Manicure ideas shellac – 70 beautiful designs witha photo

Shellac has long become mainstream. But it does not make him less
comfortable or beautiful, because with him what girl would not work and what
If she had not been engaged, her hands would always look well-groomed. it
gel coating is excellent on the nails, not prone to chipping and
allows the manicurist to apply a lot of different ideas
design for manicure shellac.


  • The technology of coating nails with shellac
  • Shellac Nail Design Ideas
  • French
  • Glitter, bouillons and rhinestones
  • Color and moonlight
  • Shellac manicure with sliders
  • Manicure “Cat’s Eye”
  • Stemping
  • Nail art
  • Shellac Manicure with Sand
  • Pros and cons of coverage
  • How to remove shellac from nails?

How to make a manicure with shellac

Shellac differs from ordinary varnish and method of application, and that
how to dry it, and preparation. On the nails, which by nature have
stripes and cracks it may hold worse, so the shellac should
neatly applied on a pre-polished nail plate.

For a manicure, you will need: a special UV lamp for
drying shellac, with a capacity of not less than 36 W, bath for steaming
cuticle, nail polishing and cuticle remover or
standard manicure set, shellac coating, gel polish set
desired colors, a coating that is applied on top for drying and
means for its removal. If you used to have a manicure with shellac,
You will also need to remove the old coating with an acetone-containing liquid.
and polish your nails.

Manicure steps:

  • in a bath with warm water pour a special tool or
    ordinary grated soap and dip your hands on a few
  • remove the softened cuticle, shape the nails and file
    as you like them;
  • wash your hands again;
  • degrease the nails with a special compound or ordinary
  • wait until the nail plate is completely dry;
  • cover with a base so that it does not fall on the cuticle;
  • dry the base under an ultraviolet lamp;
  • Cover gently with the first layer of shellac and dry;
  • repeat color coating;
  • apply “top” – layer and dry;
  • wipe off sticky leftover top with a lint-free cloth moistened
    liquid to remove the sticky layer.

Important: this is only the basic sequence for applying shellac
at home. You can complement it with various “tricks” –
nail design, rhinestone attachment, rubbing and so
Further. Options for modern nail design are many, and each
master usually chooses his.

The subtleties of manicure with shellac make many refuse
its self-fulfillment. But actually not everything is so
difficult as it might seem. Manicure with shellac does not tolerate
use of fat creams on the nails. If the master forgets to take off
greasy film from the nail plate, it can ruin all the work,
since the base coat does not fall. If you use oils for
removal of cuticle or other similar substances worth neatly
wipe the nail plate and make sure that fat traces are not

  1. The second point is that it is strictly not recommended.
    apply on top of shellac coating for drying ordinary varnish. It
    can make the surface design wavy.
  2. The third moment – colored shellac requires accuracy in
    when applied, it must not be applied with thick, inaccurate strokes, so
    it will flake off. The first layer of shellac is left under the lamp on
    1-2 minutes, then dry the second layer and top coat. Good
    Work keeps from 14 days.

In addition to shellac today there are many other brands of gel polish for
nails, many last even longer than 2 weeks. And there is and
�”Weekly” varnish from CND, which looks like shellac and visually
no different, but allows you to change the style more often.

Each can choose a suitable brand of gel coating,
because much depends on the brand.

Important: it is recommended to select the base and “top” for each varnish
individually so that the manicure lasts longer.

How to diversify style: ideas for manicure

Обратите внимание на a photo, здесь представлены различные идеи для
manicure with shellac. They will help to find the perfect look for almost
any style. By the way, modern trends in manicure are pretty
eclectic, we only denote some trends.

Timeless Classics – French

French manicure fits almost any image, perhaps he
will not be combined only with a completely alternative style, but also here
designers help us look bright and without any problems.
Classic French manicure is beige or pink nail art.
plates and white tips.

But avant-garde – almost any combination of colors. A couple of seasons
back in trend was a classic with a matte or beige nail
plate and shining tips, including – covered rhinestones and
rubbed over. Today can be found in specialized blogs
combined french Masters make a classic “office” jacket
on four fingers, and one – covered with “chrome” shine.

In fashion publications, you can see the “reverse” jacket – this is when
nail holes are covered with white, and the tips are painted over

In the French style there is a trend of the new season. – matte
porcelain nails. True, most lovers of the classics care
Choose glossy nails and classic colors.

Rhinestones, sequins, bouillons, sequins

With shellac everything is possible. And almost classic combinations
monochrome matte or glossy nails with one or two stones on
Swarovski-type rhinestones, and real shiny jewelry placers on
nails There is no formed trend, every master
decorates nails to your taste. Many girls prefer to combine
delicate patterns of sparkles or rhinestones with classic semi-long

Tip: sparkling beauty on nails with a big discount can
purchase online or in the Chinese megamoll
AliExpress. The quality of such jewelry can also be high,
See reviews about sellers. Various stickers are also sold there,
sliders and stencils for the application of patterns.

Color and moonlight

itт вид маникюра почти напоминает френч, но в отличие от него,
he seeks to place accents on the hole of the nail plate, while
This combination can be not only “classic french”, but also
almost any other. Moon manicure goes well with simple
jewelry and does not require any particular style of dress.

The trend of the season is the decoration of the hole with shining rhinestones that will allow
make a manicure also original. Sometimes this is combined with
matte texture of the “main” area of ​​the nail, and we get
interesting contrast effect.

Allowed and the creation of holes in different colors on different

Manicure with sliders

The slider is not only an archaic mobile phone with a sliding panel,
but also drawing on a thin film that can be glued to the nails.
Manicure with sliders позволяет не рисовать на ногтях, а сэкономить
time, putting a pattern on the first layer of shellac.

�”Cats” or “cat’s eye”

Manicure “cat’s eye” or simply “cat” is the application
over the usual base specialized coating with metal
elements. After fixing the coating, the master conducts a magnet over
the nail plate and the pattern is formed, which will then be beautiful
overflow. The cat’s eye comes in many different colors and shades.
but usually it gives green or golden.


Stemp is a stamp. Technique is the application of patterns.
over the base coat with a special device for
punching. These nails look interesting in almost any color.
solution, but is especially popular stamping on a light manicure.

Nail art

Настоящее искусство — рисунки на nails In this technique, the master
puts the author’s drawings with a special brush, and the nails look
is unique. Nail art могут сочетаться с различными
rubbed, colored elements, rhinestones. Usually drawings are made on
1-2 nails, but many modern masters really believe
that art is not enough, and draw almost all five

Sand and rubbing

Sand is a special colored sand, not the one that is used.
in construction). Rubs and sand allow you to create a matte manicure
on almost any nails and in all follow the latest trends.

Advantages and disadvantages of shellac

The main advantage of shellac is its durability. Manicure not
afraid of water, homework and physical impact. If a
do not specifically scratch the nails with metal and sharp objects,
Everything will be fine.

This shellac from the company SND contains vitamins, minerals and
natural ingredients. Quality primer and finish from the same
firms allow you to create the perfect manicure.

The main drawback that ordinary users identify
manicure gel varnish is that the product is not suitable for all
types of nails. If a ногтевая пластина имеет сколы и волнообразную
the surface, application and shading of shellac can become large
a problem.

How to remove shellac manicure

Removing shellac can be a daunting task if you
Ignore some basic rules. it покрытие не получится
remove the usual nail polish remover without acetone. It просто не
dissolve the topcoat. Therefore, a special
shellac stripping fluid or ordinary, inexpensive liquid with

The easy way is to cut the usual chocolate foil or
baking on 10 squares, then – moisten in acetone-containing
liquid 10 cotton pads and apply them evenly on the nails, and
then wrap with foil. You can search for special caps for
shellac removers or clamps for cotton pads in cosmetic

Keep the cotton wool with a nail remover for about 3-5 minutes. Then
You can try to remove the shellac with a wooden stick, if it is good
leaves and then apply nail oil.

Sometimes in the salons of the master use nail polishing to
remove manicure shellac. So faster, but this method is not suitable for
all types of nail plates.

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