of. It takes almost all known options.
    jewelry finger ring. Marigolds made in this style
    look great not only in life but also in the photo, which is important for
    most women. I wonder what beauty bloggers are and
    �”Ingrammenchitsy” promote fashion for new items in manicure. Namely
    this unobtrusive combination of classic and new looks the most
  2. Glitter is almost always used in the creation of manicure for special
    events and parties. Glitter – a mandatory attribute of the holiday
    mood, but in everyday life, they have a place to be. For their
    You can use only one nameless finger, or
    perform the entire french with their use, for example, make the tip
    nail glitter. It looks interesting manicure, where a brilliant varnish
    figure is made.
  3. Nail art or drawings. This option is not only the most popular
    since you can choose absolutely any theme of the pattern, but also one of
    most simple – most of the drawings can be easily applied with
    stencil, stamp and other devices. If you arrange
    a contrasting pattern on all nails, then a manicure can turn out
    too bright and catchy, but the focus is only on one finger – in
    just right! The restriction in this case is only temporary
    frames and own fantasy – cartoon characters, plants and
    flowers, themed paintings, lace, patterns, laid out of rhinestones and
  4. Monochrome manicure is a regular jacket, where in
    the pattern on the ring finger uses the same colors,
    that the rest of the manicure. This option does not look bright and
    pretentious, he is elegant, feminine and incredibly versatile.
    The conciseness of the design makes it suitable for everyday life and
    dress code, and indeed – in the feast, and in the world!

Another good news for those who like to do a manicure at home
Self is the simplicity of this jacket. For creating
Accent No need for artistic skills – special
stickers and stencils are easy to buy in stores. And already stick them
on the nail – just do not make much work!

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